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Ver. When through his temples fhe had pierc'd,
And striken on the spot;

Then, fearless, fhe his fetter'd head,
From off his fhoulders fmote.

27 Thus at her feet he bow'd, he fell,
And struggling lay decoy'd;

Proftrate he fell; and where he bow'd,
There down he fell deftroy'd.

28 Sis'ra's vain mother (fwell'd in thought,
That she him victor spy'd,)
From out the window glaring look'd,
And through the lattefs cry'd;
"Why stays fo long his conquering car,
"With trophies at his heels
"Triumphant led? Why tarry thus
"His rapid chariot-wheels?"




Her ladies wife about her made;

An answer to her mind;

Yea, fhe herfelf did to herself

The following answer find;

"Have they not sped? and is not this
"The reason of their stay ?

"That full they may the booty view,
"And deftribute the prey?

"To every man a maid or two,

"By poll to call their dues;
"To Sifera, beyond the reft,
"A prey of divers hews?
"Of party-colour'd needle-work,
"Wrought fo upon each fide,
"Meet for the necks of them that do

"The joyful fpoil divide?"

So let thy foes all perish, Lord

But let thy friends uprigh

Be like the fun, when goi
In his refiftless might.




HANNAH'S Song of Thanksgiving to God. 1 Sam. ii. 1,-10.


Y heart doth in the Lord rejoice;
My horn's exalted high:

My mouth's enlarg'd above my foes;
For in my help I joy.

2 There is none holy as the Lord;
For none can equal thee:

Nor any rock with fuccour ftor'd,
Like to our God can be.

3 Let no more proud prefumptuous chat,
From out your mouth proceed;
The Lord's a God of knowledge great,
By him are actions weigh'd.

4. The boafted bows of mighty men.
Are broke in fheards at length:
But, lo! the stumbling train

Are girt about with ftrength.

5 The full have hir'd themselves for corn;
The hungry cease to moan:

The barren woman feven hath born;
The fertile feeble grown.

6 God kills and quickens these that die;
Brings to the grave, and fro:


Makes poor and rich; degrades the high,

And elevates the low.

8 From out the duft the poor he rears,
From dung the beggar brings,
To fit with peers, and hold, as heirs,
The pompous throne of kings:
For, to the Lord of lords alone
Earth's pillars appertain ;
He fets the lower world thereon,
The fov'reign o'er the fwain.

9 Of faints he'll keep the fooptfteps ev'n,
But lay proud foes in jail

Of filent darkness; for 'gainft Heav'n,
By strength shall none prevail.

Ver. The adverfaries of the Lord


Shall broken be to fhreads:

He out of Heav'n the wrath they ftor'd,
Shall thunder on their heads.

He'll justly judge the earth all o'er,
His King he'll fortify ;

And his Anointed's horn and pow'r,
Men fhall exalted fee.


DAVID'S Lamentation over SAUL and JONATHAN. 2 Sam. i. 19,-27.

19 THE

HE flow'r of Ifra'l, ah! is flain
Upon thy places high:

How are the mighty fall'n amain,
And down fo fuddenly!

20 O! tell it not in Gath among
The heathen people there;
Nor in the fireets of Afhkelon,
Thefe doleful news declare.

Left Philiftines, their daughters pleas'd,
Should flufh'd with gladnefs be:
Left daughters of the uncircumcis'd
Should boaft triumphantly.

21 Ye mountains of Gilboa fad,

Let no more dew nor rain,
Nor fertile fields of off'ring glad
Henceforth on you remain :

For fhields of mighty men were there
Loft, with a fhameful foil;
The fhield of Saul, as if he ne'er
Had fhar'd th' anointing oil.

22 From blood of flain, from fat of strong,
Nor Jon'than's bow turn'd back;
Nor Saul's drawn rapier from among
Their foes without effect.

23 Courageous Saul, and Jon'than rare,
Both lovely ones and sweet:

They in their lives moft pleasant were,
And in their death unite:

Ver. More fwift than eagle's wing'd they were,
More ftrong than lions great.

24 Weep, ye that Ifra'l's daughters are,
O'er Saul's unhappy fate;

Who cloth'd you rich in fcarlet fine,
Delightful to behold,

And caus'd your ftudded raiment fhine
With ornaments of gold.

25 How 'midft the battle, fhamefully,
Are fall'n the mighty men!
O Jon'than! on the palces high,
Ev'n thou, alas! waft flain.

26 Jon'than, my brother dear, my mate;
Diflrefs'd I am for thee;

Dear waft thou at the highest rate,
And pleasant unto me:

Thy wond'rous love to me furpafs'd
The love of women far.
27 How have the mighty fall'n, and lost
The inflruments of war!


DAVID'S Prayer and Thanksgiving, after GOD'S
Promife to build him a Sure Houfe, and to blefs
bim and his Seed: pointing at CHRIST and his
Kingdom. 2 Sam. vii. 18.-29. compared

with Chron. xvii. 16,-27.

Verfes ORD, who am I, even worthless I!
And what's my houfe that thou,
Ev'n thou, haft rais'd me up fo high,

18 16

And brought me hitherto?

19 17 Yet more than this, which unto thee.
A thing but fmall appear'd,

Thou faid'ft, Thy fervant's house shall be
To future ages rear'd;

And haft, O God, in favour great,'

Regarded abject me,

According to the princely flate

Of one of high degree.

Verfes Expreffions fail me to relate

20 18

Thy favours fhown to me;
And for thy fervant's honour great
What more can added be?

Is this the manner, O Moft High,
Of man on earth? Sure no.
What more can David fay to thee?
Thou doft thy fervant know.

21 19 Thou for thy word, thy fervant's fake,
As with thy heart's defign,

This flore fo great and good doft make
All known to me and mine,

22 20 Thy greatnefs then, O Lord, appears; And goodnefs uncompar'd:

No God like thee, (no mortal ears
Thine equal ever heard.)

23 21 And what one nation here below
Is like thy people known,
Whom God-Redeemer went unto
To win them for his own?

That driving nations out by them,
Who were from Egypt freed,
Thou mighteft make to thee a name
Of greatness and of dread;
Great things for Ifra'l, yea, for thee,
The great Redeemer plods,
To fet thee from the nations free,
And from their naughty gods.

14 22 For, Lord, thou haft confirm'd for thine, Thy people Ifra'l ftill,

And to become their God and mine,

Was ev'n thy foy'reign will,

25 23 What for my houfe and me was fpoke, Firm then for ay be made;

And never, Lord, thy word revoke,
But do as thou haft faid.

26 24 Firm be it, that thy fame abroad
May ftill be publish'd, thus,
The Lord of hofts is Ifra'l's God,
"Whofe God is God with us,

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