Wayside Sketches in Ecclesiastical History: Nine Lectures

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Longmans, Green, and Company, 1906 - Christian biography - 230 pages

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Page 194 - Bishop gave him good counsel, and his benediction, but forgot to give him money ; which when the Bishop had considered, he sent a servant in all haste to call Richard back to him ; and at Richard's return the Bishop said to him, " Richard, I sent for you back to lend you a horse which hath carried me many a mile, and, I thank God, with much ease...
Page 208 - Furthermore, we must receive God's promises in such wise, as they be generally set forth to us in holy Scripture : and in our doings, that will of God is to be followed, which we have expressly declared unto us in the Word of God.
Page 196 - ... deep in contemplation, and not inclinable to discourse; which gave the Doctor occasion to require his present thoughts. To which he replied 'That he was meditating the number and nature of Angels, and their blessed obedience and order, without which, peace could not be in Heaven: and Oh! that it might be so on Earth!
Page 24 - Britannos. haec est in gremium victos quae sola recepit humanumque genus communi nomine fovit matris non dominae ritu, civesque vocavit quos domuit, nexuque pio longinqua revinxit.
Page 147 - If thy heart were sincere and upright, then every creature would be unto thee a mirror of life and a book of holy doctrine. There is no creature so small and abject, that it representeth not the goodness of God.
Page 219 - Table in every church be decently made, and set in the place where the altar stood, and there commonly covered as thereto belongeth, and as shall be appointed by the visitors ; and so to stand, saving when the Communion of the Sacrament is to be distributed : at which time the same shall be so placed in good sort within the chancel, as whereby the minister may be more conveniently heard of the communicants in his prayer and ministration, and the communicants also more conveniently, and in more number,...
Page 219 - The Table, at the Communion-time having a fair white linen cloth upon it, shall stand in the Body of the Church, or in the Chancel, where Morning and Evening Prayer are appointed to be said.
Page 152 - No man hath so cordial a feeling of the Passion of Christ, as he who hath suffered the like himself. The Cross therefore is always ready, and every where waits for thee. Thou canst not escape it whithersoever thou runnest ; for wheresoever thou goest, thou carriest thyself with thee, and shalt ever find thyself.
Page 214 - The Creed, the Lord's Prayer and the Ten Commandments do find me now the most acceptable and plentiful matter for all my meditations. They are to me as my daily bread and drink. And as I can speak and write of them over and over again, so I had rather read or hear of them than of any of the school niceties which once so much pleased me. And thus I observed it was with old Bishop Usher and with many other men.
Page 135 - if society is to be permeated by religion, there must be reservoirs of religion, like those great storage places up among the hills which feed the pipes by which water is carried to every home in the city. We shall need a special class of students of God, of men and women whose primary and absorbing interest it is to work out the spiritual life in all its purity and integrity,' to give themselves up to ' the pursuit of religion in itself and by itself.

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