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them REJOICE before thee, O God; yea, let them (q) exceedingly rejoice. Sing unto God, and fing (r) PRAISES to his Name; extol him that rideth upon the Heavens by his Name * Fah, and rejoice before him. A Father of the Fatherlefs, and a Judge of the Widow, is God in his holy Habitation. God fetteth the Solitary in Families; he bringeth out thofe that are bound (s) with Chains, but the Rebellious dwell in a dry Place.

O God, when thou went eft forth before thy People, when thou didst march thro' the Wilderness, the EARTH (t) SHOOK, the HEAVENS trembled at the Prefence of God, even Sinai itself was MOVED at the Prefence of the God of Ifrael.

Thou, O Lord, (u) gaveft the Word, and great was the Company of thofe that PUBLISHED it: Kings of Armies did fly apace. When the Almighty fcattered them for her, fhe was white as Snow in Salmon. The Chariots of God are (x) twenty thousand, even THOUSANDS of ANGELS; the Lord is in his Church, as in Sinai, in the holy Place. Thou haft


(9) John XVII. 13. Thefe Things might have my Joy fulfilled in I fpeak in the World, that they themselves.

(r) Rev. VII. 10, 11, 12. And cried with a loud Voice, faying, Salvation to our God which fitteth upon the Throne, and unto the Lamb: And all the Angels stood round about the Throne, and about fell before the Throne on their the Elders, and the four Beafts, and Faces, and worshipped God, faying, Amen, Bleffing, and Glory, and Honour, and Power, and Might, Wisdom, and Thanksgiving, and be unto our God for ever and ever. Amen.

(s) Luke 1v. 18. He hath anointed me to preach Deliverance to the CAPTIVES, to fet at liberty them that are BRUISED.

(t) Heb. x11. 26, 27. Yet once more I SHAKE not the EARTH only, but alfo HEAVEN. And this Word, Yet once more, fignifieth the removing of thofe Things that are SHAKEN, as of Things that are made, that those Things which can not be fhaken may remain.

powER after that the Holy Ghoft is come upon you; and ye shall be WITNESSES unto me, both in Jerufalem, and in all Judea, and in Samaria, and unto the uttermost Part of the Earth. Rom. x. 15.

(u) Acts 1.8. Ye fhall receive

How fhall they preach, except they be sent ?

and I heard the Voice of MANY (x) Rev. v. 11. And I beheld, ANGELS round about the Throne, and the Beafts, and the Elders; and the Number of them was ten thou

fand times ten thoufand, and thoufands of thousands.

By his Name Jah, that is, as Faithful and True, and fulfilling his Promifes; or actually faving them. So Ifa. x11.2. Jah Jehovah is my Strength and my Song, he alfo is become my Salvation For Jah is a Contraction of Jehovah, which expreffes God's Eternity and Immutability; and that he is that in Fact, which he was in Promife, their Saviour and Deliverer: Sce Exod. vi. 3, &c.


afcended (y) on high, thou haft led Captivity captive, thou haft received GIFTS for Men, yea, even for (2) the REBELLIOUS, that the Lord God may dwell among them. Bleffed be the Lord, who daily loadeth us with his Benefits, the God of our Salvation. He that is our God, is the God of Salvation; and unto God the Lord belong the (a) Iffues from DEATH. But God fhall (b) wound the Head of his Enemies, and the hairy Scalp of fuch an one as goeth on still in his Wickedness.

Blefs ye God in the Congregations. We have feen thy Goings, O God, even the Goings of my God, my King, in the Sanctuary. For thou, O God, haft command

(y) Eph. 1v. 8. Wherefore he faith, when he afcended up on high, GIFTS unto Men. Ver. 11. And he led Captivity captive, and gave he GAVE fome Apoftles, and fome Prophets, and fome Evangelifts, and fume Paftors and Teachers. SECUTED us in times paft, now (z) Gal. 1. 23. He which PERpreacheth the FAITH which once he deftroyed. 1 Tim. 1. 12, 13. He me into the MINISTRY, who was counted me FAITHFUL, putting before a Blafphemer, and a Persecutor, and injurious.

is rich in Mercy, for his great Love
(a) Eph. 11. 4, 5. But God, who
wherewith he loved us, even when
we were DEAD in Sins, hath QUICK-
Grace ye are SAVED.)
NED us together with Chrift, (by

(b) 2 Theff. 1. 7, 8. When the Lord Jefus fhall be revealed from Heaven, in flaming Fire, taking

not God, and that obey not the Gospel of our Lord Jefus Chrift.

