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pose. To study, then, the Bible fully, is to lay up the materials of faith, holiness, and joy; it is to employ the words which the divine Spirit inspired, in obtaining that salvation which the same Spirit communicates. What we want in the present day, is knowledge full and adequate in the mysteries of redemption; that so the Holy Spirit blessing those means of sanctification, we may be fruitful in every good work, and adorn the doctrine of our Saviour and our God. Thus may we reasonably hope for a more extensive revival of primitive piety. Thus will the ministers of religion use, in a larger measure, sound speech which cannot be condemned. Thus will the consciences of men be brought over to the side of truth. Thus will new converts be every where added to the Lord from the worldly and profane. Thus will the alarmed mind of the penitent be filled with peace by faith in the sacrifice of our Lord. Thus will a holy, wise, and conscientious walk follow the profession of the Gospel. Thus will holy tempers, and a sweet, teachable, docile spirit appear. Thus will the happiness of individuals, of families, of neighbourhoods, of parishes, of churches, be multiplied. Thus will evils and scandals be discouraged as soon as they arise. Thus will our great public institutions be directed with new prudence, and animated with new life

and vigour in their sacred enterprises: till a larger and larger measure of the grace of the Holy Spirit being granted to united prayers, the time shall come when the fulness of the Gentiles shall come in, when all Israel shall be saved, and the stupendous designs of redemption be ultimately and perfectly accomplished.

D. W.

London, July, 1823.



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