Sussex Archaeological Collections Relating to the History and Antiquities of the County

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Sussex Archaeological Society., 1851 - Archaeology

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Page 284 - Sussex, lately deceased, was not put in, wrapt up, or wound up, or buried in any shirt, shift, sheet, or shroud, made or mingled with flax, hemp, silk, hair, gold, or silver, or other than what is made of sheep's wool only...
Page 208 - Full fathom five thy father lies, Of his bones are coral made : Those are pearls that were his eyes, Nothing of him that doth fade, But doth suffer a sea change, Into something rich and strange.
Page 286 - I shall, in all just and honourable ways, en"deavour to preserve the union and peace betwixt the Three "Kingdoms of England, Scotland and Ireland: and neither for " hope, fear nor other respect, shall relinquish this Promise, Vow "and Protestation...
Page 242 - In the name of God Amen the eight and twentieth day of February in the nineteenth year of the reign of our Sovereign Lady Elizabeth by the Grace of God Queen of England France and Ireland Defender of the Faith &c.
Page 191 - It is a matter of great regret to me that I have so learned, so able, and so eloquent a man as my friend Anthony here to reply to what I have to say.
Page 287 - God's benefits, for the increase and abundance of his fruits upon the face of the earth, with the saying of the hundred and fourth Psalm, Benedic, anima mea, &c. At which time also the same Minister shall inculcate this and such like sentences, Cursed be he which translateth the bounds and doles of his neighbour, or such other order of prayer as shall be hereafter appointed.
Page 110 - Henry, by the grace of God, illustrious king of England, lord of Ireland...
Page 286 - It ran as follows :I, AB, do in the presence of Almighty God, promise, vow and protest to maintain and defend, as far as lawfully I may, with my Life, Power and Estate the true Reformed Protestant Religion, expressed in the Doctrine of the Church of England, against all Popery and Popish Innovations within this Realm, contrary to the same Doctrine...
Page 246 - First let them that be present call upon God for his grace, and say the Lord's prayer, if the time -will suffer. And then one of them shall name the child, and dip him in the water, or pour water upon him, saying these words. N. I baptize thee in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.
Page 184 - There have been four more, but seem to have been removed for light; and we actually found St. Catherine, and another gentlewoman with a church in her hand, exiled into the buttery. There remain two odd cavities, with very small wooden screens on each side the altar, which seem to have been confessionals. The outside is a mixture of grey brick and stone, that has a very venerable appearance.

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