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guinem, unà cum Anime and sustantially, the & Divinitate Domini Body and Blood, togeNoftri Jefu Chrifti; ther with the Soul and fierique conversionem to- Divinity of our Lord tius fubftantiæ panis in Jesus Christ; and that Corpus, Eo totius fub- there is a change made stantiæ Vini in Sangui- of the whole fubstance nem; quam conversio- of Bread into the Body, nem Catholica Ecclefia and of the whole subTransubftantiationem ap- stance of Wine into the pellat.

which change the Catholick Church

calls Transubstantiation. 18. Fateor etiam sub 18. I confefs also, alterd tantùm Specie, that under one Kind totum atque integrum only, whole and entire Christum verumque Sa- Christ, and a true Sacracramentum fumi. ment, is taken and re

ceived. 19. Constanter teneo 19. I do firmly hold, Purgatorium effe, ani- that there is a Purgatomáfque ibi detent as fi-' ry, and that the Souls delium Suffragiis juvari. there detained are re

lieved by the Suffrages

of the Faithful. 20. Similiter & San- 20. I do likewise be&os un .cum Christo reg- lieve, that the Saints nantes, venerandos atque reigning together with invocandos effe, eofque Chrift, are to be worOrationes Deo pro no- shipped and prayed unbis offerre, atque com to; and that they do of rum reliquias eje vene- fer Prayers unto God randas.

for us, and that their Relicks are to be had in veneration.

21. Fir

21. I do


21. Firmiffimè affero, 21. I do most firmly Imagines Christi ac affert, that the Images

Dei para semper. Vir- of Christ, and of the ginis , necnon aliorum ever Virgin Mother of Sandorum habendas & God, and of the other retinendas efle; atque Saints, ought to be had eis debitum bonorem ac and retained; and that venerationem imperti due Honour and Veneendim.

ration ought to be given

to them. Indulgentiarum 22. I do affirm, that etiam poteftatem à the power of IndulgenChrifto in Ecclesia re- ces was left by Christ litiam fuise, illarámque in the Church, and that ufum Christiano populo the use of them is very maximè sulutarem ele, beneficial to Christian affirmo.

People. 23. San&am Catholi- 23. I do acknow

Apoftolicam ledge, the holy CathoRomanam Ecclefiam, om- lick and Apostólick Ronium Ecclefiarum Ma- man Church to be the trem. Magistram ag- Mother and Mistress of nofco; Romanq; Pon- all Churches; and I do tifici, Beati Petri, Apo- promise and swear true ftolorum Principis, ac obdience to the Bishop Fefu Chrifti Vicario , of Rome, the Succeffor veram obedentiam fpon- of St. Peter, the Prince deo ac juro.

of the Apostles, and Vi

car of Jesus Christ. 24. Cetera item om- 24. I do also without nia à facris Canonibus, the least doubt, receive & æcumenicis Conciliis, and profess all other ac præcipuè à Sacro- things which have been Sanità Tridentina Syno- delivered, defined, and do tradita , definita & declared by the sacred declarata indubitanter Canons and ecumenical recipio



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recipio atque profit eor; Councils, and especially Simúlque contraria : om- by the holy Synod of nia atque Hereses quaf Trent ; and all things cunque ab Ecclefia dam- contrary thereunto, and natas, rejeitas, Ego ana- all Herefies whatsoever thematizatas

ego pa. condemned, reje&ted, and riter damno, rejicio, Eanathematized by the anathematizo. Tilanc ve- Church, I do likewise ram Catholicam fidem

condemn, reject, and a. extra quam nemo sal nathematize. This true, vus effe potest, quam in Catholick Faith, withpræfenti spontè profi- out which no Man teor, Ed veraciter teneo, can be saved which eamdem integram Ein- at this time I freely violatam, ufque ad ex- profefs and truly emtremum vitæ fpiritum brace, I will be careful conftantiffime (Deo ad- (by the help of God) juvante) retineri 'that the same be retain confiteri, atque à meis ed and firmly profeffubditis, vel illis quo- fed whole and inviolate, rum cura ad me in mu- as long as I live, and

nere meo Spe&abit, tene- that as much as in me ri, doceries predicari, lies, that it be held, quantum in me berit taught, and preach'd by curaturum, ego idem N. those under my power, Spondeo, voveo, ac juro. and by such as I Thali Sic me Deus adjuvet & have charge over in my hæc Sanita Dei Evan- Profeffion. I the said gelia.

N. promise, vow
and swear: So help me
God, and these his holy


PAP. IV. A Paper concerning the Differences in

the chief Points of Religion betwixt the Church of Ronie and the Church of England, written to the late Countess of Peterborough, by Dr. John Cofins, afterwards Lord Bishop of Durham.

The Differences in the chief Ponits of Reli

gion between the Roman Catholicks and us of the Church of England; together with the Agreements which me for our parts profess and are ready to embrace, if they for theirs were as ready to accord with us in the same.


E that profess the Catholick Faith and Re

ligion in the Church of England, do not agree with the Roman Catholicks in any thing whereunto they now endeavour to convert us. But we totally diflent from them (as they do from the Ancient Catholick Church) in these points.

1. That the Church of Rome is the Mother and Mistress of all other Churches in the World.

2. That the Pope of Rome is the Vicar-General of Christ: Or that he hath an Universal Jurifdi&tion over all Christians that fhall be saved,

3. That 3. That either the Synod of Trent was a Geo neral Council, or that all the Canons thereof are to be receiv'd as Matters of Catholick Faith under pain of Damnation.

4. That Christ hath instituted seven true and proper Sacraments in the New Testament, neither more nor less, all conferring Grace, and all necessary to Salvation.

5. That the Priests offer up our Saviour in the Mass, as a real, proper, and propitiatory Sacrifice for the quick and the dead ; and that whosoever believes it not, is eternally damn'd.

6. That in the Sacrament of the Eucharist the whole substance of Bread is converted into the substance of Christ's Body, and the whole substance of Wine into his Blood, fo truly and properly, as that after Confecration there is neither any Bread nor Wine remaining there, which they call Transubstantiation, and iinpose upon all Persons under pain of Damnation to be believed.

7. That the Communion under one kind is fufficient and lawful (notwithstanding the Institution of Christ under both) and that whosoever believes or holds otherwise, is damned.

8. That there is a Purgatory after this Life, wherein the Souls of the dead are punished, and from whence they are fetch'd out by the Prayers and Offerings of the Living: And that there is no Salvation possibly to be had by any that will not believe as much.

9. That all the old Saints departed, and all those dead Men and Women, whom the Pope hath of late canonized for Saints, or shall hereafter do so, whosoever they be, are and ought to be invocated by the Religious Prayers and Devotions of all Perfons, and that they who do not believe this as an Article of their Catholick Faith, cannot be faved.


10. That

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