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of your Argument against the Reformation of almost the whole Universal Church? If then you will not, you dare not stand to your own Argument and its Consequences, take a little Shame to your self and be humbled, as it were in Sackcloath and Athes, for seducing half instructed People by such Sophistry or fallacious Reasoning, as affects your very Mision, and makes all your and your Fellow-Millioners endeavours to reconcile our Church void and to no purpose, and all your Labour vain. For according to your Doctrine, the Church of England is not a visible true Church, and therefore by your Argument it is no Church. It cannot be a real Church by your Logick, which, according to your Doctrine, is so corrupt in all the parts of its Constitution, and not Cætus fidelium, but . Cætus malignantium, all Heresy and Schism. Consider then, Sir, and tell me, doth the Heresy, and Schism, and other Corruptions in Doctrine, Worship, and Discipline, which you impute to it, destroy its Being, because they destroy its Re&titude and Purity? If they do, why do you endeavour to reconcile us? Can you make a Church of no Church by my meer Reconciliation? That is impossible, because if your Arguments are true, a corrupt Church is no Church, and a corrupt Religion no Religion at all. You profess and believe the Catholick Faith, which the # Council of Trent confesses in the Constantinopolitan Creed, and acknowledges to be the very Doctrine, against which the Gates of Hell shall not prevail, and that really makes you to be a Christian Church, as to Doctrine, because you hold to the Foundation of Christianity ; but because you have determined many uncertain and other false

+ Seffio tertia.


Doétrinės and Tenets to be true, which you cannot prove, and anathematise, the Opposers of them) and have added not only many uncertain and dubious, but falfe, and absurd, or impossible, yea impious and pernicious Doctrines to the old Creed, (not only to be assented to as conditions of Communion, but] as necessary to be taught and believed in order to Salvation : That makes you to be a most erroneous and corrupt Church, from which all the Christian World [in your Communion] ought to reform, because all that impure mixture with the Ancient, Catholick, Apostolical Faith, you call without any distinction t, the true Catholick Faith out of which no Man can be saved. In like manner, as to Worship, you have in your Offices fome ancient, chaste, pure Invocations of the Holy Trinity, and fomé Prayers unto God in primitive Purity through Jesus Christ and his Merits, and this is Christian Worship; but then you have also Prayers [exceedingly corrupt, in fome of which you ask Blessings of God by the Merits and Interceffion of Saints without any mention of Christ, or his Merits, or Intercession, and in others,


+ Hanc veram Catholicam fidem, extra quam nemo Salvus effe poteft. Bulla Pii IV. Super forma Juramenti profesionis Fidei.

* Deus, qui de-beata Maria Virginis utero verbum tuum, Angelo nuntiante, Carnem suscipere voluifti. Præfta fupplicibus tuis, ut qui verè eam Genetricem Dei credimus, ejus apud te intercesionibus adjuvemur. Dominica iii. adventus in Mifsale Rom.

Hæc nos communio, Domine, purget a crimine, do intercedente beatâ Virgine, Dei Genetrice Maria, Celeftis remedii facias effe Confortes. See many more of this kind in a discourse, intituled, Speculum Beaté Virginis, London printed 1686.

which indeed you conclude per Dominum, * you blend their Intercessions and Merits with his, and so debase and pollute the Devotions, in which you use his holy and meritorious Name.

You have also dire&t Prayers and Intercessions to Saints, to whom you pray in postures of adoration before their i consecrated Images, and you pray to Christ before the Image of his humane Nature, (and as I have shew'd before, you worship the Cross] and you + adore thé Hoft after Consecration, and elevate it to be adored by the People with divine Worship (and at certain times expose it lll and carry it about for adoration] and these impure and idolatrous mixtures (which have long called for Reformation) with the purer parts of your Worship, pollute your (daily Sacrifices and] whole divine Service and makes your Communion so corrupt, that all Christians are obliged to leave your Church, left they partake of her Sins and Plagues. In like manner, as to the Polity and Ministry of the



-Gloriosa femper Virginis Marie-beatorum Apostolorum, ac Martyrum tuorum, do omnium San&torum, quorum meritis precibúsque concedas, ut in omnibus prote&tionis tuæ muniamur auxilio, per eundem Christum dominum noftrum. Amen. In, Can. Milfx. See more such in Speculum Beata Virginis.

|| Poncificale Romanum, pars 1. de benedi&tione, imag. B. Mariæ Virg. G aliorum San&torum.

of Prolatis verbis Consecrationis statim consecratam genufllexus adorat, surgit, oftendit populo, In Can. Missä. Tunc se erigens elevat in altum Hostia m---populo reverenter ostendit adorandam. Celebrans, adorato Sacramento, surgit, do discooperit calicem-genuflexws Sanguinem reverenter adorat. Tum fe erigit, & accipiens calicem discoopertum cum Sanguine, ambabus manibus, ut prius, elevat eum, do ere&tum ostendit populo adorandum. Ricus Servandus in Celebratione Miffx, viii. NINI Concil. Trident. Sel. XIII. Cap. V. Can. VI.


