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The Hiftory of Chrift's Death, &c. 319

32. And I, if I be LIFTED up from the Earth, will draw all Men unto me.

33. (This he faid, fignifying what DEATH he fhould DIE.)

Chap. xv. 13. Greater Love hath no Man than this, that a Man LAY DOWN his LIFE for his Friends.



The Hiftory of CHRIST'S Paffion and Death; wherein the Prophecies relating thereto, were in the most minute Circumftances accomplished, as will appear by the References annexed.

Luke xxii. 39.

Matt. xxvi. 30. Mark xiv. 27.

John xviii. I.

[M]AND when they had
fung an Hymn,
they went out into the Mount
of Olives: For [.] when
Jefus had fpoken thefe Words,
[L.] he came out, and went
[7] with his Difciples over
the Brook Cedron, [L.] as
he was wont, to the Mount
of Olives, and his Difciples
alfo followed him. [M]
Then faith Jefus unto them,
[Mr.] All ye fhall be or-
TENDED becaufe of me this
Night for it is WRITTEN,
I will SMITE the Shepherd,


Y GOD, my God, why haft thou forfaken

xxii. 1..

Pfal. MY me? Why art thou fo far from helping me, and from the Words of my roaring?

2. O I cry in the Day

time, but thou heareit not; and in
the Night-feafon, and am not filent.

3. But thou art holy, O thou that
inhabiteft the Praifes of Ifrael.

they trufted, and thou didit deliver
4. Our Fathers trufted in thee:
delivered: they trufted in thee, and
were not contounded.

5. They cried unto thee, and were

Man; a REPROACH of Men, and
6. But I am a Worm, and ne
DESPISED of the People.

to fcon: they fhoot out the LIP,
7. All they that fee me, laugh me

[M] and the SHEEP of the they fhake the Head, faying,

Flock fhall be fcattered abroad. But after I am rifen again, I will go before you into Galilee. [Mr.] But Peter [M] anfwered and

8. He trusted on the Lord, that

he would deliver him: let him DE-
LIVER him, fecing he DELIGHT-

ED in him.

9. But thou art he that took me out of the Womb; thou didst make

me hope, when I was upon my Mofaid ther's Beast.

Death, &

faid unto him, Though all Men fhall be OFFENDED becaufe of thee, [Mr.] yet will not 1. And fefus faith unto him, Verily I fay unto thec, that this Day, even in this Night, before the Cock thou shalt crow TWICE, But he, [M] Peter, [Mr.] fpake the more vehemently, If I fhould die with thee, I will not DENY thee; [M.] likewife alfo faid all the Difciples.



caft upon thee from
the Womb: thou art my God from
Mother's Belly.

11. Be not far from me, for Trouble is near, for there is none

to help.

12. Many Bulls have compiled me: ftrong Bulls of Bahan have befet me round.

13. They GAPED upon me with their Mouths, as a ravening and a roaring Lion.

14. I am roURED out like WA

TER, and all my BONES are out of
JOINT: my HEART is like Wax,
it is melted in the midit of my


15. My STRENGTH is dried up like a Potfherd and my TONGUE cleaveth to my Jaws; and thou hait brought me into the DUST of DEATH.

16. For Dogs have compaffed me, the ASSEMBLY of the WICK

CHRIST'S Agony in the ED have incioled me: they FIERC

ED my HANDS and my

Garden, and Prayers
whilft his Difciples flept.

17. I may tell all my BONES: they look and ftare upon me.

18. They PART my GARMENTS among them, and CAST LOTS upon my Vesture.

[Mr.] A cometh JESUS O Lord, O my Strength, haite theẻ

ND then

be not thou far from me,

to help me.

20. Deliver my Soul from the Sword: my Darling from the Power of the Dog.

21. Save me from the Lion's Mouth: for thou haft heard me

from the Horns of the Unicorns.

with them into a Place called Gethsemane, [7] where was a Garden, into the which be entred and his Difciples. And Judas alfo which betrayed him, knew the Place: for Jefus oft-times reforted thither with his Difciples. [L.] And when he was at the Place, he faid unto them, [M] to the Difciples, Sit ye here, while I and PRAY yonder; [L.] PRAY, that ye enter not into TEMPTATION. [M.] And he took with him Feter, and the two Sons of Zebedee, [Mr. James and John, and [M.] beg n to be SORROWFUL, and very hea



22. I will declare thy Name unto my Brethren; in the midst of the Congregation will I praife thee. 23 Ye that fear the Lord, praife him; all ye the Seed of Faceb, gio rify him; and fear him all ye the Seed of Ifrael.

