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Lon: Mag: 1776

See the dread Harbinger of human Wor, yproach Brittania mulutely low the mried Bond that held the Seague si broke, e Ind gloomy vrngraner has annemét her stroke, May dowlation abdicate the plain, Avid hace & Harmony poriail again



Sordon Magazine
withil Intelligence

For the Year 1776




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By luis MAJESTY's' Authority

Printed for R: Baldwin at the hose in liter Hoster hrun


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oakley 3-31-30



AVING enjoyed the distinguished favour of the Public forty-five

years; with gratitude we renew our thanks for its past and present

liberal support-a respectable and learned correspondence; and an extensive fale.

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According to our promise, and duty to the Public, we have endeavoured to pay particular attention to the prevailing tasie of the times ; and have had the approbation of many intelligent readers as to a judicious selection and arrangement of subjects. Yet we acknowledge, that the productions of some of our ingenious correspondents, have contributed to give us the great superiority over similar publications, and to gain us much of the public approbation. We hope that our paft care to oblige, will engage ihem to continue their affance : our desire being to increase the favours, and secure the patronage of the public.

We firall perfevere not only with assiduity, but with expensive engravings, to open the stores of antiquity, geography, biftory, and frience, to our purchasers. They will find us also pursuing that great road of general information and solid instruction, and promoting the cause of liberty and virtue, which the Spectator, Tatler, Guardian, &c. have trodden with such universal approbation. We Joall carefully review the manæuvres of the Ton, and give a constant and impartial critique on the British Theatre. Peculiar attention will also be paid to all new literary productions, and to every important point which will improve the mind, and that concerns the interest and welfare of the British nation.

From the frame of our excellent constitution, Politics, and the Debates of the grand council of the nation, will always claim a large snare in a Misallany, calculated like ours, for the perufal and infte uction of the community in general : for every Briton looks on himself to be interested in whatever concerns the ad. ministration of public affairs; and probably when we cease to be a nation of Politicians, we shall cease to be a nation of Freemen. · The London Magazine, from the beginning, hath been the chief, and only valuable repoßiory of those important national topics ; a faithful register of parliamentary history and dibates, as well as of the learned and polite world. Its importance and value in thefe particulars, likewise, we shall endeavour to preserve and advance.

In our last annual Preface, we expressed our wishes for a speedy and constitutional reconciliation between Great Britain and the Colonies. Since then, our public affairs are confessed by all parties, to be in a disagreeable, if not diftreffed ftuation. Mars hath already introduced his fifter Bellona to Britannia, kind ling a civil war *. Whether we shall be involved in the flames of a foreign war also, and our valuable Colonies be reconciled, loft, or subjugatid, inuft be left to the events of the ensuing year, which will be duly recorded by us, and in this particular will the London Magazine be a valuable, and the most useful coHeilion yet published.

* See the Frontispiece,

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