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Sir, would you not think a Man went to impose upon you, who should ask you, Where your found and healthful Constitution after Recovery was all the while you lay fick? Or of a River, which perhaps in your Ancestor's Days was full of Mud and Weeds, but you had cleansed it with great Cost and Labour, Where the pure and clean Stream of it was all the while it was foul ? Would you not think he banter'd you, to bid you show him one Tun or Hogs-head, or but one single Bucket of such Water, as it now afforded, for I know not how maTears, before it was made clean? Sir, I have brought these familiar Similitudes to fhew you, what a fallacious Challenge the Gentleman hath sent me by you, and how he hath endeavour'd to impose upon you and me in the terms of it. Had it been fairly pennd, it should have been put in these of the like Words: Name any Bishops, Wri: ters, Churches, nay one single Congregntion or Vil tage of Chriftians, that professed your Religion for 900 Or 1000 Tears before your Separation from the Church of Rome ; and if he pleases to put it so, I wili

give it an Answer; and then delire him to name one Church, Bishop, or Writer, that 900 or 1000 Years ago profelfed the Tridentine Faitb, for the Creed of Pope Pius IV.]

I say, if he will make his Challenge in those or the like terms, I will accept and answer it ; but at present it is sufficient to fhew the Fallacy of it, as he wrote, or dictated it to you. In truth, Sir, it is the fame Fallacy, that is in the following Syllogifm, with which young Sophisters in the Schools endeavour to puzzle one anothers Wits.

w I have added there Words, because I imtend to print that Creed in Englih.

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You bought raw Flesh,
You eat the Flesh which you bought,


Tou eat rau Flesh.

Sir, would you not think I was merry, and lu. dicrous, and not at all serious, if I should make such a Syllogifm, or ask you, where your roal or boiled Meat was all the while it was rato? Thus much, Sir, in reference to the Supposition, Question, and Challenge, which the Gentleman

nt me by you; and which, I told you before, were nothing to the Church's Infallibility, which was to be the Subject of Controversy between us. I confess the Supposition relates to the Indefe&tibility of the Church ; but neither that, nor any thing else in his Query, as he improperly calls it, relates to the Infallibility of the Church. And therefore in requital to his Query, which was nothing to that Subject, I take the liberty to fend him fome, that are.

I. Seeing the Word Church hath * many fignifications, I desire to know of him the particular

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* See all these Significations in the following Cicacion our of the Confutatio Imperii Papæ in Ecelefiam, by Neftarius, Patriarch of Hierufalem ; publish'd by the Learned Dr. Alix, in Latin MDCCH. p. 212.

The Word Church] therefore is taken in cwo fenfes, Fiskt, Personally, as every Assembly of Men about any common Business or Affair. Secondly, Locally, and such are che Places in which we afsemble, i. e. Temples, Forums, Theatres and Courts. It is taken for a Temple, i Cor. chap. 11. Havese not houses to eat and to drink in, or despise ye the Church of God?

limited sense in which it is infallible, or in which of the many senses Infallibility belongs to it?

II. I desire to know, if by the Churches Infallibility, he means that the Church hath always a living infallible Judge; if so, then,


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And chap. 14. Let women be filent in the Churches ; it is a Mame for women to speak in the Church ; let them ask their husbands at home. Eur both these significations, as well Personal as Local, areoftwo forts, Civil and Spiritual. 1. Civil, such, absolutely speaking, is every Concourse or Company of People, as was that of Ephesus, which rushed upon Gaius and Aristarchus, Paul's Companions, the Town-clerk is said to have dismiss'd that Church or Assembly : Or else the Place it self, as the Foruni or Court, where they met.

II. Spiritually, and then it signifies an Assembly either lawful or unlawful. Unlawful, indeed, are such as are called by the Canons sinful and schismatical Assemblies, according to that of the Psalmist, I have hated the congregation of the ungodly. But the lawful, of which I am going to speak gradually, is First, either of a few in an House, as Salute the Church in their House, Rom. 16. Or, 2dly, Of many Houses in one Territory, as praise God in the Churches ; and, 1 Cor. 14. Who speaks in an unknown tongue edifyeth himself, but he who prophesieth edifieth the Church. Or, 3dly, of many Territories into one Bishoprick, as, The Church

of God which is at Corinth, ( 1 Cor. 1.) And in the first of the Revelation, To the seven Churches which are in Afia. . Or, 4thly, It signifies the People or Flock without the Bishop, as in your Citations : Take heed therefore unto your felves, and unto all the Flock whereof the Holy Ghost has made you Bishops, ta feed the Church of God, Acts 20. and, 2 Cor. 11. I have robbed other Churches, taking wages. Sthly, It signifies the Bishops and Presbyters, as in a Synod or Council, mentioned also by you, as in S. Matth. c. i8. Tell the Church, but if he bears not the Church, let him be unto you of an Heathen. 6tbly, The chief of the Clergy and Lairy, as in your Citation, Ads 16. They being brought on their way by the Church, pass'd over into Phenicia. And again, A&ts 18. Going down to Casarea, be went up and Saluted the church. 7thly, It signifies the Churches of many Episcopal Cities under one Metropolis, as Can. 4. Synod. 1. The Confirmation of tbose things which are done in the Province, (speaking about the Election of a Bishop) belongs to the Metropolitan; and the whole Pro


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III. I would know, whether this infallible Judge be a single infallible Person, or an infallible Senate or Council?