24. For he hath not defpifed, nor ABHORRED the AFFLICTION OF

the AFFLICTED; neither hath he hid his Face from him, but when he CRIED unto him, he HEARD.

25. My PRAISE. fhall be of thee in the great Congregation: I will pay my Vows before them that fear


26. The MEEK fhall eat and be

fatisfied: they fhall praife the Lord


that SEEK him; your Heart shall

LIVE for ever.

vy, and [Mr.] to be fore AMAZED. And [M] then faith he unto them, My SOUL is exceeding SORROWFUL, even unto DEATH; tarry ye here, and WATCH with me. [L.] And he was withdrawn from them, [M] and he went a little farther, [L.] about a Stone's caft, and KNEELED down, [Mr.] and FELL on the GROUND [M] on his FACE, [Mr.] and PRAYED that if it were

poffible the Hour might pafs from him, [M] faying, O my Father, if it be poflible, let this Cup PASS from me : [Mr.] ABBA, FATHER, all Things are POSSIBLE unto thee, take away this Cup from me: neverthelefs, not what I WILL, but what thou WILT. And he cometh unto the Difciples, and findeth them ASLEEP, and faith unto Peter, [Mr.] Simon, fleepest thou? couldft not thou WATCH one Hour ? [M] What, could ye not WATCH with me one Hour? WATCH and PRAY, that ye enter not into TEMPTATION. [Mr.] The SPIRIT truly is ready, but the FLESH is weak. And again, [M] the fecond time, [Mr.] he went away and prayed, and fpake the fame Words, [M]O my FATHER, if this Cup may not PASS AWAY from me, except I drink it, thy WILL be DONE. [Mr.] And when he returned, [M.] he came


27. All the ENDS of the WORLD fhall remember, and TURN unto the Lord and ALL the Kindreds fore thee. of the NATIONS fhall worship be

28. For the KINGDOM is the

Lord's: and he is the GOVERNOR among the NATIONS.

Earth, fhall eat and worthip: all 29. All they that be fat upon they that go down to the DUST, fhall bow before him, and none can keep ALIVE his own SOUL.

30. A Seed fhall ferve him, iɛ fhall be accounted to the Lord for

a Generation.

31. They fhall come, and fhall

declare his RIGHTEOUSNESS unto a l'eople that SHALL be BORN, that he hath done this.

Ifai. liii. 1. Who hath believed our Report and to whom is the Arm of the Lord revealed ?

2. For he fhall grow up before him as a tender Plant, and as a Root

out of a dry Ground: He hath no FORM nor Comeliness: and when we fhall fee him, there is no Beauty that we should defire him.

Men, a MAN of SORROWs, and ac3. He is defpifed and rejected of quainted with GRIEF: and we hid as it were our Faces from him; he was DESPISED, and we esteemed

him not.

4. Surely he hath BORN our GRIEFS, and CARRIED our SORSTRICKEN, SMITTEN of God, and ROWS: yet we did efteem him AFFLICTED.

5. But he was WOUNDED for our TRANSGRESSIONS he was BRUISED for our INIQUITIES: the Chaftifement of our PEACE was upon him, and with his Stripes we

are healed.

6. All we like Sheep have gone ASTRAY, we have turned every one to his own WAY, and the Lord

us all. hath laid on him the INIQUITY OF

7. He was oPPRESSED, and he

was AFFLICTED, yet he opened not his Mouth: He is brought as a

LAMB to the SLAUGHTER, and as a SHEEP before her Shearers is DUMB, fo he openeth not his Mouth, TI 8. He


and found them afleep again:
for their Eyes were heavy,
[Mr.] neither wift they what
to anfwer: [M.] and left
them, and went away again,
and prayed the third time,
faying the fame Words;
[L] faying, FATHER, If
thou be wILLING, remove
this Cup from me; never-
thelefs, not my WILL, but
thine be done. And there
appeared an Angel unto him
from Heaven, STRENGTH-
NING him. And being in
an AGONY, he PRAYED more
was as it were great DROPS
of BLOOD falling down to
the Ground. And when he
rofe up from Prayer, [M]
then cometh he to the Di -
ciples [Mr. the third time,
and [L] found them fleep
ing for Sorrow. And faid
unto them, [M] Sleep on
now, and take
[Z.] Why fleep ye? [Mr.]
It is enough: [L] Rife and
pray, left ye enter into Temp-
tation. [M. Behold, the
HOUR is at hand, [Mr.] is
come: Behold, the Son of
MAN is betrayed into the
Hands of Sinners. [M]
Rife, let us be going; be-
hold, he is at hand that doth


was taken from PRISON, and from JUDGMENT: and who fhall declare his Generation? For he was CUT OFF out of the Land of the LIVING: for the Transgreffion of my People was he


9. And he made his Grave with the WICKED, and with the RICH


his Deatn, because he had done

no Violence, neither was any Deceit in his MoUTH

10. Yet it pleased the LORD to bruife him, he hath put him to Grief; when thou shalt make his SOUL an Offering for SIN. he fhall fee his Seed, he fhall prolong his Days, and the Pleature of the Lord fhall profper in his Hand.

