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215, Cloth ; 1/6, Paper Covers.
French Revolution. Complete in 1 Vol.
Sartor Resartus, Heroes and Hero Worship, Past and Presente

The three in i Vol.
Ollver Cromwell. Complete in 1 Vol.

6d. each Part, in Paper Covers. French Revolution. 3 Parts. Sartor Resartus. · I Part. Oliver Cromwell. 3 Parts. Heroes and Hero Worship. i Parte

Past and Present. I Part.

3/6, Cloth, for Library. French Revolution. Complete. Demy 8vo.

In Paper Covers, 6d, each. 6d. The Sketch Book.

WASHINGTON IRVING. 6d. A Sentimental Journey.

LAURENCE STERNE. 6d. Essays of Elia.

CHARLES LAMB, 6d. The Night side of Nature. Apparitions, Dreams, &c.

Mrs. CROWE. Bd. The Clockmaker. (Complete.)


SELECTIONS 8/6 Wise Sayings of the Great and Good. Cloth, gilt edges. 876 The Book of Humour, Wit, and Wisdom. Ditto. 3/6 The Book of Proverbs, Phrases, Quotations, and Mottoes.

J. A. MAIR, 3/6 The Book of Modern Anecdotes, Theatrical, Legal, American. 3/6 The Book of Table Talk,

W. C. RUSSELI 3/6 The Book of Epigrams.

W. D. ADAMS. 3/6 1001 Gems of Prose.

Dr. MACKAY. 3/6 Humorous Gems from American Literature. 2/

Cheap Edition. 3/6 The Fun Doctor : The Funniest Book in the World. Extra gilt.

E. W. COLE 2/6

Plain cloth. 17- The Book of Wit and Humour. Extracts from the Best Writers.

(Also 1/6, gilt top ; 2/6, roan.)

In Paper Covers, 3d. ; or Cloth, 6de
Selections from the Spectator.
The Rev. H. Ward Beecher in the Pulpit.
Gems from Emerson.

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