IV. If it be a single infallible Person, I desire to know, , where he is always to be found, or where his infallible Chair is?' zdly, Under what Character or Capacity this Infallibility belongs to him; And, 3dly, If he happen to be a fecret Atheist, or Heretick, or Simonist, or Sorcerer, much more if he be openly any of these, whether in these cafes he still continues Infallible? But if this infallible Judge be a Senate or Council, then,


vince is said to be one Church. 8thly, Ic is taken for many Metropolitical Churches united under one Primate or Exarch, as Can. 34. of the holy Apostles, It is convenient the Bishops of several Countries Mould know who amongst them is Chief, not that he should do any thing without acquainting them all. And Can. 9. and 17. of the 4th Council, If any one is unjustly sentenced by the Metropolitan, or has a controversie with him, let him appeal to the Exarch, or to the See of CP. But the Exarchs are fuch as the Bishops of Ephesus in Asia, of Cefarea in the East, of Heraclia in Thrace, of Thessalonica in Macedonia, of Corinth in Peloponnesus. Sthly, It is used to signifie many Nacional Churches under one, which from the time of the first General Council, were Five in number ; (whereas before they were bur Three, and Four before the taking and destruction of Jerusalem) and those Five were establish'd by the following Councils

. The 6th Can. of the first Council, says, Let ancient Customs be observ'd. Let the Patriarch of Alexa andria have the Authority of all those that are in Egypt, Lybia, and Pentapolis, because like usage is observd also to the Romau Bishop. So likewise are the Privileges preserved to the Churches in Antioch, and other Provinces. And that the BiShop of Ælia (or Jerusalem) be honoured according to the Tradition of the Ancients, is determined in the 7th Canon. In the roth place, The Church is taken for a Synod of these five Patriarchs, in whom the whole Hierarchy is comprehended as in one union and indissoluble Communion among themselves, both as to the Faith, and Profession, and Sacraments, and Spiritual Officers, and as much as may be, in respect of Manners, and form of Government. Of this it is said, Upon this Rocke I will build my Church, and the gates of hell Mall not prevail against it. And in the sth to the Ephes. St. Paul says, The man is the head of the woman, as Christ is the head of the Church. Husbands love your wives, as Christ loveth the Church. And in 1 Cor. 12. And has placed them indeed in the Church, first Apostles, secondly Prophets, thirdly Do&tors: And this is properly stiled The Catholick Church; or, absolutely speaking, The Church of



V. I would know, if it must be a Council of the Universal Church? If so, then,

VI. I would know of him, ift, Who hath power to call this Council? adly, Who hath power to prefide in it? Or if these Privileges belong to one and the same Person by Christ's appointment? If so, then,

God, the Mother of us all, Christ's perfect Spouse, whose Head Clurit is, according to the Apostle, in his Epistle to the Ephef. in the 1, 2, 5, chapters, and allo Col. 1, Christ is also the only Head, according to Bafil the Great, in his Sermon of the Judgment of God; who after the first Page, considering the Apostle's expression, speaks thus; Te are the body of Christ, and members in particular; chat is to say, in Him governing and joining every one to the others unto agreement in one, and one only true Head, which is Christ. In the 11th place, che Church is taken by a Synecdoche for any part relating to the whole Church, as in many of your instances, so the Apostle writing to the Corinthians, acknowledges, that he persecuted the Church of God; nieaning especially the two Churches of Jeryfalem and Damascus, because he had raised Troubles in them only, yet intentionally against the whole Catbolick Church. And because all the Members being knit together amongst themselves, the whole Body is justly said to share in the fuffering of its several Parts, according to that of the Apostle ; If one member suffer, all the members. Saeffer with it : If one member rejoice, all the members rejoice with it. Such another place is that, in the first to Timothy the 3d Chap. I write to tbee, Timothy, that thou mayest know how thououghtest to bebave thy felf in the Church of God, which is the Church of the living God, the Pillar and Grotend of Truth. Now Timothy at that time converfed only in the Church of Ephesus, yer his pious Conversation edified the whole church.


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