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Seal. 1. Conviction offered to fingers, especially such as are wedded

strictly to the law, or self-rightcous; that they may see their need of Christ's riguteousness,

Page 98 Sect. 7. Direction given with reference to the right use of the means,

that we rest not on these instead of Christ the glorious Husband, in whom alone our help lies,

101 Sect. 3. A call to believe in Jesus, with some hints at the act and object of faith,

104 Seci. 4. An. advice to finners to apply to the sovereign mercy of God,

as it is discovered through Christ, to the highest honour of justice, and other divine attributes, in order to further their faith in him unto salvation,

107 ScEt. 5. The terrible doom of unbelievers that reject the gospel-match, the offered Saviour and salvation,





CH A P. I. Containing the privileges of the believer that is espoused to Chrilt by faith of divine operation,


Sect. 1. The b_liever's perfect b-auty, free acceptance, and full security,

through the imputation of Christ's perfect righteousness, though imparted grace be imperfect,

ib. Sc&t. 2. Christ the believer's Friend, Prophet, Pricft, King, Defence, Guide, Guard, Help, and Healer,

117 Sc&t. 3. Christ the believer's wonderful Physician, and wealthy Friend, 119 Seci. 4. The believer's Safety under the covert of Christ's atoning blood and powerful intercession,

12r Sit. 5. The believer's faith and hope encouraged even in the darkest nights of defertion and distress,

123 Sect. 6. Benefits accruing to believers from the offices, names, natures,

and sufferings of Christ, Şect. 7. Christ's sufferings further improved, and believers called to live

by iaith, both when they have and want senlible influences, 127 SET. 8. Chrift the believer's.enriching treasure,

'129 Sect.

Chrift the believer's adorning garment,

13. Scel. io. Christ the believer's sweet nourishment,



CII A P. II. Containing marks and characters of believers in Chrift;

together with fume farther privileges and grounds of comfort to the saints,

132 Sect. 1. Doubting believers called to cxamine themselves by marks Seft. 2. Believers described from their faith acting by divine aid, and flying quite out of themselves to Jesus Christ,

drawn from their love to him and his presence, their view of his glory, and their being emptied of self-righteousness, & Ce


Page 134 Sect. 3. Believers characterized by the object, and purity of their desire,

delight, joy, hatred, and love, discovering they have the Spirit of Christ,

136 SeEZ. 4. Believers in Christ affect his counsel, word, ordinances, appear

ance, full enjoyment in heaven, and sweet presence here, 138 Seft. 5. The true believer's humility, dependence, zeal, growth, ad

miration of free grace, and knowledge of Christ's voice, 140 Sepł. 6. True believers are willing to be tried and examined. Also,

comforts arising to them from Christ's ready supply, real sympathy, and relieving nanies suiting their needs,

142 Se7. 7. The believer's experience of Christ's comfortable presence,

or of former coinforts, to be improved for his encouragement and support under darkness and hidings,

145 Se£t. 8. Comfort to believers from the stability of the promise, notwithstanding heavy chastisements for fin,

147 SeEl.

9. Comfort to believers from Christ's relations, his dying love, his glory in heaven, to which he will lead them, through death; and supply them with all necessaries by the way,

149 SeEt. 1o. Comfort to believers from the text, Tby Maker is thy Husband,

inverted thus, Thy Husband is ihy Maker; and the conclusion of this subject,


[blocks in formation]

The Believer's RIDDLE; or, The Mystery of Faith.

The preface, thewing the use and design of the Riddle, and how all fatal errors proceed from ignorance of such mysteries,

153 Sect. 1. The myitery of the faints' pedigree, and especially of their relation to Christ's wonderful person,

156 Sell. 2. The mysteries of the saints' life, state, and frame, 162 Sect. 3. Mysteries about the saints' work and warfare, Gins, forrows, and joys,

167 Sect. 4. Mysteries in faith's extractions, way and walk, prayers and answers, heights and depths, fear and love,

171 Se 5. Mysteries about Ach and spirit, liberty and bondage, life and death,

179 Seit. 6. The mystery of free justification through Christ's obedience and satisfaction,

182 Sct. 7. The mystery of God the Juftifier; and faith justifying him,

both in his justifying and condemning : or, soul-justification and self-condcinnation,

186 Seil. 8. The mystery of sanctification imperfect in this life; or, the believer doing all, and doing nothing,

191 Sell. 9. The inystery of various names given to faints; or, the flesh and

spirit described from inanimate things, vegetables and sensitives, 195 SeEl. 10. The mystery of the saints' old and new man further described, and the means of their spiritual life,


Sect. 11. The mystery of Christ, his names, natures, and offices, P. 204 Sect. 12. The mystery of the believer's mixed state further enlarged, and bis getting out of evil,

209 Set. 13. The mystery of the saint's adversaries and adverGties,

213 seit 14. The mystery of the believer's pardon and security from revenging wrath, not withstanding his fin's desert,

216 Se£t. 15. The mystery of faith and light, Sect. 16. The mystery of faith and works,

224 And of rewards of grace and debt,

227 The conclusion,




Ꭱ Ꭲ , IV:

A paraphrase upon Pfalm lxxxiv.
A fourfold exercise for the believer in his lodging,
1. The holy law; or, the ten commandments,
2. The unholy heart, the reverse of God's law,
z. The glorious gospel of Christ, the remcdy,
4. The prayer of faith exemplified,

230 236 ib.

ib. 240 ib.

