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HUSENBETH'S further Exposure of Faberism, 8vo.—With Husenbeth's other Works.

INNISFOYLE ABBEY, a Tale of Modern Times, by Denis Ignatius Moriarty, Esq., 3 vols. 12mo. An admirable and highly interesting view of the present state of Ireland, political and religious, interspersed with much excellent controversial matter.

LANIGAN'S (Rt. Rev. Dr.) Ecclesiastical History of Ireland, 4 vols. 8vo. A work of the greatest learning, and most profound research into a department of history, previously little known. LIFE of St. Francis de Sales, translated by Dr. Coombes, 2 vols. 8vo.

St. Jane Frances de Chantal, by Dr. Coombes, 2 vols.


St. Elizabeth of Hungary; by the Count de Montalembert, translated by A. L. Philips, Esq., of Grace Dieu Manor, with a Title illuminated in the style of the Ancient Missals, and twelve beautiful plates by Hauser.

LINGARD'S History of England, new and revised edition, 13 vols. fcap. 8vo., cloth lettered, plates.

History of England, 8 vols. 8vo., Paris edition. MACDONALD'S Summary of the Catholic Religion, 8vo. plate, new work, just published.

MANNING'S "Celebrated" Answer to Lesley's "Case stated between the Church of Rome and the Church of England." New edition, in 1 vol. 8vo. 66 'Written," says Dr. Doyle, " at the foot of the Cross."

MANZONI'S (Count Alexander) Vindication of Catholic Morality; 12mo.

MASON'S (Rev. J. A.) Appeal to the People called Methodists, 12mo.

MILNER'S History and Antiquities of Winchester; new edition, with life of the author, by Rev. F. C. Husenbeth, 2 vols. roy. 8vo., fine plates.

End of Religious Controversy; new edition, with a fine Engraving of "The Apostolic Tree," and additional letters from the "Vindication ;" in 1 vol., thick 12mo.

MOORE'S History of Ireland; to vol. 3, 12mo., vignettes on


Memoirs of Capt. Rock, 12mo.

NEW VERSION of the Four Gospels, with notes, critical and explanatory, by Dr. Lingard, 8vo.

PERPETUITY of the Faith of the Church on the Eucharist, &c. 8vo.

PROTESTANT Principle of appealing to Scripture, subversive of Protestant Doctrine, and confirmatory of the Catholic Faith; cr. 8vo.

RUTTER'S Help to Parents in the Education of their children; 12mo.

SADLER'S Abridgment of Lingard's England, 1 vol. 8vo. 1020



Archer's for Sundays and Festivals, first series, 2 vols. 8vo.

SERMONS:-Archer's for Sundays and Festivals, second series, 2 vols. 8vo.

66 Four Miscellaneous Sermons, 8vo.

Baines' (R. R. Dr.) Six Lectures in Lent; 6 parts, 8vo. Catholic Pulpit, a Selection by the most eminent living Divines; the nos. received as soon as published.

Gahan's with Preface, &c., by Dr. Doyle, new edition, in

1 vol. 8vo.

Green's Controversial Discourses, in 3 parts, 12mo.
Peach's for Sundays and Festivals; 2 vols. 8vo.
Rigby's Catechistical Discourses; 4 vols. 12mo.

Wheeler's on the Gospel for every Sunday in the Year,

2 vols. 8vo.

White's, for every Sunday and on other occasions, selected by Dr. Lingard, 2 vols. 8vo.

For Sermons by French Divines, see French Catalogue, art. “Ser




WATERWORTH'S Historical Lectures on the origin and progress of the change of Religion called the Reformation, cr. 8vo. Shows great research into the history of men and things at this momentous epoch.

Examination of the Distinctive Principle

of Protestantism, 8vo.

Rule of Faith, from the French of Veron,


WISEMAN'S (Rt. Rev. Dr.) Lectures on Holy Week; 8vo.


Letters on 1 John, v. 7; 8vo. plate.

Letters to John Poynder, Esq. on his work entitled "Popery in Alliance with Heathenism," 8vo. Reply to Dr. Turton-Philalethes Cantabrigiensis, the British Critic, &c., on the Catholic Doctrine of the Eucharist, 8vo.

The High-Church claims, or a series of Papers on the Oxford Controversy, the High-Church Theory of Dogmatical Authority, claim to Apostolical Succession, &c.

