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THIS RIGHTEOUSNESS BY FAITH, is not only clearly described in the NEW TESTAMENT, but the Royal Prophet in this Sacred Book plainly difclofes that this was the Bafis of his HOPE and CONFIDENCE, and under the Senfe of all his finful Weakness, his confiding in this was his SUPPORT and REFUGE: This calms all his guilty Fears, allays the Tempefts of his Mind, fills his Soul with Joy and Serenity; and even under the Decays of Nature, when he became old and grey-headed, this was his Comfort, and the Subject of his Joy.

Pfalm iv. 1. Hear me when I call, O GOD of હ my RIGHTEOUSNESS.

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Pf.xvii. 15. As for me, I will behold thy Face "in RIGHTEOUSNESS; I fhall be fatisfied when I "awake with thy Likeness.

"Pf. xxxvi. 5. Thy MERCY, O LORD, is in the "Heavens, and thy FAITHFULNESS reacheth unto the "Clouds.

"6. Thy RIGHTEOUSNESS is like the great Moun


66 7. How excellent is thy LOVING KINDNESS, O "GOD; therefore the Children of Men put their "Truft under the Shadow of thy Wings.

"10. O continue thy LoVING KINDNESS unto " them that know thee, and thy RIGHTEOUSNESS to "the upright in Heart.


Pf. xl. 9. I have preached RIGHTEOUSNESS in the great Congregation.

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10. I have not hid thy RIGHTEOUSNESS Within my Heart; I have declared thy FAITHFULNESS and thy SALVATION.

Pf. 1. 6. And the Heavens fhall declare thy "RIGHTEOUSNESS.

"Pf. lxxi. 15. My Mouth fhall fhew forth thy "RIGHTEOUSNESS, and thy SALVATION all the Day. "16. I will go in the Strength of the LORD: I "will make mention of thy RIGHTEOUSNESS, even of "thine only. 23. My

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"23. My Lips fhall greatly REJOICE when I fing ແ unto thee; and my Soul, which thou haft RE

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24. My Tongue alfo fhall talk of thy RIGHTEOUSNESS all the Day long.

"Pf. lxxxv. 10. MERCY and TRUTH have met "together, RIGHTEOUSNESS and PEACE have kiffed "each other,

"II. And RIGHTEOUSNESS fhall look down from "Heaven.


(c 13. RIGHTEOUSNESS fhall before him, and "fhall fet us in the Way of his Steps.

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Pf. lxxxix. 15. Bleffed is the People that know "the joyful Sound, they fhall walk, O LORD, in the "LIGHT of thy COUNTENANCE.

"16. In thy NAME fhall they rejoice all the Day, and in thy RIGHTEOUSNESS fhall they be exalted. "Pf. xcvii. 6. The Heavens declare his RIGHTE OUSNESS, and all the People fee his GLORY.

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"Pf. xcviii. 2. The Lord hath made known his "SALVATION, his RIGHTEOUSNESS hath he openly "fhewed in the Sight of the Heathen.

"Pf. ciii. 17. But the MERCY of the Lord is from "everlasting to everlasting, upon them that fear him; "and his RIGHTEOUSNESS unto Childrens Children.


"Pf. cxliii. 1. Hear my Prayer, O LORD, give Ear unto my Supplications, in thy FAITHFULNESS anfwer me, and in thy RIGHTEOUSNESS.

"2. And enter not into Judgment with thy Ser« vant, for in thy Sight fhall no Man living be jus


IF thefe be compared with what is expreffed in other Parts of the SCRIPTURE, the Representation will appear to be the fame.

" Job

Job ix. 2. How fhould Man be just with God? "Ch. xxxv. 7. If thou be RIGHTEOUS, what giv"eft thou him, or what receiveth he from thine Hand? Ifai. xlv. 24. Surely, fhall one fay, In the LORD "have I RIGHTEOUSNESS and STRENGTH.

r 25. In the LORD fhall all the Seed of Jacob be JUSTIFIED, and shall glory.

"Ch. liv. 17. This is the Heritage of the Servants " of the LORD, and their RIGHTEOUSNESS is of me, "faith the LORD.

"Ch. Ixiv. 6. We are all as an unclean Thing, " and all our RIGHTEOUSNESS is as filthy Rags.

"Jer. xxiii. 16. This is the Name wherewith he "fhall be called, THE LORD OUR RIGHTEOUSNESS. "Luke xviii. 9. And he fpake this Parable unto cer"tain which trufted in themselves, that they were "RIGHTEOUS, and defpifed others:

10. Two Men went up into the Temple to PRAY; "the one a Pharifee, the other a Publican.

“11. The Pharisee stood and prayed thus with himself, "GOD, I thank thee that I am not as other Men are, "Extortioners, Unjust, Adulterers, or even as this "Publican.