PART V. The BELIEVER'S SOLILOQUY; especially in Times

of Defertion, Temptation, Afliction, &c.

Sc27. 1. The deserted believer longing for perfe& freedom from sin, 238 Sct. 2. The deserted believer's prayer under complaints of unbelief, darkness, deadness, and hardness,

240 Sect. 3. The believer's wading through depths of desertion and corruption,

243 SeEt. 4. The believer's complaint of sin, sorrow, and want of love, 244 Sezt. 5. The deserted soul's prayer for the Lord's gracious and fin-subduing presence,

246 Sect. 6. The song of heaven, desired by saints on earth,





CH A P. I.

Р. Containing creation and redemption; or, some of the first principles of the oracles of God,


Se&t. I. Of creation. The first chapter of Genefis compendised, ib. The sum of creation,

ib. Set. 2. Of redemption. The mystery of the Redcemer's incarnation; or, God manifested in the flesh,


Page 253

The sum of redemption, Se&t. 3. The Redeemer's work; or, Christ all in all, and our complete redemption : A gospel-catechisın for young Christians,

ib. Sect. 4. Faith and works both excluded from the matter of justification

before God, that redemption may appear to be only in Chrift, 257

Concerning the law and the gospel,



SeEl. 1. The mystery of law and gospel,

zb. Sect. 2. The difference between the law and the gospel,

269 ScEl. 3. The harmony between the law and the gospel,

272 Sect. 4. The proper place and station of the law and gospel,

in four paragraphs, Parag. 1. The place and station of law and gospel in general, 276 Parag. 2. The place and station of law and gospel in particular, 277 Parag. 3. The gospel no new law; but a joyful sound of grace

281 Parag. 4. The gospel further described, as a bundle of good new and gracious promises,


and mercy,

CH A P. III. Concerning justification and Sanctification, their differ. ence and harmony,


SeEl. 1. The difference between justification and sanctification ; or,

righteousness imputed and grace imparted, in upwards of thirty particulars,

ib. Se&t. 2. Thę harmony between justification and sanctification, 290

Concerning faith and fense,



Sect. 3.

Sext. 1. Faith and sense natural, compared and distinguithed,
Set. 2. Faith and sense spiritual, compared and distinguished,
The harmony

and discord betwcen faith and sense,
Seel. 4. The valour and victories of faith,
Seft. 5. The heights and depths of sense,
Set. 6. Faith and frames compared, or faith building upon sense


294 296 297 299


CH A P. V.
Concerning heaven and earth,


SeEt. 1. The work and contention of heaven,
Seft. 2. Earth despicable, heaven defireablc,

Smoking spiritualized, in two parts,

ib. 305

308 N T E N T



A Paraphrase, or large Explicatory Poem on the Song

of Solomon,

Page 309

Preface to the curious reader, containing the Author's apology for

the undertaking; fhewing his defigo in writing the poem, his manner of doing it ; with what is to be his proper theme,

310 Preface to the serious reader; pointing out the divine warrant for such

productions, ascertaining the proper sense of the Song, offering a suitable key for understanding it, guarding it against the cavils of profane wits, affirining its authenticity, and pleading for favourable allowances, for want of a proper degree of spirituality in treating it,


The church's love unto Christ. --She confeffeth her

deformity, and prayeth to be directed to his flock.
Christ directeth her to the shepherds' tents; and
theweth his love to her, giving her gracious promises.
The church and Christ congratulate one another, 317

The title of the song,

it. The church's love unto Christ, ver. 1,-4.

ib. She confefseth her deformity, ver. 59 6.

320 She prayeth to be directed to Christ's flock, verse 7.

322 Christ directeth the spouse to the thepherd's tents, verse 8. 323

Sheweth his love to her by commendations, ver. 9, 10. 324
Giveth her gracious promises, verse 11.

325 The church and Chrilt's congratulations, ver. 12,-17. 326,-331 The church's commendation of Christ, ver. 13, 14.

327 Christ commendeth the spouse's beauty, verse 15.

329 The church returns the commendation, and extolleth her Beloved's bcauty, ver. 16, 17

329, 330


The mutual love of Christ and his church.-The hope

and calling of the church.-Christ's care of the
church. The profession of the church, her faith


and hope,

Christ's speech concerning himself and the church, ver. 1, 2, 332, 333 The spouse commends her Beloved, and prefers him above all others, verse 3.

334 Remembers the pleasure and satisfaction he had in communion

with Chrift, verse 4.


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