Church, you indeed retain the Primitive Apostolical Institution of Bishops, an Order diftinet from and superiour to Presbyters; but then your Doctrine of the Roman Church's being the Mother and Mistress of all Churches; t the Oath of Fidelity and Subjection, which not only all Bishops, but all Archbishops or Metropolitans must take to the Pope at Confecration, before they receive the * Pall, by which in your Church the * Plenitude of the Episcopal Office, and the Powers of it are conferred ; The Oath of Obedience, which all Ecclefiafticks regular and secular must also make to the Bishop of Rome, as Successor to St. Peter, the Prince of the Apostles, and Vicar-General of Jesus Chrift: In a Word, the Doctrine of the Pope's Sovereignty, or being supreme Head of the Catholick Church, is so contrary to the ancient Principles of ChurchGovernment, and, the primitive Rights and Immunities of the Ecclefiaftical Hierarchy, and hath To enslaved the free Episcopate, and alter’d the face of it in your Church that it is no more like what it was and ought to be, then your WorIhip is like the pure primitive Worship, or your New like to the Old Creed. But then because you retain the ancient Creeds, and have in your Offices for Worship many choice and pure Prayers, and also retain the primitive_Hierarchical Order and Ministry, by Bishops, Priests and Deacons, you are a real Church ; but because you have added new and pernicious Doĉtrines to the pure old Creeds, impure to your pure Worship, and enslaved the whole Clergy, and particularlythe Episcopal Order to the Pope, you are not morally a holy and true, or a Catholick, Aposto

Forma juramenti in Pontificali Romano de consecratione Ele&ti in Episcopum : Ego N. electus Ecclefiæ N. ab hâc. horâ in antea fidelis, & obediens ero beato Petro Apoftolo, doc.

* Of the Pall. One of your own Doctors, Du Pin, in his first Differtation, de Antique Ecclesia disciplina, writes in this manner, S. XII. Succedente verò tempore pontifices Romani ordinandorum per universum occidentem Episcoporum potestatem non finè multâ contraditione fibi vindicavere, omnium Metropolitanorum jura paulatim pessumdederunt. Primùm quidem Metropolitica ordinationum jura ad fe trahere conati funt per Concesionem PALLII. Eo enim dabatur à pontificibus, ut poffent plená au&toritate fua provincia Episcopos ordinare, unde sequebatur hanc potestatem à Pontifice Metropolitanis fimul cum PALLIO concedi, Hinc postea novo jure Metropolitanis interdi&tum eft, univerfis fun&tionibus Episcopalibus, donec Pallium recipissent, jurament úm. que FIDEI introdu&tum est. Secundò ad Pontificem Romanum devolutæ sunt appellationes judiciorum, qua à Metropolitanis latæ erant circa Controverfias, quæ in ele&tionibus occurebant. Tere tiò fi Ele&tores ellent negligentes aut fi hominem minime idoneum elegissent, devolvebatur ele&tio ad Pontificem Romanum. Quartò Romano Episcopo reservatum eft jus admittendi Cessiones Episcopatuum, decernendique translationes, do coadjutorias cum futură Succeßione. Demum confirmatio Ele&tionum omnium Epifcoporum ipfi conceffa. Quod jus Concordatis confirmatum est. Veruntamen ad duodecimum usque feculum farta te&ta jura sua confervaverunt in Gallia Metropolitani. And how contrary all these Papal Encroachments are to the Liberty of Christ's Church, and the ancient Suburbicarian Jurisdiction of the Popes may be seen in the same Book of that great Man, XI, XII, XIII. of the same Dissertation.

* Plenitude

* Tradimus tibi Pallium de Corpore Beati Petri sumptum in quo est Plenitudo Pontificalis Officii. Et quia Pontificalis Officii plenitudo confertur per Pallium, antequam obtinuerit quis Pallium, licet fit confecratus, non fortitur Nomen Patriarchæ Primatis, aut Archicopiscopi; do non licet in Ep scopos consecrire, nec convo are ad Concilium ; nec Chrisma conficere; nec Ecclesias dedicare ; nec Clericos ordinare ; etiam fi Pallium in alia Ecclesiâ habuisset, cùm oporteat petere novum Pallium. Pontificale Romanum de Pallio. Non tamen deberet se Archiepiscopum appellare prius, quàm à nobis Pallium suscepisset, in quo Pontificalis Officii plenitudo cum Archepifcipalis nominis appellatione confertur. Decret. Gregor. Lib. i. Tit. viii. Cap. iii,


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