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Left imperfect by the AUTHOR, and now revised, and finisked,

At Mrs. FLETCHER's Requeit,


Unlo whit, then, were se baptized p» Acts xix. 3.

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Printed and sold at the New-Chapel, City-Road; and at the

Rev. Mr. Wesley's Preaching-Houses in Town and
Country. 1790.

Bt 200 F62


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T seems necessary, here, to acquaint the

Reader, that, as Dr. Priestley had asser:ed the doctrine of the Trinity to be irrational

, and that of our Lord's divinity to have no foundation either in the Old Testament or the New; Mr. Fletcher, in opposition to these assertions, had intended this work to consist of three parts; the first containing a rational defence of the Catholic Faith, respealing the Trinity, and the Divinity of our Lord; and the two lait, a Vindication of the Prophets and Apostles, " from the Anti-christian

“ service (as Mr. Fletcher's phrase is) to which the Doctor had pressed thein." But being unexo pectedly called to his reward, he left them all in a very imperfect ftate. Even of this first part, here published, (which indeed seems to have been begun after the others) he had only written the Introdałtion, the first Letter, and four Chaplers; and, of these, the third and fourth seem not to have been quite finished.

2. I was in doubt, for some time, whether it would not be best, just to correct the Munca scripts, and give then to the publick in their unfinilhed ftare, especially as I could not learn, either from any hints left in writing, or from any thing he had said to Mrs. Fletcher, or any one


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