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and let us seife on his inheritance. And they caught him, and cast him out of the vineyard, and flew him. When the lord therefore of the vineyard cometh, what will he do unto those husbandmen? They say unto him, He will miserably destroy those wicked men and will let out his vineyard unto other husbandmen which shall render him the fruits in their seasons.

After the prayer (For the whole state of Christs

Church, &c.) this ColleEt shall be used. O do

us as our fins have deferved, but hall in the midst of judgment remembred mercy; we acknowledge it thy special favour, that though for our many and great provocations thou didst fuffer thine Anointed to fall this day into the hands of violent and bloud-thirsty men, and barbarously to be murthered by them; yet thou didst not leave us for ever as sheep without a shepherd, but by thy gracious providence didit miraculously preferve the undoubted Heir of his Crown, our most gracious Sovereign King CHARLES the Second, from his bloudy enemies, hiding him under the shadow of thy wings, until their tyranny was overpast, and bringing

him back in thy good appointed time to fit in peace upon the throne of his Father, and to exercise that authority over us, which of thy special grace thou hadit committed unto him. For these thy great and unspeakable mercies we render thee most humble thanks from the bottom of our hearts, beseeching thee still to continue thy gracious protetion over him, and to grant him a long and a happy reign over us:So we that arethy people, will give thee thanks for ever, and will alway be shewing forth thy praise from generation to generation, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

The Order for Evening Prayer.
y Proper Psalms, Xxxviii, Lxiv. Cxliit.

g Proper Leffons.
The first, Jer. xli. or Dan. ixa to ve 22.

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The fecond, Heb. xi V. Xxx11, to cap. xii, v. vit. In stead of the first Colle&t at evening Prayer, use these two which follow.

Blefred Lord God, who by thy wisdom not only

guidest and orderelt all things most suitably to thine own justice, but also performest thy pleasure in such a manner that we cannot but acknowledge thee to be righteous in all thy ways, and holy in all thy works;

we thy sinful people fall down before thee,confessing that thy judgments were right in permitting cruel men, sons of Belial, this day to embrue their hands in the bloud of thine Anointed; we having drawn down the same upon our felves, by the great and long provocations of our sins against thee; For which we do therefore here humble our felves before thee, imploring thy mercy for the pardon of them all; and that thou wouldest deliver this Nation from bloud-guiltiness(that of this day especially) and turn from us and our posterity all those judgments which we by. our sins, have deserved : Grant this for the all-sufficient merits of thy Son, our Saviour Jesus Christ. Amen..

Lessed God, just and powerful, who didft permit

thy dear servant,our late dread Soveraign to be this day given up to the violent outrages of wicked men, to be despitefully used, and at last murthered by them; Though we cannot reflect upon so foul an act but with horrour and astonishment ; yet do we most gratefully commemorate the glories of thy grace, which then shined forth in thine Anointed, whom thou wert pleased, even at the hour of death, to endue with an eminent measure of exemplary patience, meekness and charity, before the face of his cruel enemies. And albeit thou didst suffer them to proceed to such a height of violence against him,, as to kill his person, and take posseflion of his throne ; yet didit thou in great mercy preserve his Son, whose right it was, and at lengtlt by a wonderful providence bring him back, and set him thereon,

restore thy true Religion, and to settle peace a


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Charles the 11 his Retur ne 52

pe be Aen th

2:Sam:22:44. Thou hast delivered me from the Pripings of my people, thore haft kept me to be head etc: 51-He is the tower of salvation

fór his King


mongitus : For which we glorifie thy Name; through Jesus Christ our blessed Saviour. Amen. g Immediatly before the prayer of S. Chrysostom,

Thall this Colle&t be ured. Lmighty and everlasting God, whose righteouf ments like the

great deep ; and who; by that barbarous murder this day committed upon the sacred person

of thine Anointed, our late Sovereign, halt taught us, that neither the greatest of kings, nor the best of men are more secure from violence, then from natural death ; Teach us also hereby fo to number our days, that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom. And grant that neither the splendor of any thing that is great , nor the conceit of any thing that is good in us, may any way withdraw our eyes from looking upon oun felves as sinful dust and alhes, but that ( according to the example of this thy blessed Martyr ) we may press forward towards the prize of the high calling that is before us, in faith and patience, humility and meekness, mortification and self-denial,charity and constand perseverance unto the end : And all this for thy Son our Lord Jesus Christs sake; To whom with thee and the holy Ghost , be all honour and glory, world without end. Amen.

A Form of Prayer with Thanksgiving to be used yearly

upon the XXIX day of May, being the day of his Majesties Birth, and happy return to his Kingdoms

The Service shall be the same with the usual Office for Holy-days in all things, except where it is hereafter otherwise appointed.

If this day all happen to be Ácenfion-day, Whitsunday, or TrinitySiinday, only the Collects of this Office are to be added to the several Ser

vices for those F. stivals, in their proper places. If it fall happen to be any other Sunday, or to be Munday, or Tuesday in Whitlun-week, the Collects skall be ased as before,

and also the proper Pfalms here appointed, in lead of those of ordinary course, and all the rest of this Office omitted.

g Morning Prayer shall begin with this Sentence. Exhort, that frit of all, fupplications, prayers, ir tercessions and giving ofthanks be made for all ri

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