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Let him that ministrethread with a loud voice these sentençes of Scripture.

o the Lord our God belong mercies and forgivenefses, though we have rebelled againit him: neither

have we obeyed the voice of the Lord our God, to walk in his laws which he set before us.

O Lord correct us, but with judgment : not in thine anger, left thou bring us to nothing. fer. 10. 24. In stead of Venite exultemus; shall be sung or said this

3 Hymn following; one Verle by the Priest, and another by the Clerk and people.

Come let us humble our felves, and fall down before

the Lord with reverence and fear. Psal. 95.6. For he is the Lord our God: and we are the people of his pasture, and the sheep of his hand. ver. 7.

Come therefore let us turn again unto our Lord: for he hath smitren us, and he will heal us. Hof. 6.1.

Let us repent and turn from our wickedness: and our fins shall be forgiven us. A&t. 3.

, che Lord Let us turn, and the Lord will turn from his heavy wrath : and will pardon us, and we shall not perish. Fona. 3.

We acknowledge indeed, that our punishments are less then our deservings :hut yet of thy mercy, O Lord, correft us to amend. ment and plague us not to our destruction.Job 11.6.Wisd.11.23.

we have provoked thine anger : thy wrath is waxed hot: and thy heavy displeasure is forekindled against us. Lam.3.3. How doth the city fit folitary, that was full of people? how is the become as a widow, she that was great among the Nations, and Princess among the Provinces ? Lam. 1. 1.

How hath the Lord covered the daughter of Sion with a cloud in his anger, and cast down from heaven unto the

earth the beauty of Israel, and remembred not his footstool in the day of his anger. Lam. 2. I.

He hath cut of in his fierce anger the horn of Israel, and consumed all that mas pleasant to the eye : in the tabernacle, of the daughter of Sion he poured out his sury like fire. Lam. 2.'4.

The Lord was an enemy; he hath swallowed up Israel, he hath swallowed up all her palaces: he hath destroyed his Atrong holds, and hath increased in the daughter of Judah mourning and lamentations. Lam. 2.5.

But thy hand is not fortned that thou canst not help: neither is thy goodness abated that thou wilt not hear. Ef. 59.1.

Thou hast promised, O Lord, that before we cry, thon wilt hear us: whilft we are yet speaking thou wilt

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Pfal. 103. 3:

Baruch. 3. 1, 2.

mercy upon us. EJ. 65. 24.

Forthou art the only Lord, who woundef and doft heal a gain: thou killeft and reviveft; bringest ever to hell, and bring. left back again. Tob. 5. 18. Hof. 6. 2. Thou forgiveft all our sins: and healeft all our infirmities.

Thou savest our life from deftru&ion: and crowneft us with mercy and loving kindness. Plal. 103. 4.

Our fathers hoped in thee: they trusted in thee, and thou didit deliver them. Pfal. 22.4.

They called upon thee and were holpen: they put their trut in thee, and were not confounded. Pfàl. 22.5.

And now in the vexation of our spirits, and the anguish of our souls we cry unto thee: hear, Lord, and have mercy.

For many troubles are come about us : our sins have taken Fuch hold upon us that we are not able to look up.Pfal. 50.15.

O remember not our fins, and our offences: but according to thy mercy think thou upon us, O Lord, for thy goodness. Psal. 25.6.

Hide not thy face from us in the time of our trouble : encline thine ears unto us when we call; O hear us, and that right soon. Pfal. 102. 2.

For thine own fake, and for thy holy names fake, encline thine ear: and hear, o merciful Lord. Dan. 9.18, 19.

For we do not present our supplications before thee,trustinginour opon righteousness:but in thy manifold and great mercies. Dan.18

Help us, O God of our lalvation, for the glory of thy Name: o deliver us, and be merciful to our sins, for thy names fake. Pfal. 79.9.

So me that are thy people, and sheep of thy pasture, Mall give thee thanks for ever : and will always be Meming forth thy praise from generation to generation. Pfal. 79. 14.

