Biblical Proof the Catholic Pope Will Never Be the Antichrist

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Holy Fire Publishing, 2005 - Religion - 152 pages
The myth and accusation that the Catholic Pope will one day be the Antichrist has its roots in religious misconceptions and lack of Biblical end-time understanding. It has contributed greatly to discord and a lack of unity among millions of Christians that have very powerful common ground in Jesus Christ and the Cross of Calvary. Please allow this non-denominational author to show how the scriptures clearly demonstrate the Pope will never become the Antichrist. Come see how much the scripture does have to say about the coming "lawless one" and how his kingdom is being prepared right before our very eyes.

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I did not finish this book because I didn't own it, and merely had about an hour to read it as I was waiting in a dentist office- I saw it among the more interesting reads offered in the waiting room. I had been previously unaware of many views of the anti-Christ.
The book helped me learn this: While the Pope will DEFINITELY never be the anti-Christ, that is because there will never be "an" anti-Christ, merely MANY people behaving in un-Christ-like and sinfully violent ways.who are motivated by fear, prejudice, and anger. These emotions are natural reactions to accepting a belief system that stems largely from the invention of the anti-Christ-will--be-a-single-person myth. Which was invented by one the first popes around the year order to justify the slaughter of many Jewish people whose money he could then use to furnish his Papal domicile with. Ain't that ironic?
From the Big Book:
"Thou shalt not bow down thyself unto them [false Gods and idols], nor serve them: for I the LORD thy God am a JEALOUS God, visiting the iniquity [aka killing] of the fathers upon the children unto the third and fourth generation of them that hate me,"
Whats crazy is this is the most loving, Holy, and powerful being that could ever exist by definition saying this. He sounds so wrapped up in an narcissistic rage that it puts our President's nightly tween-storms to shame.
I am not particularly nuanced in some of the ideological requirements of believing in the existence of Evil itself. The book seems to suggest that Evil with a capital E exists and is very powerful- and has its roots in supernatural forces and beings who spend their time trying to come up with new ways to pervert the otherwise righteous human spirit. Chiefly among them is the Devil., once one of God's most ardent supporters, who fell from grace largely because of his own jealousy of God's power. God hates that- as he has the monopoly on jealousy and proudly proclaims it in one of his rare speeches, which I will repeat for your edification:
"Thou shalt not bow down thyself unto them [false Gods and idols], nor serve them: for I the LORD thy God am a JEALOUS God, visiting the iniquity [aka killing] of the fathers upon the children unto the third and fourth generation of them that hate me,"
Wow. And that is what passes as morally indisputable within the Judeo-Christian-Islamic mental framework. So in general, I suppose I have a different set of assumptions about the nature of God himself. I like Jesus alot though, and think he was possibly the most awesome Pacifist ever to have lived, maybe even the best human period. When a certain Pope invented the idea that there would be an anti-Christ, rather than many people who behaved in patently violent and unChristian ways- he did a big disservice to a lot of people. Sure, It allowed him to externalize the concept of evil and give it a face; namely the Jews (aka the people Jesus was born of and followed the same religion as him) - who were then treated as sub-human and exterminated like rats on and off for the next 1800+ years as a result, with smaller scale murders and larger ones as well- like the holocaust (assuming you believe in that) or the various Inquisitions.
To tell you the truth, I found the book rather trite and lacking in bigger picture thinking, as it seemed to hover from one notion of Canon to another without engaging in a questioning of the baseline assumptions made by mainstream Christian ideology. Still, I'll give it a star in honor of the fictional Lucius Morningstar- who is honestly way nicer and more relatable than God is.. or at least would be if either being actually existed.
In the end, the book could have been worse. It could have DIRECTLY openly promoted the wholesale slaughter of human non-combatants in the manner the early Popes did that were used to justify the Inquisitions, Holocaust, and more recently the antics of QAnon. So theres that.
Thanks for reading!

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The Nature of The Beast
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The author, a non-denominational Christian encourages all to forsake unbiblical gossip, opinion and rumor. The author has witnessed far too much strife and damaging false accusations for many years. By scripturally exposing the myth and fallacy that the Pope will one day be the Antichrist, the author hopes to silence the issue and help restore unity to Gods people.

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