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giant. I think you were even the first who attacked the grim phantom. You have an exceeding good understanding, very good humour, and the best heart in the world. The dictates of that temper and that heart, as well as the policy pointed out by that understanding, led you to abhor the old code. You abhorred it, as I did, for its vicious perfection. For I must do it justice: it was a complete system, full of coherence and consistency; well digested and well composed in all its parts. It was a machine of wise and elaborate contrivance, and as well fitted for the oppression, impoverishment, and degradation of a people, and the debasement in them of human nature itself, as ever proceeded from the perverted ingenuity of man. It is a thing humiliating enough, that we are doubtful of the effect of the medicines we compound.

We are

sure of our poisons. My opinion ever was (in which I heartily agreed with those that admired the old code) that it was so constructed that if there was once a breach in any essential part of it, the ruin of the whole, or nearly of the whole, was at some time or other a certainty. For that reason I honour, and shall for ever honour and love you, and those who first caused it to stagger, crack, and gape. Others inay finish; the beginners have the glory; and, take what part you please at this hour (I think you will take the best), your first services will never be forgotten by a grateful country.


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Adieu! Present my best regards to those I know; and as many as I know in our country, I honour. There never was so much ability, or, I believe, virtue in it. They have a task worthy of both. I doubt not they will perform it, for the stability of the Church and State, and for the union and the separation of the people for the union of the honest and peaceable of all sects—for their separation from all that is ill-intentioned and seditious in any of them.

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31/8 Morley's Universal Library. Any 15 vols, in an Oak Book-case. 10/6 The Spectator. By ADDISON and STEELE.

New Edition, reproducing the Original Text. Edited by HENRY MORLEY. 3 vols. 10/6 The Works of Isaac D'Israell. The Curiosities of Literature

The Amenities of Literature; The Miscellanies of Literature. 3 vols. 10/6 Tho Three Tours of Dr. Syntax.


7/6 Schiller's Complete Works. Edited by Professor H. MORLEY,

Demy 8vo, cloth. 7/6 Don Quixote. 50 Woodcuts by Sir JOHN GILBERT and ARMSTRONG.


Mrs. GORE, and others. 56 Illustrations by KENNY MEADOWS.

Ist Series. 7/6

and Series.

6/- Lord Bacon's Essays. On Hand-made Paper, medium 8vo,

Roxburghe Binding. B)- Essayes of Michael, Lord of Montaigne. Parchment back, antique

style, in cardboard box (also 35. 6d. in cloth). B/- King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table. 37 Illusts. by

F. A. FRASER. Parchment back, in cardboard box. 8- The Works of R. W. Emerson. Parchment back, in cardboard box. 8/6

Demy 8vo, cloth. 67- Picciola ; or, The Prison Flower, by X. B. SAINTINE 10 Etchings

by FLAMENG. 8- Surnames as a Science.

R. FERGUSON, F.S.A. 07- The Wit and Wisdom of Lord Lytton. Selected by C. KENT. 6/- Essays on the Principles of Morality. With a few Words of

Introduction by Right Hon. JOHN BRIGHT, M.P. DYMOND,

8/6 England and the English. (Cheap Edition, 2/--) LORD LYTTON. 8/6 " Quarterly" Essays.

Ditto. 8/6 Pamphlets and Sketches. (Cheap Edition, 2/2) Ditto. 3/6 Outre-Mer; Driftwood.

LONGFELLOW. 8/6 Hyperion ; Kavanagh.


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9 Poems.


Literature continued.

e I know; 3/6 Ralph Waldo Emerson's Works (Riverside E.

I honour. mach printed from new Electrotype Plates, with 1

crown 8vo. A New and Complete Copyright:
1 Nature : Addresses and 7 Society and ...vude.

Letters and Social Aims.
2 Essays. Ist Series.

and Series. 4 Representative Men. 10 Lectures and Biographical 5 English Traits.

Sketches. 6 Conduct of Life.

11 Miscellanies. 8/6 The Spectator. Complete in one volume. Demy 8vo. ADDISON. 8/- Ditto.

Ditto. (Books for the People.) Cloth. 944 pages. 8/6 Don Quixote. Unabridged.