VENGEANCE on them that know

ed thy STRENGTH; (c) all things, through Chrift which (c) Philipp. xv. 13. For I can do ftrengthen, O Lord, that STRENGTHNETH me. which thou haft wrought in


Sing unto God, ye Kingdoms of the Earth, O fing Praifes unto the Lord; to him that rideth upon the Heaven of Heavens, which were of old. Lo, he doth fend out his VOICE, and that a (d) mighty VOICE. Afcribe ye Strength unto God, his Excellency is over Ifrael, and his * Strength is

2 Cor. 111.

5. Not that we are fufficient of our

felves, to think any thing as of our felves, but our fufficiency is of God,

(d) John v. 28, 29. The Hour is in the Graves fhall hear his VOICE, coming, in the which all that are and fhall come forth.

God's Strength in the Clouds, is the Schechinah, which is called his Strength and Glory, Pfalm LXXVIII. 61. which compare with Pfalm LXXXIX. 17. this Schechinah was in Chrift, who is therefore called the Power of God, 1 Cor. 1. 24. As the Holy Ghoft alfo is the Power of the Higheft.

in the Clouds. O God, thou art terrible out of thy holy Places, who alone givest STRENGTH and (e) POWER to thy People. Bleffed be our God for evermore. Amen.

(e) Luke xxiv. 49. Tarry ye in the City of Ferufalem, until ye be endued with PowER from on high.

Hear, O Lord, in Heaven thy Dwelling-place, and when thou hearest, forgive; for the fake of Jesus Christ our only Mediator and Advocate. Amen.

A Prayer in the Time of great Affliction and Temptation.

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AVE me, God, for the (a) Waters are come in unto my Soul; I fink in deep Mire, where there is no ftanding; I am come into deep Waters, where the Floods overflow me. I am (b) weary of my CRYING, my Throat is dried, mine Eyes fail while (c) I WAIT for my God;

ter the Woman; that he might FLOOD.

(a) Fonah 11. 1, 2, 3, 5. Jonah PRAYED unto the Lord, and faid, tion unto the Lord, and he heard I CRIED by reason of mine Afflic me; out of the Belly of Hell cried I, and thou heardeft my Voice. For thou hadst cast me into the Deep, in the midst of the Seas, and the

Floods compaffed me about; all thy Billows and thy Waves paffed over me. The WATERS compaffed me about even to the Soul; the Depth clofed me round about, the Weeds were wrapt about my Head. Rev. XII. 15. The Serpent caft out of his Mouth WATER as a Flood afcause her to be carried away of the

(b) Rom. VII. 23,24. But I fee another Law in my Members, warring against the Law of my Mind, and bringing me into Captivity to the Law of Sin, which is in my Members. Ŏwretched Man that I am, who fhall deliver me from the Body of this DEATH!

(c) 2 Cor. v. 4 For we that are in this Tabernacle do groan, being burdened Not for that we would be uncloathed, but cloathed upon, that MORTALITY might be swallowed up of LIFE. Rom. VIII. 23. Even we ourselves groan within ourselves, WAITING for the ADOPTION, to wit, the REDEMPTION of our Body.

• Pfalm LXIX. 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,9, 12, 13, to 20. and 29, 30, 32, 33.

+ As Troubles are compared to Waters, Pfalm LXXXVIII. 16,17. so alfo is Iniquity, fob xv. 16. XXXIV. 7.


they that would destroy me are mighty.

O God, thou knoweft my Foolifhnefs, and my Sins are not hid from thee. Let not them who wait on thee, O Lord God of Hofts, be (d) ASHAMED for my fake; let not thofe that feek thee be CONFOUNDED for my fake, O God of my Salvation. Because for thy fake I have fuffered (e) REPROACH, SHAME hath covered my Face: For the (f) Zeal of thine Houfe hath eaten me up, and the (g) Reproaches of them that reproached thee, are fallen upon me; they that are in high Places fpeak against me, and I am become the (b) Song of the Drunkards.


will never LEAVE thee, nor FOR(d) Heb.x111. 5,6. For he hath faid, SAKE thee; fo that we may boldly fay, The Lord is my HELPER, and I will not fear what Man fhall

do unto me.

2 Cor. XII. 9. My

GRACE is fufficient for thee; for
my Strength is made perfect in
Weaknefs. Ifai. XLI. 10. Fear
not difmayed, for I am thy God:
thou not, for I am with thee: Be
I will ftrengthen thee, yea, I will
help thee; yea, I will uphold thee
with the right Hand of my Righ-

(e) 2 Cor. x11. 10. Therefore I take pleasure in Infirmities, in Retreffes for Chrift's fake; for when I proaches, in Perfecutions, in Difam wEAK, then am I STRONG.

