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The Eyes of all wait upon thee, and thou giveft them their Meat in due Seafon.

Thou openest thine Hand, and fatisfieft the Defire of every living Thing.

The Lord is righteous in all his Ways, and holy in all his Works.

The Lord is nigh unto all them that call upon him, to all that call upon him in Truth.

He will fulfil the Defire of them that fear him: He also will hear their Cry, and will fave them.

The Lord preferveth all them that love him; but all the Wicked will he destroy.

My Mouth fhall speak the Praife of the Lord: And let all Flesh blefs his holy Name for ever and ever.


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RAISE ye the Lord. Praife the Lord, O my Soul.
While I live, will I praife the Lord: I will fing Prai-
fes unto my God, while I have any Being.

Put not your Truft in Princes, nor in the Son of Man, in whom there is no Help.

His Breath goeth forth, he returneth to his Earth that very Day his Thoughts perish.

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Happy is he that hath the God of Jacob for his Help, whofe Hope is in the Lord his God:

Which made Heaven and Earth, the Sea, and all that therein is; which keepeth Truth for ever:

Which executeth Judgment for the Oppreffed, which giveth Food to the Hungry: The Lord loofeth the Prifoners,

The Lord openeth the Eyes of the Blind; the Lord raifeth them that are bowed down: The Lord loveth the Righteous.

The Lord preferveth the Strangers; he relieveth the Fatherlefs and Widow : But the Way of the Wicked he turneth upfide down.

The Lord fhall reign for ever, even thy God, O Zion, unto all Generations. Praife ye the Lord."

Praise bye the Lord: for it is good to fing Praifes unto our God; for it is pleasant, and Praife is comely.

Pfalm CXLVI. 1, to 10.

Pfalm CXLVII. I, to 12.


The Lord doth build up Jerufalem: He gathereth together the Out-cafts of Ifrael..

He healeth the broken in Heart, and bindeth up their Wounds.

He telleth the Number of the Stars; he calleth them all by their Names.

Great is our Lord, and of great Power: his Underftanding is infinite.

The Lord lifteth up the Meek: He cafteth the Wicked down to the Ground.

Sing unto the Lord with Thankfgiving; fing Praife upon the Harp unto our God:

Who covereth the Heaven with Clouds, who prepareth Rain for the Earth, who maketh Grafs to grow upon the Mountains.

He giveth to the Beast his Food, and to the young Ravens which cry.

He delighteth not in the Strength of the Horfe; he taketh not Pleasure in the Legs of a Man.

The Lord taketh Pleasure in them that fear him, in thofe that hope in his Mercy. Praife the Lord, O Jerufalem: Praise thy God, O



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PRAISE ye the Lord. Praife ye the Lord from the Heavens: Praife him in the Heights.

Praise ye him, all his Angels; praise ye him, all his Hofts.

Praife ye him, Sun and Moon; praise him, all ye Stars of Light.

Praise him, ye Heavens of Heavens, and ye Waters that be above the Heavens.

Let them praise the Name of the Lord; for he commanded, and they were created.

He hath alfo ftablished them for ever and ever; he hath made a Decree which fhall not pafs.

Praife the Lord from the Earth, ye Dragons, and all Deeps.

i Pfalm CXLVIII. 1, to. 14%

Fire and Hail, Snow and Vapour, ftormy Wind fulfilling his Word.

Mountains and all Hills, fruitful Trees and all Cedars. Beafts and all Cattle, creeping Things and flying Fowl. Kings of the Earth, and all People; Princes, and all Judges of the Earth.

Both young Men and Maidens, old Men and Children. Let them praise the Name of the Lord; for his Name alone is excellent, his Glory is above the Earth and Heaven.

He also exalteth the Horn of his People, the Praife of all his Saints; even of the Children of Ifrael, a People Dear unto him. Praise ye the Lord.

Praife. ye the Lord. Sing unto the Lord a new Song, and his Praise in the Congregation of Saints.

Let Ifrael rejoice in him that made him; let the Children of Zion be joyful in their King.

Let them praife his Name in the Dance; let them fing Praifes unto him with the Timbrel and Harp.

For the Lord taketh Pleasure in his People; he will beautify the Meek with Salvation.

Let the Saints be joyful in Glory; let them fing aloud upon their Beds.

Let the high Praifes of God be in their Mouth, and a two-edged Sword in their Hand.

To execute Vengeance upon the Heathen, and Punishments upon the People.

To bind their Kings with Chains, and their Nobles with Fetters of Iron;

To execute upon them the Judgment written; this Honour have all the Saints. Praise ye the Lord.



PRAISE ye the Lord. Praife God in his Sanctuary ; praise him in the Firmament of his Power.


Praife him for his mighty Acts; praise him according to his excellent Greatnefs.

Praise him with the Sound of the Trumpet; praise him with the Pfaltery and Harp.

Pf. CXLIX. 1, to 9.

Pf. CL. 1, to 6.


Praise him with the Timbrel and Dance; praise him with ftringed Inftruments, and Organs.

Praife him upon the loud Cymbals; praise him upon the high-founding Cymbals.

Let every Thing that hath Breath, praise the Lord. Praise ye the Lord.


And they reft not Day and Night, faying, HOLY, HOLY, HOLY, LORD GOD ALMIGHTY, which was, and is, and is to come.

Thou art worthy, O Lord, to receive Glory, and Honour and Power; for thou haft created all Things; and for thy Pleasure they are, and were created.

Worthyn is the Lamb that was flain, to receive Power, and Riches, and Wisdom, and Strength, and Honour, and Glory, and Blefling.

I heard a great Voice of much People in Heaven, faying, ALLELUJAH; Salvation, and Glory, and Honour, and Power unto the Lord our God.

Glory be to the FATHER, and to the SoN, and to the HOLY GHOST.

As it was in the Beginning, is now, and ever shall be; World without End. Amen.

Rev. Iv. 8, 11.

■ Rev. V. 12.

• Rev. xix. 1:

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