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(11.) The death of the disobedient prophet

(12.) The feeding of Elijah by ravens

(13.) The destruction of the children who mocked Elisha

(14.) The supply of water to the armies of Jehoram, &c. accord-

ing to the word of Elisha

(15.) The feeding of 100 men by Elisha on 20 barley loaves .

(16.) The causing of iron to swim by Elisha

(17.) The destruction of Sennacherib's army

(18.) The recovery of Hezekiah

(19.) The going back of the shadow 10 degrees on the sun-dial

of Abaz

(20.) The defeat of the Philistines

(21.) The preservation of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego, in

the fiery furnace

(22.) The madness miraculously inflicted on Nebuchadnezzar

(23.) The preservation of Daniel in the lions' den

(24.) The preservation of Jonah in the fish's belly, &c.

(25.) The star which guided the Magi to Bethlehem

(26.) The dumbness of Zacharias

(27.) The raising of Jairus' daughter from the dead by our Lord

(28.) The healing the woman with an issue of blood

(29.) The cursing of the barren fig-tree

(30.) The healing of a dumb demoniac

(31.) The healing of great multitudes of maimed, &c.

(32.) The healing of a lunatic

(33.) The healing of two men possessed of a legion of devils

(34.) The healing of a deaf and dumb man

(35.) The feeding of 4000 with seven loaves and a few small fishes

(36.) The feeding of 5000 with five loaves and two fishes

(37.) The calming of a tempest

(38.) The miraculous cure at Bethesda

(39.) The raising of Lazarus from the dead

(40.) The restoring to sight one born blind .

7. From the astonishing and miraculous preservation of the Scrip-

tures from being either lost or corrupted
8. From the prophecies contained in the sacred Scriptures, and ful-

filling to this day

(1.) Respecting Shem

(2.) Respecting Japheth

(3.) Respecting Ham and Canaan

(4.) Respecting Ishmael

(5.) Respecting Esau and the Edomites

(6.) Respecting Amalek

(7.) Respecting Nineveh

(8.) Respecting Babylon


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upon his vesture

Ø 27. That he should be mocked by his enemies

Ø 28. That his hands and feet should be pierced

$ 29. That his side should be pierced, and that a bone of him




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Ø 30. That he should be patient under his sufferings

31. That he should die with malefactors .

0 32. That there should be an earthquake and darkness at

his death

33. That he should be buried with the rich

Ø 34. That he should rise again from the dead

$ 35. That he should ascend into heaven, &c.

36. That his betrayer should die suddenly and miserably

(21.) Concerning the Israelites or Jews

$ 1. That they should be exceedingly multiplied

§ 2. That their land should enjoy its sabbaths while they

were in captivity

03. That the Babylonish captivity should last seventy years

$ 4. That their king, Zedekiah, should be taken captive to


5. That they should never after be guilty of idolatry.

$ 6. That they should be conquered by the Romans

07. That in the siege they should endure the most dreadful


Ø 8. That they should be left few in number .

$ 9. That they should be scattered into all nations, and be

treated with the greatest cruelty.

♡ 10. That they should be sold as slaves

Ø 11. That their children should be forcibly taken from them

$ 12. That they should be compelled to worship idols

Ø 13. That they should become a proverb and byword

14. That they should be preserved a distinct people

(22.) Prophecies of our Saviour respecting the destruction of


Description of Jerusalem

1. The signs by which it was to be preceded

(i.) The first sign, the appearance of false Christs .

(ii.) The second sign, wars and commotions

(iii.) The third sign, great earthquakes

(iv.) The fourth sign, famines and pestilences

(v.) The fifth sign, sights and signs from heaven

(vi.) The sixth sign, the persecution of the Christians .

(vii.) The seventh sign, the preaching of the Gospel through-

out the world

02. The circumstances of the destruction of Jerusalem

(i.) The surrounding of it by Roman armies, &c.

(ii.) The escape of the Christians from it

(iii.) The appearance of false Christs and false prophets

(iv.) The miseries of the Jews during and after the siege

(v.) The total destruction of the city and temple .

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