Glory be to the Father, &c.
As it was in the beginning, &c.

Proper Psalms ; 25, 77, 86.
The first Lesson is, 'Ifaiah the firft Chap.

After the first Lesson skall follow Te Deum laudamus in English.

The second Lilonis S. Luke 21. After the second Liffon mall follow Benedi&tus in English,

In stead of the first Collect at morning Prayer, shall be used the Collect for Ash-wednesday.

Ater the Lit any(which is always to be used on this day )the Friest and Clerk or he that minifters (fill kneeling in the place


where they are accustomed to say orsing the Lit any) Mall ther repeat Plå And then shall be used the Suffrages, and Pray ers (all but the last ) immediately following the Commination

Ook down, O Lord, in the bowels of thy mercy, up

yon the decpest tense of thy amazing judgments, and our owr maniíold provocations, lie proitrate in the dust before thee

To thee, O God, holy, and true, belong mercy and for giveness, but unto us confusion of face as it is this day: For we are that incorrigible nation who have relifted thy judg. ments, and abused thy mercies; we have despised the chaftisements of the Lord;and turned his grace into wantonness What shall we then say unto thee, thou preserver of men? thou haft found out the iniquity of thy servants, and disco: vered our nakedness and pollution in a vengeance suited and answerable to our grievous crying fins.Our pride,oppreffion, and fulness of bread had made us like to Sodom, and thou haft afflicted us as Gomorrha. We would not be reclaimed by thy exemplary punishments upon others, or our selves, and thou hast made us a terrour and aftonishment to all that are round about us.

And now, O Lord, thou art most jut in all that is come upon us ; for thou hast done right, but we have done very wickedly; yet behold we are all thy people, though an un thankful and a rebellious people : Suffer us therefore to implore thy pity, and the founding of thy bowels, and for thy names sake, and for thy mercies fake ; for Christ Jesus sako encline thine car to us and save us.

Above all we beseech thee, abandon us not to our selves but by what method foever it shall please thee to reduce us, though to this bitter cup of trembling thou shalt

add more and more grievous afflictions, by any the severest courte subdue us unto thy self, and make us see the things belong. ing to our peace, before they be hid from our eyes, that being duly humbled under thy mighty hand, we may be ca pable of being relieved and exalted in thy due time, through Christ our Lord. Amen. ka the Communion Service, instead of the Collect for the day jhall be used the Colle&t for Ash-wednesday. The Epifle 1 Cor. 10 ver. 1. to 14. The Gospel. S. Luke 17. ver. 26, After the Sermon shall follow these Sentences.

may good works, and glorifie your Father which is in hea


Blessed be the man that provideth for the fick and needy the Lord shall deliver him in the time of trouble. Psal. 41.1. After the Prayer (For the whole fate of Chritts Church, c.) this Colle&t ihall be used

TE bless and magnifie thy name, O Lord, for that

wonderful mercy thou haft vouchsafed us in the midit of thy juft and dreadful judgments. It is of thy goodmess that we are not consumed ; That when we had provoked thee to give us all up to utter ruine and desolation, and thy hand was stretched out to execute thy whole dilpleasure upon us; yet thou hast preserved a remnant, and plucked us as a brand out of the fire, that we should not utterly perish in our sins. Add, we beseech thee this one mercy to all that thou haft hitherto so unsuccesfully cast away upon us: By thy mighty convincing spirit awaken our sleepy consciences, foften and melt our hard hearts, that being humbled by thy chastisements, we may by thy goodness be led to repentance, and sin no more, left a worse thing happen unto us; but contrariwise may faithfully improve this respite and relief, with all its precious advantages and opportunities, to a thankful, humble, profitable walking before thee, that so thy Name may be glorified, the Gospel credited, and our souls saved in the day of the Lord: Grant this, o Father, for Jesus Chrifts fake our only Mediatour and Redeemer. Amen.

Here may be added the Colle&ts for the second and fourth Sunday in Lent, one, or both together, with the Colle&t (Almighty God, who hait promised, (c.) at the end of the Communion Service, and then the Priest shall let them depart rrith this blching. The peace of God, c.