11. He fhall fee of the TRAVAIL of his Sout and thall be SATISFIED: By his Knowledge thall my righteous Servant JUSTIFY miny: for he fhall bear their INIQUITIES.

12. Therefore will I divide him a PORTION with the Great, and he

thall divide the SPOIL with the Strong: because he hath poured out his SouL unto Death: and he was numbred with the Tranfgreffos, and he bare the SIN of many, and made INTERCESSION for the Tranfgreffors.


CHRIST, by the Treache-
ry of Judas, is difcover-


Ifai. Ixiii. 1. Who is this that cometh from Edom, with dyed Garments from Bozrah? This that is glorious in his Apparel, travelling in the Greatness of his Strength? that fpeak in Righteousness, mighty, to SAVE.


2.Wherefore art thou red in thine Apparel, and thy Garment like him that treadeth in the WineFat?

3. I have troden the Wine-prefs alone, and of the People there was

none with me:

5. And I looked, and there was none to help: and I wondered that there was none to uphold: Therefore mine own Arm brought SALVATION.

7. I will mention the loving Kindneffes of the Lord, and the

Praifes of the Lord, according to all that the Lord hath beftowed on us, and the great Goodness towards the House

ed, and taken in the

Houfe of Ifrael, which he hath
beltowed on them, according to
the Multitude of his loving Kind-

ND immediately,

[Mr. while he yet fpake, lye: So he was their SAVIOUR.

8. For he faid. Surely they are my People, Children that will not

9 In all their Afflictions he was

fence faved them: In his Love

afflicted, and the Angel of hi Preand in his "ITY he redeemned them; and he bare them, and carried them all the Days of oid.

of thy supplications the CommandDan. ix. 23. At the Beginning ment came forth, and I am come to fhew thee; for thou art greatly the Matter, and confider the Vition.

FELOVED: Therefore understand

24. SEVENTY WEEKS are deter

[Z.] behold, he that was called Fndas, one of the Twelve, [7] having received a BAND of MEN, and OFFICERS from the CHIEF PRIESTS and Pharifees, cometh thither, [Mr.] and with him a great Multitude, [7] with Lanterns, and Torches, [Mr.] with SWORDS, and Staves, [7] and Weapons, [Mr.] from the CHIEF PRIESTS, and the Scribes, and the ELDERS. And he that BETRAYED him, had given them a Token, faying, Whom foever I fhall KISS, that fame is he; take him, and lead him away fafely: And he [L.] went before them. [7] Jefus therefore KNOWING all THINGS that fhould COME upon HIM, went forth, and faid unto them, Whom feek ye? They anfwered him, Jefus of Nazareth.. Fefus faith unto them, I AM HE. And Fudas alfo which BETRAYED him, flood with them. As foon then as he had faid unto them, I am he, they went backward, and fell to the Ground. Then asked he them again, Whom feek ye? And they faid, Jefus of Nazareth. Fefus anfwered, I have told you that I am he. If therefore ye ternefs for his Firit-born.


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mined upon thy People, and upon greffion, and to make an END of the holy City to finish the TranfSINS, and to make RECONCILIATION for INIQUITY, and to bring in everlafting Righteoufnels, and PHECY, and to ANOINT the most to feal up the Vition and PROHOLY.

25. Know therefore and under

ftand, that from the GOING FORTH

of the Commandment to restore

and to build Jerufalem, unto the MESSIAH the PRINCE, hall be

feven Weeks; and threefcore and two Weeks the Street fhall be built

again, and the Wall, even in troublous Times.

26. And after threefcore and two

Weeks fhall MESSIAH be CUT OFF, but NOT for Himfelf: And the People of the Prince that fhall come,

fhail DESTROY the CITY, and the SANCTUARY, and the End thereof fhall be with a Flood, and unto the END of the War DESOLATIONS are determined.

Zech. xii. 10. And I will pour upon the Houfe o David, and upon the Inhabitants of Frufalem, the SPIRIT of GRACE, and of SUPPLICATION, and they fhall LOOK upon me whom they have PIERCED, and they fhail mourn

for him, as one mourneth for his ONLY SON, and fhall be in Bitternefs for him, as one that is in Bit


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