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O INFINITE and ever-glorious God, I bless Thy great name, that Thou bast condescended to encourage and command sinners to enter into covenant with Thyself. I adore thee for Thy condescension in permitting me, the most unworthy of Thy creatures, to approach Thee in the presence of Thy church, and join myself publicly to the number of Thy faithful people. O, forgive the infirmities which accompanied my performance of this weighty duty; and accept my praises for every good thought, every holy desire, and every sincere purpose of my mind in it. Help me, O God, ever to keep on

. my heart a sense of the unspeakable blessings which have been bestowed upon me. May I consider how solemnly I have consecrated myself to Thee as a living sacrifice. Do thou, o Lord, confirm me in these vows. Grant that the prayers of Thy church may be heard in heaven, Thy dwelling-place. I desire most so lemnly to renew the engagements I have publicly made. I would take Thee in Jesus Christ as my God, my father, my portion, and my all.

. O, endue me daily, more and more, with Thy Holy Spirit! Grant me inward strength for doing and suffering Thy whole will. Unite ine continually, more and more, to the mystical body of Thy dear Son. May I walk in newness of life. May I be preserved from the sinful practices of the world, from the corrupt desires of the flesh, and from the malicious works of the Devil. May I practice all such good works as become my holy profession. May I never draw back from Thy ways. May I be advancing in Thy true faith and fear. O, give me to abound in all the fruits of the Holy Spirit. Enable me to abide in Christ my Saviour, as the branch abideth in the vine. Assist me to glorify Thy name, to adorn Thy Gospel, and to fulfil all the various duties to which I may be called. Grant me grace to be spiritual, humble, circumspect, resigned, cheerful, and consistent in my whole conversation and conduct. And, O, vouchsafe to me by Thy mercy, that I may so pass through things temporal, that finally I lose not the things eternal. These mercies I humbly implore, in the name and through the mediation of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

Our Father, &c.

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