"12. I fast twice in the Week, I give Tithes of all " that I poffefs.

13. And the Publican ftanding afar off, would" "not lift up fo much as his Eyes unto Heaven, but "fmote upon his Breaft, faying, GOD be MERCIFUL "to me a SINNER.

66 14. I tell you, this Man went down to his House' 86 JUSTIFIED rather than the other: For every one that EXALTETH himself fhall be ABASED; and he that HUMBLETH himself fhall be EXALTED.

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“Rom. i. 16. I am not ashamed of the Gospel of "Chrift: For it is the POWER of GOD unto SALVATION, to every one that BELIEVETH, to the Jew firft, and alfo to the Greek.

"17. For

17. For therein is the RIGHTEOUSNESS of GOD "revealed from Faith to Faith: As it is written, The JUST fhall live by FAITH.

"Ch. iii. 20. Therefore by the Deeds of the Law, there fhall no Flesh be JUSTIFIED in his Sight; for by the Law is the Knowledge of SIN.

21. But now the RIGHTEOUSNESS of GOD withec out the Law is manifested, being witneffed by the "Law and the Prophets;

cc 22. Even the RIGHTEOUSNESS of GOD, which "is by FAITH of Jefus Chrift unto all, and upon all them that BELIEVE; for there is no difference:

cc 23. For all have finned, and come fhort of the "GLORY of GOD.

"Ch. iv. 3. For what faith the Scripture? Abra"bam BELIEVED GOD, and it was IMPUTED to him for RIGHTEOUSNESS.

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<< 4. Now to him that worketh is the REWARD not reckoned of GRACE, but of DEBT.

5. But to him that worketh not, but BELIEVETH on him that jusTIFIETH the Ungodly, his Faith is « counted for RIGHTEOUSNESS.

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21. And being fully perfwaded, that what he "had PROMISED, he was able also to PERFORM.

cc 22. And therefore it was IMPUTED to him for "RIGHTEOUSNESS.

cc 23. Now it was not written for his fake alone, that it was IMPUTED to him;

24. But for us alfo, to whom it fhall be IMFUTED, if we BELIEVE on him that raised up Jefus "our LORD from the Dead,.

σε 25. Who was delivered for our OFFENCES, and "was raised again for our JUSTIFICATION.

"Ch. ix. 31. But Ifrael which followed after the "Law of RIGHTEOUSNESS, hath not attained to the "Law of RIGHTEOUSNESS.

❝32. Where

« 32. Wherefore? Because they fought it not by "FAITH, but as it were by the WORKS of the LAW: "for they ftumbled at that Stumbling-ftone.

"Ch. x. 1. Brethren, my Heart's Defire and PRAYBR to GOD for Ifrael is, that they might be "SAVED.

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2. For I bear them record, that they have a ZEAL "of GoD, but not according to KNOWLEDGE.

3. For they being ignorant of God's Righte "OUSNESS, and going about to establish their own RIGHTEOUSNESS, have not fubmitted themselves unto "the RIGHTEOUSNESS of GOD.


4. For Chrift is the End of the LAW for RIGHTEOUSNESS, to every one that BELIEVETH. "Gal. il. 16. Knowing that a Man is not jusTI FIED by the WORKS of the LAW, but by the FAITH " of Jefus Christ, even we have BELIEVED in Jefus "Chrift; that we might be JUSTIFIED by the FAITH " of Chrift, and not by the WORKS of the LAW; for "by the WORKS of the LAW fhall no Flesh be



"Ch. iii. 11. But that no Man is JUSTIFIED by "the Law in the Sight of GoD, it is evident; for, "The Just fhall live by FAITH.

"12. And the LAW is not of FAITH: but, The "Man that doth them fhall live in them.

"21. If there had been a Law given, which could " have given LIFE, verily RIGHTEOUSNESS fhould have "been by the Law.

66 24. Wherefore the Law was our School-master to " bring us unto Chrift.

"Phil. iii. 8. Yea doubtlefs, and I count all Things "but Lofs, for the Excellency of the KNOWLEDGE of "Chrift Jefus my Lord; for whom I have fuffer"ed the Lofs of all THINGS, and do count them but Dung, that I may win Chrift,

9. And be found in him, not having mine own "RIGHTEOUSNESS, which is of the Law, but that " which

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