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II. The First Gospel Promise. Gen. iii. 15. THE HE promise first, that led the van,

Did curse the tempting snake; But op'd the door of bliss to man,

For thus Jehovah spake : “ I'll put eternal enmity,

"O thou satanic foe! “ Between the woman foil'd and thee,

“ To thy disgrace and wo. " Her seed and thine immortal feud

“ Shall both be made to feel; " It ihall intirely break thy head,

“ Thou only, bruise his heel. “ And to give thee the fatal blow,

" Her feed shall be my Son; Destroy thy works, and quit undo

" What mifchief thou haft done.

The Ten Plaques of Israel named and justified.

Exod. vii. viii. ix. x. and xii. chap.
HE firit, their water turn'd to blood,

Their blood-thirst to requite.
The second, caus'd vile frogs to croud,

To 'venge their crocking spite.
The third, turn'd all their duft to lice,

Their fordid ways to wreck.
The fourth, made swarms of flees arise,

Their foaring pride to check.
The fifth, their bealls with murrain kill'd

To fnite their brutish kin.
The sixth, with boils their bodies fill'd,

To scourge the blains of fin.
The seventh, destroy'd with fire and buil,

Their fury to allwage.
The eighth, made locufis fierce prevail,

To recompence their rage.

The ninth, thick darknefs on them drew,

For doubling Ifra'l's tales.
The tenth, all Egypt's first-borno New,

For murd'ring Ifra'l's males.



SO NG IV. : The Song of Moses, when the Israelites were delivered out of the bands of the Egyptians. Exod. xv. 1,-21.

SECT. I. Tbe Lord's Praise celebrated for bis own Excellence,

and overthrowing bis Enemies. Ver. I'LL fing unto the Lord, who doth

His glorious triumph shew;
For he the horse, and rider both,

Into the ocean threw.
2 Weak was I, but the Lord's my strength;

Dumb, but he's now my song;
Lolt, but he is become at length

All my falvation strong.
He is my God, I'll him prepare

An habitation nigh;
My father's God, with double care

I will exalt him high.
The Lord's a man of war, I boast

The Lord his name to be ;
4 He Pharaoh's chariots and his host,

Hath cast into the sea.
He did his chosen captains drown,

Within the Red-fea brink;
The depths them hid, to th’ bottom down

They like a stone did fink.
6 Thy right-hand, O Jehovah, did

Its pow'rful glory show ;.
Thy right-hand, O Jehovah, did

In pieces dash the foe.
Soon in thy greatness excellent,

Thy foes thou ruin'd halt;
And forth thine indignation sent,

Did them as stubble waste.

8 Lo! at thy nostrils blast, on fight

The waves combining rose ;
Floods, as an heap, did stand upright,

The deeps in mid-fea froze.
9 The raging foe thus spoke in pride,

" I'll now pursue them hot; “ I will o'ertake, I will divide

“ The spoil upon the spot :
“ My lult its fatisfaction full

Upon them shall enjoy ;
“ My bloody sword draw forth I will,

My hand shall them destroy.
10 But when thy wind did blow, with speed

The billows were their graves;
For down they sank, as pond'rous lead,

Within the mighty waves.
[Thy orders quickly overthrew

Thy proud Egyptian hoft,
Who, boldly daring to pursue

Were in the ocean loit.]


The Lord extolled for bis wonderful Works

in preserving bis People.
11 Who is like thee among the gods!

Lord, who is Like to thee?
So yall, lo infinite the odds,

Where can thine equal be!
In holiness most glorious,

In praises fearful too ;
In doing wonders marvellous,

None else the like can do!
12 When thou but stretched it thy right-hand,

The eartli obedient rose,
With open mouth, at thy command,
And swallow'd up thy foes.

13 Thou all the folk thou did'st redeem,

Haft led forth in thy grace;
And, in thy strength, halt guided them

Unto thy holy place.

14 People shall hear and fear, and fa

In grief and anguish pine ;
Sorrow shall catch the folk that do

Inhabit Palestine.
15 On Edom's dukes amazing fits,

Oa Moab's men of miglit
Trembling shall seize; all Canaanites

Shall melt away outright-
16 Great fear and dread shall them arrest,

Tbine arm's great mightiness
Shall fill them, as a stone fupprest,

Till once thy people pass;
Till once the folk, thou chosen haft,

Pass over by thy grant.
To the mountain thou inheritest,

Thou’lt them bring in and plant.
17 The place, O Lord, which thou hast made

To be thy dwelling fine,
The sanctuary established

Firm, by thy hands divine.
18 The Lord shall ever reign, who hath

Such fame by Pharaoh's plea,
19 Whose chariot, horfe, and cavalcade,

So madly took the fea:
For then the Lord upon their head,

Roll'd back the waves again;
But on dry land went Ifrael's feed
Amidst the cloven main.

Sect. III. MIRIAM's Answer.
Sing to the Lord, who made his name,

In pomp triumphant known ;
The horse and rider both, by him,
Were in the ocean thrown.

SON GV. The Ten Commands abridged and versified. † Exod. xx. 3. [1.] No God but me thou shalt adore,


I am thy God alone.
[2.] No image frame to bow before,

But idols all dethrone.
+ Sce the commands in another kind of poesy; p. 236.

[3.] God's glorjous name take not in vain,

For be rever'd he will.
[4.] His sacred Sabbath don't profane,

Mind it is holy ftill.
[5.] To parents render due respect,

This may thy life prolong.
[6.] All murder shun and malice check,
To no man's life do

[7.] From thoughts of whoredom bafe abstain,

From words and actions vile.
[8.] Shun theft and all unlawful gain,

Nor gather wealth by guile.
[9.] False witness flee, and fland'ring spite,

Nor wilful lies invent. [10.] Don't covet what's thy neighbour's right,

Nor harbour discontent.

SONG VI. Submiffion and Deliverance ; or, God's appearing in Extremity, and ABRAHAM offering bis Son.

, LORD, we, through grace at thy command,

With faith and humble zeal,
Resign our spirits to thy hand,

To mould them to thy will.
We, at our Father's heav'nly word,

Who never did us wrong,
Give up our comforts to the Lord,

To whom they all belong.
He will restore what we refign,

Or grant, if not the same,
Some other bleflings more divine,

To clear our higher claim.
At God's command thus Abra'm took

The wood, the fire, the knife,
And straight prepar'd the dreadful froke

At fav’rite Isaac's life.
Abra'm, forbear, the angel cry'd,

Touch not thy darling fon ;
Thy faith is thewn, thy love is try'd,
The deed is held as done.

+ Ee

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