CERVANTES. 8/6 Adventures of Gu Blas. Unabridged. Illustrated by PINWELL.

LE SAGE. 8/6 The Works of Laurence Sterne. 8/6 The Letters of Junius.

Edited by WOODFALL 8/6 The Works of Charles Lamb. 8/6 Sydney Smith's Essays. 876 Longfellow's Prose Works. 8/6 Asmodeus; or, The Devil on Two Sticks. Illus. by TONY JOHANNOT.

LE SAGE, 8/6 Father Prout's Works.

Edited by CHARLES KENT. 8/8 The Breakfast Table Series: The Autocrat The Professor, The

Poet, in one volume. (A Cheap Edition, 21-.) 0. W. HOLMES. 8/6 The Professor at the Breakfast Table.

Ditto. 8/6 The Poet at the Breakfast Table.

Ditto. 8/6 The Waverley Anecdotes. Six Steel Plates. (A Cheap Edition, 21-) 8/6 Gulliver's Travels. Coloured Plates. (Also 2/6 and 2/--) SWIFT. 8/6 King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table.

50 Illustrations by F. A. FRASER.

H. FRITH. 8/6 Uncle Remus. 50 Illustrations by A. T. ELWES. JOEL C. HARRIS. 8/6 Nights with Uncle Remus. Many Illustrations. Ditto. 316 The Wonder Book. The Mythology of the Greeks and Romans for Boys and Girls.

NATHANIEL HAWTHORNE (Also in two volumes : Wonder Book, 21-; Tanglewood Tales, 2/-.) 2/6 Public Life in England. Translated by HENRY FRITH. Cloth. (21-, in Paper.)

PH. DARYL. 2/6 David and Bathsheba. A Royal Romance based on Rabbinical

Traditions. By CONZAE Dick and JAMES CRESSWELL. Cr. 8vo, 27- Rabelais' Works. 11- Longfellow's Hyperion. (Pocket Library.) (Or 1/6 gilt top; 2/6 roan) 4 Artemus Ward, His Book. Ditto.


jedges ; 1/6, cloth, uncut edges ; 21., parchment back.
2. and Pantagruel.

Essays we Winthrop M. Praod.
The Original.

The Commonwealth of Oceana.

The Heroic Deeds of Pantagruel. Books 3, 4, and 5. RABELAIS.
A Miscellany.
Bacon's Essays.
Sir Walter Scott's Demonology,
Coleridge's Table Talk.
Boccaccio's Decameron.
Johnson's Rasselas: Voltaire's Candido.
Fables and Proverbs from the Sanscrit.
Lamb's Essays of Ela.
Bm'erson's Essays ; Representative Mon; Society and solitudo.
De Quincey's Opium Eater.
Famous Pamphlets.
Lewis' Tales of Terror.
Cobbett's Advice to Young Men,
Don Quixote. First Part.

Ditto. Second Part.
Allan Cunningham's Tales.

1/6, Macaulay's Essays. New Edition, containing 27 Essays, reprinted or 21-, from the Edinburgh Review, including Milton, Byron, Dr. Johnson, cloth. Bunyan, Warren Hastings, etc. 864 pages. 1/- Macaulay's Miscellaneous Writings. (Or 1/6, cloth.) 1/- Representative Men. Boards.

R. W. EMERSON, 17- English Traits. Boards.

Ditto. 11- A Handy Book of Synonyms. 33,000 words. Cloth.

QUOTATIONS, 3/8 Familiar Quotations. Crown 8vo, cloth.

J. BARTLETT. 87Parchment back, gilt top.

Ditto. 7/6 Familiar Quotations. Enlarged Edition. Cloth. Ditto. 67- Index to Familiar Quotations. 7th edition, much enlarged Roxburghe binding.

J. C. GROCOTT. 3/6 The Book of Familiar Quotations. Cloth, gilt edges. 19- Familiar English Quotations. 17- Familiar Latin Quotations.

Cloth limp.

Crown 8vo, Roxburghe. English Translations in each volume,
Beautiful Thoughts from Latin Authors.

Beautiful Thoughts from Greek Authors.
3/- Beautiful Thoughts from French and Italian Authors.
- Beautiful Thoughts from German and Spanish Author.

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