(f) John 11. 17. And his Difciples remembred that it was written,

The Zeal of thine HOUSE hath eaten me up.

(g) Matt. v. 11, 12. Bleffed are ye, when Men fhall REVILE you, fay all manner of EVIL against you and PERSECUTE you, and fall fallly for my fake: Rejoice, and be exceeding glad, for great is your

Reward in Heaven.

But as for me, my (i) PRAYER is unto thee, O Lord, in an (k) ACCEPTABLE TIME: O God, in the Multitude of thy Mercy hear me, in the Truth of thy Salvation; deliver me out of the Mire, and let me not fink: Let me be delivered from them that hate me, fervent PRAYER of a righteous (i) James v. 16. The effectual and out of the deep Waters. Let not the Water-flood overflow me, neither let the Deep (2) fwallow me up;

(b) 2 Pet. 111. 3. Knowing this firft, that there fhall come in the laft Days ScOFFERS, walking after their own Lufts.

Man availeth much. Philipp. IV. 6. Be careful for nothing; but in every thing by PRAYER, and Sur


ING, let your Requefts be made

known unto God.

(k) 2 Cor. VI. 2. I have heard thee in a TIME ACCEPTED, and in the Day of SALVATION have I fuccoured thee: Behold, now is the ACCEPTED TIME; behold, now is the Day of SALVATION.

(Matt. XIV. 30, 31. When he faw the WIND boisterous, he was afraid; and beginning to fink, he cried, faying, Lord, SAVE me; and immediately Jefus ftretched forth his Hand and caught him, and said unto him, O thou of little Faith, wherefore didst thou doubt?

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and let (m) not the Pit shut
her Mouth upon me.
me, O Lord, for thy loving
Kindness is good; turn un-
to me according to the Mul-
titude of thy tender Mercies,
and hide not thy Face from
thy Servant; (2) HEAR me
draw near unto
my Soul, and redeem it; de-
liver me from mine Enemies.
Thou hast known my Re-
proach, and my Shame, and
my Dishonour ; mine Ad-
verfaries are all before thee:
Reproach hath broken my
Heart, and I am full of Hea-
vinefs. I looked for fome
to take (0) PITY, and there
was none; and for Coм-
FORTERS, but I found none.
I am poor and (p) forrow-
ful, let thy (9) SALVATION,
O God, fet me up on high.

I will praife the Name of God with a Song, I will magnify him with Thanksgiving. The (r) Humble fhall fee this, and be glad; and their Hearts fhall live that feek God. For the Lord heareth the (s) Poor, and despiseth not his Prifoners. b Make hafte, O Lord, to help and deliver me: Let them be confounded that feek after my Soul. Let all thofe that feek thee, rejoice; and let fuch as love thy Salvation

(m) John x1. 25, 26. I am the Refurrection and the Life; he that believeth in me, tho' he were dead, yet fhall he live: And whofoever liveth and believeth in me, fhall never die. Chap. 111. 16,17. For God fo loved the World, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whofoever believeth in him should not perifh, but have everlasting

Life. For God fent not his Son into the World to condemn the

World; but that the World thro' him might be faved.

(n) 1 John v. 14. This is the Confidence that we have in him, that

if we ASK any thing according to his Will, he HEARETH us. Heb. x. 35,35. Caft not away therefore your Confidence, which hath great recompenfe of Reward. For ye have need of Patience, that after ye have done the Will of God, ye might receive the Promife.

(0) John XVI. 33. These things I have fpoken unto you, that in me ye might have Peace. In the World ye fhall have TRIBULATION, but be of GOOD CHEER, I have overcome the World.

(p) Matt. v. 4. Bleffed are they that MOURN, for they fhall be

COMFORTED." John xvI. 20. Ye fhall WEEP and LAMENT, but the World shall REJOICE; and ye shall be SORROWFUL, but your SORROW fhall be turned into Joy.

(q) Rev. XII. 10. Now is come Salvation and Strength, and the Kingdom of our God, and the Power of his Chrift.

(r) Fames iv. 6, 10. God refifteth the Proud, but giveth GRACE unto the HUMBLE. Humble your felves in the Sight of the Lord, and he fhall lift you up.

(s) Ifai. LVII. 15. Thus faith the high and lofty One, that inhabiteth Eternity; I dwell in the high

and holy Place, and with him that is of a contrite and humble Spirit, to revive the Spirit of the humble, and to revive the Heart of the contrite Ones. Chap. LXVI. 2. To this Man will I look, that is Poor, and of a CONTRITE SPIRIT, and trembleth at my WORD.

b Pfalm LXX. 1, 2, 4.


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