The Order for Evening Prayer. T BEfore the Plalms fall be sung or said the Hymn ap

pointed for the Morning Service: one verse by the Priest, and another by the Clerk and People.

Psalm 90, 102, 130, 143.

The firft Lesson is Amos 4.
After the first Lefon mall follow Magnificat.
The second Lesson is 2 Pet. Chap. 3.

After the secont Lefjon Mall follow Psal. 67. 9 In stead of the first Collect fall be used the Collect for Afh

wednesday. After the third Colle&t for aid mall follow the tree Prayers

after the Suffrages in the Commination, with the Prayer (Look down, O Lord, “c.) ir the Morning Service.

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I N PSA L. I. T. S. 7 For in this wise the Lord himsels T Hemanis bleft that hath not bent,

did say to me I wot , to wicked reed his care,

Thou art my deare and onely Songs, Nor lead his life as sinners do ,

to day I thee begot. · nor fate in scorners chaire.

8 All people I will give to thee, 2 But in the law of God the Lord,

as heirs at thy request, doth set his whole de light :

The ends and coasts of all the earth , And in that Law doth exercise,

by thee shall be possest. (maco, himself both day and night :

9 Thou shalt them bruiso even with a 3 He shall be like the tree that growes

as men under foot trod: fast by the rivers fide, (fruit

And as the potters Therds shalt breako Which bringeth foorth most pleasant

them with an iron rod. in his due time and tide.

10. Now ye , kings and rulers all, Whose leafe shall never fade nor fall ,

be wise therefore and learn'd, but Aourish still and stand:

By whom the macters of the world, Even so all things shall prosper well,

be judged and discern'd. that this man takes in hand.

11 See that ye serve the Lord above, 4 so thall not the ongodly men

in trembling and in feare ; they shall be nothing so:

See that with reverence ye rejoyce But as the dust which from the earth.

to him in like manner. the wind drives to and fro. Iz See that ye kisse and eke embrace $ Therefore shall not the wicked men,

his blessed Sonne , I lay; in judgement stand upright :

Left in his wrath ye suddenly, Nor yet the finners with the just,

perih in the mid-way. shall come in place or fight.

13: If once his wrath never so small, 6 For why? the way of godly ment ,

shall kindle in his breast ; unto the Lord is knowne:

O then all they that trust in Chrift, And eke the

of wicked
men ,

Mall happy be and blest.
shall quite be overthrown.

PSA L. III. T. S. PSA L. II. T.S. O Lord: how are my focs increaft,

vex . WHy did theGentiles tumults raise, 12 They kill my heart when as they sayo


God Why did the Jewish people nuse, 3 But thou (Lord) are my defence, secing all is but vainc?

when I am hard bestead ; 2 The kings and rulers of the earth My worship and mine honour both, conspire and are all bent,

and thou hold'it up my head. Against the Lord and Christ his Sonne, 4 Then with my voyce upon the Lord, which he among us fent.

I did both call and cry » 3 Shall we be bound to them, say they? And he out of his holy hill let all their bonds be broke,

did hear me by and by. And of their doctrine and their law, s I laid mc downc and quietly let us reject the yoke:

I slept, and rose againe ; 4 But he that in the heaven dwels, For why I know assuredly, their doings will deride :

the Lord will me sustaine.. And make them all as mocking stocks, 6 If ten thousand had hem'd me in,.

throughout the world so wide. I could not he afraid ; s Forin his wrath the Lord will say For thou art still my Lord and God, to them upon a day :

my Saviour and mine aide. And in his fury trouble them 7 Rise up therefore , fave me my God, and then the Lord will say:

for now to thee I call; 6 I have anointed him my King For thou hast broke the cheeks & teeth, upon my holy hill:

of these wicked men all.
I will therefore(Lord)preach thy Law, 8- Salvation onely doth belong,
and ckc declare thy will.

to thee, O Lord above 3



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