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my Commission from them: for so he Volume explains it in the next words, Neithers XII.

went I up to Jerusalem, to them that were Apostles before me, that is, I did: not apply my felf to the Apostles, to: derive any Authority from them to preach the Gospel, because he had no need of that, being called immediately by Christ to this Work; which words are nothing else but a farther explication of what he had said before, ver. 11, 12. I certifie you Brethren, that the Gospel which was preachd. by me, is not after Man: for I neither receiv’d it of Man, neither was taught it, but by the Revelation of Jesus Christ

. So accordingly here our Saviour tells Peter that this truth, That Christ was the Messias, the Son of the living God

, was not revealed to him by Man, nor by any meer Humane Principle or Testimony, but by his Father which was in Heaven; that is, by the Tefti

. mony which God himself gave of him in the Holy and Divine Gospel which he taught, and those Miracles which he wrought in confirmation of it.

So that this kind of Faith is a per fwasion of such things as are not know


God may

by Natural Light, nor discoverd to us by Men ; but some way or other Sermon reveald by God; I say some way or

I. other; for the ways of God's revealing and manifesting himself to us are various, and arbitrary. chuse what ways he pleaseth to discover himself to us by. So the Apostle tells us, Heb. i. 1. God, who at sundry times, and in divers : manners Spake in times past unto the Fathers by the Prophets. God revealed himself as at several times, by several steps and degrees : so in various manners; sometimes by Visions, sometimes by Dreams, fometimes by Oracles, sometimes by a Spirit of Prophecy, and sometimes by a Voice from Heaven, sometimes by a secret and gentle Inspiration. Now it matters not which of these ways God chufeth to reveal himself to us, provided we have sufficient Evidence and ground of Assurance that the thing is revealed by God.

As to us these extraordinary ways of Revelation are now ceased, and we have a fixʼd and standing Revelation, that is, the Records of those Revelations which God formerly made


to Holy Men; and this is the Holy a Volume XII.

Scriptures, or the Bible, which is a System or Collection of things Supernaturally reveald.

Now if this Faith be consider'd as restrain’d to a part of Divine Revelation, viz. the Doctrine of the Gospel, reveal'd to the World by Jesus Chrift, then it is properly Christian Faith, which frequently in the New Testament is call's Faith xar? &ogiv, by way of excellency and eminency, this being the most eminent and perfect Revelation which God hath made of himself to the World, which the Apostle at the be. ginning of this Epistle advanceth above all those former Revelations which God had made of him felf to the Fathers, those being by his Servants and Ministers, Prophets and Angels : But in these last days God hath revealed himself to us by his Son, whom he hath made Heir of all things, and advanced to a Dignity above that of Men or Angels.

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And with relation to this Faith of the Gospel, Christians are peculiarly


and eminently call'd believers. 1 Thejl.

Sermon 2. 10. You know how unblameably we

II. behaved our felves among you that believe, that is, among you Christians. 2 Thes I: 10. When he shall come to be glorified in his faints, and admired in all them that believe, meaning the Christians that entertain’d the Gospel. And upon the fame account the Apostle calls the whole Society, or Body of Christians, the houshold of faith, Gal. 6. 10.

But now I am considering Faith, not in this more narrow and restrained sense, for a Belief or Periwasion of the Doctrine of the Gospel; but in a more large and comprehensive sense, for a perswasion of all things that are supernaturally revealed, that is, of all things contained in the Holy Scriptures.

Now all the matters of Divine Reve. lation, which are contained in the Book of Holy Scripture, may, I think, be reduced to one of these six heads.

İ. They are either a History, or Relation of some person, or matter of fact: and a Faith of the historical

part of Scripture, is nothing else but a Per



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swasion that those narrations, or relaVolume tions are true. Or, XII.

2. A Prophesie, or Prediction of some event. Now a Faith of the Prophetical part of Scripture, is a Perswasion that the Event foretold will certainly come to pass. Or,



A Doctrine. Such as are all those Propositions in Scripture which declare to us the Nature or Properties of God, the Nature and Office of Christ, that he is the eternal Son of God, that is, true God, the Messias, or Saviour of the world, the King, Priest, and Prophet of his Church, and the like, Now a Faith of the Doctrinal part of Scripture, is a Perswasion that those Propositions, which contain those Doctrines, are true. Or,

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4. Laws for the Ordering and Governing of our Spirits and Lives, under which I comprehend all the Precepts and Prohibitions of Scripture, which are the matter of our duty. Now a Faith of these, is a Perswasion, that God hath Commanded, and Forbidden such things; and con


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