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A Plain and Full





Chriftian RELIGION:

(Being the Abftracts of a Course of Lectures on the Church-Catechism)

By way of Question and Answer.

By SAMUEL ADAMS, M. A. Rector of Alvefcott in the County of Oxon, and Late Fellow of NEW-COLLEGE in OXFORD.


Printed by L. Lichfield, for A. Peifley; and are to be fold by J. Knapton, H. Clements, J. Meadows, and J. Morphew, Bookfellers in London. MDCCXVIII.

Price I s. 6d.

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Of the PARISH of


In the COUNTY of OXON.

My dear Neighbours,


AVING, for fome Years. past, applied my self to that Method of Inftruction amongst you, which is commonly called Catechizing; I, at length, for your Sakes, and in Hopes that these poor Endeavours of mine may be yet made more useful to you, by Printing them, presume to Publifh them to the World And to you I now Dedi.

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Dedicate them; humbly befeeching Almighty God, that He would convince you, more and more, of the great and folemn Obligations we are all under, of being throughly acquainted with the Saviour of the World; and what He hath done and fuffered for us For, believe it, There is no other Name given among Men whereby we may be Javed: Nor any other Method of Salvation, than that which He hath propofed to us in His Holy Gospel: And therefore, we are not only forewarned by Him, Unleß ye re· pent ye shall all likewife perish: But He hath alfo declared, in the plaineft Words that can be; He that believeth not shall be damned; He that believeth not is condemned already; He that believeth not the Son fhall not fee Life, but the Wrath of God abideth on him: Making both Repentance and Faith absolutely neceffary; declaring them (both one and the other) to be the only Terms


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Terms, upon which fuch Sinful Creatures as we can escape the Damnation of Hell. And now that this is fo plainly and fully revealed; what, my Brethren, fhall we fay to those unhappy Perfons amongft us; who profefs the Chriftian Religion, only as it is the Religion of the Country where they live, and continue wilfully ignorant, and regardless of the moft faving Truths of the Gofpel? Will fuch an Ignorance be any manner of Excufe for them? Will they fo much as dare to plead it at the dreadful Tribunal of their Neglected Lord? If any Perfons can hope to escape the Denunciations of God's Wrath against Unbelievers, it must be those that never heard of Chrift; those who have had the Gospel of Chrift hid from them: But as for others; who may, at any time, fearch the Scriptures themfelves, or have them faithfully explained to them; if there is any Meaning in thofe

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