WORKS OF MERCY, Corporal and Spiritual, Illustrated by Sixteen Designs, with Descriptive Anecdotes in Four Languages, and a sketch of the Order of Mercy, &c., by Miss Agnew, 4to.


FLOWERS OF PIETY, 48mo., in every variety of binding. The neatest Pocket Prayer Book ever published.

MISSAL FOR THE USE OF THE LAITY, with the Masses for every day in the year according to the Roman Missal, newly arranged and translated, by the Rev. F. C. Husenbeth, third edition, just published, with improvements: in every variety of

binding. Some copies bound in the Ancient Monastic Style of the Middle Ages, after designs by A. W. Pugin, Esq., in rich morocco and crimson velvet, with splendid gilt corners and clasps,the whole finished in a style of the utmost elegance and art.

POCKET MISSAL, containing the Masses for every Sunday,


TENEBRÆ, or Evening office of Holy Week, 18mo. VESPERS or Evening office of the Church; new edition by Rev. F. C. Husenbeth; nearly ready.

LONDON CATHOLIC DIRECTORY and Annual Register, for 1841. With a fine Portrait on steel of the late Rt. Rev. Dr. Macdonnell, 12mo

DUBLIN CATHOLIC DIRECTORY, Almanack and Registry, for 1841 presenting an accurate account of the Ceremonies of Holy Week, cardinals, officers, &c., in Rome; lists of all the Prelates, P. Priests, &c. in Ireland, England, Scotland and America, &c., state of Religion in each Diocese; progress of Catholicity throughout the world: Catholic Literary Registry of all works published in the past year; Memoir of Father Matthew, with a Portrait &c. :-containing all that is required in the Catholic Registries of every country. In one thick vol. 12mo. of beyond 500 pages.



AUGUSTINI (S.) Opera Omnia. Editio Parisina altera, emendata et aucta; 22 vols. Imperial 8vo. double columns.

BASILII (S.) Opera Omnia, (Græc. et Lat,) Edit. Paris. altera emend. et aucta, 6 vols. Imp. 8vo. double columns.

BERNARDI (S.) Opera Omnia. Edit. Quarta, emend et aucta. 4 vols. Imp. 8vo. double columns.

CHRYSOSTOMI (S. Joannis) Opera Omnia, (Græc. et Lat.) Edit. Parisinia altera, emend. et aucta. 26 vols. Imp. 8vo. double columns.

*These splendid editions of "The Fathers of the Church," are, with confidence submitted to the notice of the Hierarchy and Clergy, and Heads of Colleges and Seminaries generally. In addition to the matter published by the Benedictines, they contain some unpublished pieces, with additional notes. The Indices and Tables of Reference-objects of the highest utility and importance in works like the present-have been brought as near perfection as possible, and not only include many thousand words omitted in the old Editions, but are far superior in correctness and systematic arrangement.

They are all uniform, in Imperial 8vo., a size far more convenient and portable than the old cumbrous folio editions: printed in double columns, retaining the pagination of the Benedictines; are

all equal in typographical splendour, and are, in short, every way worthy of the best days of the Parisian Press.

Copies will at all times be found at the store, for the inspection of the clergy or others. The remaining Fathers will be received as soon as published.

CURSUS COMPLETUS SCRIPTURÆ SACRÆ; 25 vols. royal 8vo. of from 600 to 700 pages, double columns.


royal 8vo. of from 600 to 700 pages, double columns.

This magnificent and highly important undertaking, is under the direction of twenty-six French, and fourteen foreign clergymen, all specially selected for their learning, judgment, and piety. Before issuing the first volume, more than five thousand letters of consultation were written to distinguished Theologians and Bishops all over Europe, for advice. The two " Cursus," will comprise the best works of all our most eminent writers on Moral, Dogmatical, Ascetic and Mystic Theology, Canon Law, and Liturgy, Biblical Science, Criticism, and Controversy.

Supplementary to the CURSUS, and connected with them, will


DIVI THOME AQUINAT. SUMMA THEOLOGICA, &c. &c., nov. curis ac dissertationibus illust.; 4 large vols. 4to.

PERPETUITE DE LA FOI DE L'EGLISE CATHOLIQUE, par Nicole, Arnaud, Renaudot &c.; 4 vols. 4to. with great additions.

HISTOIRE DU CONCILE DE TRENTE par le Card. Pallavicini, trad. en Français; 4 vols. 4to. with great additions, from unpublished MSS.

