The Monthly Review, Or, Literary Journal, Volume 71

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R. Griffiths, 1785 - Books

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Page 287 - ... danger, till an accident happened which gave a fatal turn to the affair. The boats, which had been...
Page 290 - ... abated. No incidental temptation could detain him for a moment; even those intervals of recreation, which sometimes unavoidably occurred, and were looked for by us with a longing, that persons who have experienced the fatigues of service will readily excuse, were submitted to by him with a certain impatience, whenever they could not be employed in making further provision for the more effectual prosecution of his designs.
Page 286 - ... they should not be hurt; to keep my people together; and to be on my guard. We then parted; the Captain went toward Kowrowa, where the king resided; and I proceeded to the beach.
Page 57 - ... safety, than he became cheerful. He did not, however, seem willing to give me an answer to the question that had been put to him, till I had, again and again, repeated my promise that he should not be hurt. Then he ventured to tell us, that one of his countrymen having brought a stone hatchet to barter, the man to whom it was offered took it, and would neither return it, nor give any thing for it ; on which the owner of it snatched up the bread as an equivalent, and then the quarrel began.
Page 346 - If now it be asked, what are the intended objects of our inquiries within these spacious limits, we answer, MAN and NATURE; whatever is performed by the one, or produced by the other.
Page 202 - The Mystery hid from Ages and Generations, made manifest by the Gospel.Revelation : or, the Salvation of all Men the grand thing aimed at in the Scheme of God, as opened in the New Testament Writings, and entrusted with Jesus Christ to bring into Effect.
Page 348 - Britifo laws ; and that die natives of thefe important provinces be indulged in their own prejudices, civil and religious, and fuffered to enjoy their own cuftoms unmolefted ; and why thofe great ends may not now be attained, confiftently with the regular collection of the revenues and the fupremacy of the executive government, I confefs my felf unable, to difcover.
Page 65 - Of the four who were thus saved, one was since dead. The other three, who lived to have this opportunity of giving an account of their almost miraculous transplantation, spoke highly of the kind treatment they here met with.
Page 1 - Ralph (whom he had often talked to about me) with a message from his royal highness, to offer me the full return of his favour, and to put the principal direction of his affairs into my hands. I told Mr Ralph that I...
Page 241 - John, the fifth Earl of Orrery, " in the name of all the Boyles, for the honour he had done to them, and to his own judgment, by placing the family in such a light as to give a spirit of emulation to those who were .hereafter to inherit the title*.

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