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tures; or, which comes all to one,
hath given us such Faculties, by the Sermon
Use and Improvement of which, we

may come to the knowledge of these
Principles : but it is not usual in the
phrase of Scripture, to attribute this
Natural Knowledge in such a pecu-
liar manner to the Spirit of God.

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When any man believes the matters of Divine Revelation, for Instance, the Doctrines contained in the Gospel; this Faith is to be attributed to the Spirit of God; but not as immediately perswading us of the truth of these Doctrines, but by perswading us, that the Gospel which contains these Truths, is a Divine Revelation; or which is all one, that the Lord Jesus Christ, who delivered these Doctrines to the World, was a Divine Person, and came from God: and if we once firmly believe and entertain this, that Jesus was the Meffias, and fént from God to acquaint the World with his Mind and Will

; we can make no doubt of the truth of any thing which he hath delivered So that the Faith which the Scripture doth in a peculiar manner attribute to


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the Spirit of God, is this perfwasion, Volume that Jesus is the Christ; that is, that XII. he was the true Messias, and sent

from God.

So that the Question is: How the Spirit of God doth concur to the begetting of this Faith or Perswasion? Or why this Faith is in such a peculiar manner attributed to the Spirit of God?

I answer upon these two Accounts.

First, In respect of the outward evidence which the Spirit of God gives us to perswade us to believe.

Secondly, In respect of the inward efficacy and operation of the Spirit of God upon the Minds of Men in believing

First, In respect of the outward e. vidence, which the Spirit of God gives us to perswade us to believe. And if this be not that which Divines mean by the testimony of the Spirit in this måtter, yet I think it is that which may most properly be so called. Now


the Spirit of God did outwardly testifie concerning Jesus, that he was the Sermon Meffias, and came from God; and V, that the Doctrine which he taught was Divine.

1. In the Voice from Heaven, which accompanied the descending of the Spirit upon him, in the form of a Dove, saying, This is my

beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased, Mat. 3. 17.

2. In those Miracles which Christ himself wrought by the Spirit of God; which was so eminent a Testimony of the Spirit of God, that the resisting of the Evidence of those Miracles, and the attributing of them to the Devil, is by our Saviour calld a Blasphemy against the Holy Ghost, and such a Sin as shall never be pardoned ; because Miracles being the highest Attestation that can be given to the Divinity of any Person, or his Do&trine; whoever resists this Evidence, resists his last remedy; and fuch a Person must needs remain in his Infidelity, because there is nothing more that can be done for his Conviction.

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3. The third eminent Testimony XII. which the Holy Spirit gave to Chrift,

was in the great Miracle of his Resurreétion from the dead; and hence it is that the great Miracle of Christ's Resurreition, which was the highest Attestation to the Divinity of his Perfon, and the grand Confirmation to his Doctrine, is frequently in Scripture, in a most peculiar manner, alcribed to the Spirit of God. Rom. I. 4. and was declared to be the Son of God with

power, according to the Spirit of Holiness, that is, by those Miracles which he wrought by the Holy Ghost, and by his Resurrection from the dead. And so Rom. 8. II. The Spirit of him that rais’d up Christ from the dead. 1 Pet. 3. 18. Being put to death in the flesh : but quickned by the



In the Effusion of the Spirit upon the Apostles, who were to preach Christ and his Doctrine to the World; and that it might carry its Evidence along with it, God poured forth his Spirit upon those who were to be the Publishers of it; by which Spirit they



were endued with several miraculous
Powers and Gifts, to convince the Sermon
World of the truthof the Doctrine which .
they Preached. And with relation to
this, I think, it is that the Apostle faith,
i Cor. 2. 4, 5. And my Speech, and
my preaching was not with enticing words
of man's wisdom; but in demonstration of
the Spirit, and of Power : That
faith should not stand in the wisdom of

2 but in the power of God; that
is, they did not use human Eloquence
to perswade men, but deliver'd the
Gospel with all plainness : And that
which made those plain Discourses so
powerful,were those powerful demon-
Itrations of the Divine Spirit, which
appear'd in those miraculous Gifts
wherewith they were endowed. Iam
sure Origen understands this Text so.
And so likewise the Apostle 1 Thess.
1. 5. speaks to the same purpose, that
the Gospel came not unto you in word
only: but also in power, and in the holy
Ghost, and in much assurance; that
is, they did not only speak words to
men, but the Doctrine which they
Preached, was attested in a powerful
manner by the Holy Ghost, in those
extraordinary Gifts which were be-


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