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N the Confession of the Faith of the Greek IN

Church, compild by a Synod at Fafs in Moldavia, and confirm'd by another at Constantinople in the presence of all the four Patriarchs, we have these words, in answer to this Question, “ What “ is secondly implied by our professing to believe « in the Holy Catholick Church?

Οι σαρ έδενός τόπε η καθολική Εκκλησία έληξε τένομα. Αι γδ τοπικαι μερικαί εισιν, η εν Εφέσω, η εν Αυλιωχεία, η εν Ιεροσολύμοις, η ν Ρώμη, η αν 'Αλιξανδρεία, και αι λοιπα, &c.

Vide ορθόδοξον ομολογίαν, printed in Valachia, Anno 1699. p. 109.

Against the Primacy and Supremacy of the Pope, there are various Tracts in my Collection of this Sort. But for a Specimen of their Opinions in this matter, take the following words of the present Patriarch of Jerusalem, in his Preface to his Edition of the TόμG- αγάπης.

Μήτε ο Κωνςαντινοπόλεως, μήτε οι λοιποι πατριάρχω, μήτε άλλων τις ορθόδοξG- εφρόνησε ποτέ τι έχη η εκκλησία Κωνςαντινοπόλεως αν τη καθόλα οκ. κλησία μοναρχικόν, η αυτοκρατορικόν, η γενικών αξίωμα, άλλ' έσι κεφαλή προλάβεσα μόνια και τάξιν, όπερ και αυτό μέγα τι ειν' ον τη εκκλησία. 'Ελα νάτως οι παπιςαι, ότι όν τρόπον η ανατολική έκκλησία λέγξ ή Κωνςαντινοπόλεως πρώτος και κεφαλίω ή εκκλησίας, τ' ά τρόπον τέτον, 131 και ο οπίσκοπG Ρώμης πρώτG- και κεφαλή τ εκκλησίας, και δεχόμεθα ή Ρώμης πρώτον ή και κεφαλω εν τη εκ


C 4

κλησία. Αλλ' αρασέχον) τύτο : άρα και ημείς και αραδεχόμεθα ή Ρώμης έτε πρώτον, έτε κεφαλίων, ότι ο ιόλα οπίσκοπον εν τη εκκλησία.

In another Tome published by the faine Patriarch, under the Title of ΤομG- καλολαγής there are the Summaries of particular Chapters.

Οτι και μόνον ο τ πρεσβυτέρας Ρώμης θρόνα Αποσολικός καλά.), αλλα και έκατG- ή άλλων Πατριαρχικών θρόνων.

Ότι μία καθολική και αποστολική εκκλησία, έχη και πρεσβυτέρας Ρώμης λέε), αλλ' η οικεμένης φάσης τ ορθοδόξων.


And by a Synod at Paris, Anno 625, p. 67 How the Church of England agreed then with the German and Gallican Churches,

ibid. The Church of England the same nomo as then, The distinction of Veneratio, from Cultus and Invocatio,

p. 69 The Faith'or Religion which the Church of England

now profeseth, agrees with Pope Gregory the Great's Confeßions, bosh before and after his Consecration.

p. 70, 71, 72, c.

P. 68


What is there meant by the word PERISH, P: 75, 76, The diftinétion between a True or Real, and e Sound Church,

P: 79 In what sense a Church may properly be said to


p. 83

CH A P. V.

p. 86

The word Church used in Scripture in a larger

and a narrower fense, it sometimes signifies the whole, fometimes part of the Catholick Church,

p. 85 Used in the fame Senfe by Old Ecclefiaftical Wri

ters, The Roman Church but a part of the Catholick

Church, The acceptation of the word CHURCH in the larger

general sense for the Church of Rome only, abfurd and contrary to that Article, I believe the Holy Catholick Church,

p. 99 The Church of Rome taken only for a particular

Church both by the Ancient Greek and Latin


p. 98


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