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Quarterly Review, the Editor of the National Review, and
all others who in response to my appeal sent me letters
and papers of interest. To my cousin, William Hatchett
Jackson, of Keble College, Oxford, who has assisted me
with the proofs and given me much useful information;
to Mr R. Harold Paget, of Oxford, who has compiled the
Index and Contents; to Mr F. E. B. Duff, of King's
College, Cambridge, who has arranged the Bibliography;
and to my friend, Hugh R. E. Childers, of the Inner
Temple, who has revised, verified and corrected the book

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(Wellington continued)—Specimens of his literary style— The
Concio— Poems.

CHAPTER IX. (1869-1872.)

(Wellington continued)--Dr Temple's appointment to Exeter-
At Borrowdaile—The offer of Dorking—The vacant Headmaster-
ship of Rugby-Death of Bishop Prince Lee--Select-Preacher at
Cambridge-At Stonyhurst—The vacant Deanery of Lincoln-

CHAPTER X. (1872-1873.)

(Wellington continued)-The offer of the Chancellorship at
Lincoln-Installation as Chancellor—The last Speech-day-The
“ Benson ” Scholarship-The last Sunday.

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(Truro continued)-The Cathedral-Laying the Foundation-
stone—The Ecclesiastical Courts Commission-Rooms in Lollard's
Tower-Home-life-Tours in the Diocese-Poems.

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CHAPTER XIV. (1879-1882.)

(Truro continued)-Letters- The Chapel at Lis Escop-A holiday
at Davidstowe-Archbishop Tait's illness-His sister Ada's death-
Rev. J. A. Reeve's recollections—Archbishop Tait's death.

Addington-Lambeth Palace—Sermons and Speeches—Personal
appearance-Functions-Social talents-Conversation and Stories-
Reading—“Table-talk”-Fondness for Animals.

Habits of Life-Dreams-Chapel-Idiosyncrasies – Riding-An
ideal Sunday -- Liberality and Economy - Detailed Precision
Punctuality-Hereditary Traits-Feudal Instincts-Addington Parish



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Edward White Benson, D.D., Headmaster of

Wellington College, 1867
Archbishop Benson's Arms
Archbishop Benson's Bookplate
Four Miniatures: Mrs Christopher Benson, Mr

Christopher Benson, Captain White Benson, and

Mrs William Sidgwick .
No. 72, Lombard Street, Birmingham. The house

where the Archbishop was born .
E. W. Benson (sen.), the Archbishop's father
The Gatehouse, Skipton Castle
Silhouettes of Edward White Benson (sen.) and

Harriet (Baker) Benson, the father and mother

of the Archbishop
The Big School, King Edward's School, Birmingham
The Archbishop as a boy, circa 1841
Headmaster's desk, King Edward's School, Birming-

The Archbishop's rooms in the New Court, Trinity

College, Cambridge
The School House, Rugby, circa 1859
The Archbishop as a young man, after a sketch

made by L. Saulini, Rome, 1855
Wellington College, Berks
Chapel at Wellington College
The Chancery, Lincoln
Edward White Benson, Chancellor of Lincoln, 1876
Lis Escop, Kenwyn, Truro
Kenwyn Church and Lychgate.
Old St Mary's Church, Truro, circa 1877
Truro Cathedral, East End
The Archbishop in his study at Addington, circa 1890
The Garden Front, Lambeth Palace
Interior, Lambeth Palace Chapel
The Archbishop at Addington, on his mare Columba

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