EUVRES DE ST. THERESE, annot. et augment; 2 vols. 4to. Fine Edition, with embellishments.

DEMONSTRATIONS EVANGELIQUES d'Eusebe, d'Huet, de Leland; de Stattler, de Wiseman, &c.; 4 vols. 4to.

BIBLIA SACRA, Vulgatæ edit.; 8vo.-Imprimé par Didot; Belle edition.

BIBLIOTHEQUE (Nouvelle) DES PREDICATEURS; 15 vols. 8vo. "A complete Library of Sermons; containing discourses on almost every possible subject."

BREVIARIUM ROMANUM ;-4 vols. royal 24mo. in red and black letters, plates, &c.

CATECHISME DE PERSEVERANCE, par M. l'Abbé J. Gaume, Chan. de Nevers, &o. 8 vols. 8vo., of from 500 to 600 pages each.

To prevent the misconstructions likely to arise from the somewhat inappropriate title of this admirable work, it may be well to observe that it contains a complete and masterly Exposition of Religion, its History, Morality, Dogmas, and Ceremonies, from the Creation to the present time; and is distinguished not less by its elegant and varied erudition, than by its elevated and perspicuous style.

CIVITATE (de) DEI, libri viginti duo, S. Augustini, 2 vols. roy. 8vo. double columns, fine paper.

This edition contains the best text collated from many authentic MSS. and from some never before consulted; a very ample and judicious selection from the notes of the Benedictine Editors, of Lud. Vives and other Commentators; every one of the innumerable writers referred to, or quoted, by S. Augustine, has been consulted, and the citations verified;-so that it may be said to present every facility necessary for reading and understanding this master piece of human erudition.

CHRONOLOGIE HISTORIQUE des Papes et des Conciles Généraux, par M. de Mas-Latrie,-8vo. with portrait of Gregory XVI.

CONCORDANTIÆ Bibliorum Sacrorum, vulgatæ edit., &c. &c., in 1 vol. roy. 4to. of 1512 pages, three columns on every page. By far the most useful and extensive ever published, containing more than 335,000 References to Texts of Scripture !

CONFESSIONUM libri XIII. S. Augustini. 12mo. fine edition. COUP D'OEIL SUR LA CONTROVERSIE CHRETIENNE, par l'Abbé Gerbet, 8vo.

COURS D'HISTOIRE ECCLESIASTIQUE, par M. l'Abbé Blanc, suivi d'une dissertation sur l'Histoire de l'Eglise, par l'Abbé Gerbet 3 vols. thick 8vo.

DICTIONNAIRE HISTORIQUE, &c. par l'Abbé F. X. de Feller, jusqu' en 1833, 13 vols. 8vo.

LE MEME OUV AGE. Revu et continué jusqu'en 1837; par M. Henrion, 4 vols. roy. 8vo. doub. cols.

DICTIONNAIRE DES CONCILES, par Alletz; 8vo. double


ENCYCLOPEDIE CATHOLIQUE, Répertoire Universel et Raisonné des Sciences, des Arts et des Metiers; sous la direction de M. l'Abbé Glaire, Professeur d' Hebreu à la Sorbonne; de M. le Vicomte Walsh, et d'un comité d'Orthodoxie.-Published in monthly numbers, of 96 pages each, double columns, containing matter equal to that of two 8vo. vols.

The necessity of a work like the "Encyclopedie Catholique," has long been felt by every Catholic. Amidst a great number of Encyclopedias, published not only in France, but still more in England, not one could be found which was not insidiously antiCatholic, if not openly anti-Christian. Now, however, there is at least one "Encyclopedie Catholique," one work in which every question arising from Moral and Dogmatic Theology, Holy Writ, Sacred Criticism, General Science and Literature, &c. &c., is not only treated in the ablest manner, but in which every article, without exception, is submitted before publication, to a "Comité d'Orthodoxie," composed of distinguished Ecclesiastics, and of several Professors of the Sorbonne.

HISTOIRE DE BOSSUET, &c. par le Cardinal de Bausset 4 vols. 12mo.

DU CHRISTIANISME, (connue sous le nom d'Ecclesiastique) par l'abbé Fleury, augmentée de quatre livres, (les livres CI, CII, CIII, CIV,) composant l'histoire du XVe siècle publiés pour la premiere fois d'après un manuscrit de Fleury appartenant à la Bibliothèque Royale; et continuée jusqu'à la fin du

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