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Giving Sight to the Blind. How the DARKNESS of Sin is dispelled, and the Soul. illuminated by DIVINE GRACE

139 Two blind Men bealed at Jericho

ibid. A blind Man healed at Bethsaida

140 One born Blind is bealed

141 Raising the Dead. The Widows Son of Naip raised to Life

143 Christ raiseth from Death the Daughter of Jairus, and beals a Woman of her bloody Ilue

144 JOHN XI. Christ raiseth Lazarus. Many Jews be

lieve. The Chief Priests and Pharisees gather a

Council against Christ. Caiaphas prophesieth 146 How the Souls of BeLIEVERS are raised from the Death of Sin, to a SPIRITUAL and Divine LIFE



CHRIST, by divers PARABLES, represents the

Spiritual Nature of his Kingdom. Many of which are explained and applied to their just and SPIRITUAL Meaning by our Saviour ; and to which


Places in the New Testament refer Christ's Parabolical Sermon to the Multitade by the Sea

fide, of the Sower, with the Explanation of it ibid. of the Tares

157 of the Children playing in the Market-place 159 Parable of the Fig Tree

ibid. of the Feast, and of the Great Supper

160 of the Loft Sheep. Of the Pieces of Silver. Of the Prodigal Son

162 Of the Unjust Steward

165 Of the Rich Glutton and Lazarus

166 of the Unjuft Judge

169 Of the Pharisee and Publican

ibid. of the Ten Pieces

170 of the Labourers in the Vineyard

172 of the Two Sons that were commanded to go into the Vineyard

173 Of

of the Vineyard let out to Husbandmen


Of the Marriage of the King's Son, and of the Weda

ding Garment


Of the Ten Virginis


of the Talents


Christ's Discourse with the Woman of Samaria, of ile

Living WATER of Divine Grace; and of the Spi-



The Nature of true Charity, represented in the Parable

of the Good Samaritan

CHRIST reproves the Scribes and Pharisees for

their Pride, Hypocrisy, Coverousness, and Oppref-

fion, and denounceth severe Judgments against



He disputes with the Pharisees about the Tradition's

of the Elders, and represents the great Wickedness

and Deceit that is in the Hearts of Men ibid.

He reproves the Pharisees for their Superstition a-

bout the Sabbath; at which they are so enraged,

that they endeavour to destroy him. He withdraws

bimself from them, and beals great Multitudes 194

Christ's Discourse in the Temple at the Feast of Taber-

nacles. Many of the Jews acknowledge him to be

the Messiah. The Chief Priests send their Officers to

take him. Our Saviour promises the Gift of the

Holy Ghost; which so affected the Officers, that they

declared to the High Priest, that never Man Spake

like bim


Christ in the Temple teaches the People. The Scribes

and Pbarisees bring a Woman taken in Adultery,

with a Design to ensnare bim. Being convinced of

their own Wickedness, they go out of the Temple 199

He declares himself to be the Light of the World,

that be was sent by God the Father, and bis Unity

with bim : Upon which many of the Jews BELIEVE

con him. The Jews ask him whether he was greater

than Abraham ; upon which he declares bis ETERNAL





He avows himself to be the MessiAH, represented by

the Prophets under the Emblem of a SHEPHERD; and

in this Parable describes the PASTORAL Office, and

the Character of false Teachers and Hirelings 204

His Answer to the Pharisees Question about paying

Tribute to Cesar


Christ reproves and refutes the grofs Opinion of the

Sadducees concerning the Resurreétion, and repre-

sents the glorious State of Believers in the Celestial



His Answer to the Scribe, concerning the gredtest


Jesus questions the Pharisees concerning Christ, whose

Son be Mould be

He disputes with the Pharisees concerning Divorce-


In the House of a Pharisee, Mary Magdalene anoints

our Saviour's Feet, and washeth them with her



Christ being asked whether but few should be saved,

commands all to STRIVE to enter in at the strait Gate ;

and describes the Doom of all FORMAL PROFES-


of the Spiritual Warfare


The great Sin of IMPENITENCY and UNBELIEF, and

the severe Judgments denounced against them 219

His- Answer to the Scribes and Pharisees upon their

demanding what Authority he had

The Conversion of Zaccheus, a Publican


Christ instructs those that come to him, to persevere in

their Duty, and carefully avoid all Delays 224

How bard is it for them that TRUST in Riches to

enter into the Kingdom of God


Of avoiding Offences

. Forgiveness of Trespasses. of

the Power of Faith, and the Efficacy of Prayer 229

Luke XII. Christ teacheth his Disciples to avoid

Hypocrisy, and Fearfulness in publishing his Doce




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He warnetb the People to beware of Covetousness, by the

Parable of the rich Man who pul'd down bis Barns, and built greater

ibid. That we must not be over careful about earthly Things;

but seek the Kingdom of God. Give Alms. Be ready to open to our Lord whenever he cometh. Christ's Ministers are to take Care to their Charge, and to expect Persecution. The People must not neglect the Time of Grace, because it is a fearful Thing to die without Reconciliation

ibid. Of the Leaven of the Pharisees, whicb is Hypocrisy ibid. of the Divine Omniscience

234 To fear God only

235 of the Providence of God over all his Creatures 238 Not to be ashamed of Christ and bis Words, but openly to confess him

239 Of the Sin against the Holy Ghost

241 Of the Duty of Watchfulness, and looking for Christ's Second Coming

244 The Disciples being angry at James and John, for the

Request made by their Mother, our Saviour forbids their affecting any Superiority

248 The Disciples conteriding who should be the greatest,

Christ teaches them to be meex and HUMBLE, by tbe Example of LITTLE CHILDREN, which is enforced by an Infiance of bis own profound Humility, in washing his Disciples Feet

249 He Meweth who is fit to be bis Disciple

254 Peter's Confession of Christ

ibid. Christ being told that his Mother and Brethren desired

to speak with him, he teaches bis Disciples, that

those that do the Will of God are bis Brethren 255 He teaching in the Synagogue, many of his Country

men are astonished at his great Wisdom, and the mighty Works performed by him; but will not believe bim to be the Meliah, because of his mean Birth

257 He payeth Tribute

258 Our

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