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My fond affections vehement

In ways of grace divine,
All towards her intensely bent,

Pursu'd their love-design.
My willing people I provide

Bright graces, princely charms :
And in these fiery chariots ride

With speed into their arms.
Oil'd wheels of faith and warm desire,

That make myself their chase,
Fetch from mine altar ftill more fire

Of sweet surprising grace.
No chariot of Ammi-nadib,

However swift or bright,
The heav'nly rapture can describe

Of love's delicious flight.
So rapid oft, though never rash,

The motions of my grace,
Tween heav'n and earth are like a flash

Of lightning in a trice.
Ver. 13. Return, return, O Sbulamite ; return, re-

turn, that we may look upon thee; what will ye fee in the Shulamite ? as it were the company of two

Love, in my absence short, wast thou

With sin and grief opprest?
O blame thy faithless heart, and now

Return unto thy rest.
With confidence and without fear

Thy heav'nly Husband face,
Who wills thee boldly to appear

Before his throne of grace.
The heav'ns unite their voice with mine

Thy heart-return to move;
Allow thyself no more to whine,

Suspicious of my love. Return, O drooping Shulamite,

In haste return; for we Heav'n's TRINITY and hofts unite

With joy to welcome thee.

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We want to see thee, at his call

Whose peace thy name adorns ; He with his faints and angels all

Will joy at thy returns. What, in the feeble Shulamite

What's to be seen? (you'll say,)
Is struggling grace a goodly sight,

When fin regains the day?
Nay, lo! my bride (though apt she be

Herself to under-rate)
I, on the field of battle, fee

In warlike pomp and state.
Behold! two armies in her camp,

The doubled holis of God;
Her lovers charm, her haters damp,

Her happy triumph bode.


A further Description of the Church's Graces.--The

Church professeth her Faith and Desires.

CHRIST's Words.

Ver. 1. How beautiful are thy feet with shoes, o

prince's daughter! the joints of tby tbigbs are like jewels, the work of the band of a cunning sverkman. FAIR bride, thy beauties I'll extel

, So lovely in my fight : For I my new creation whole

Still view with great delight. How noble is thy high defcent,

Not fordid from the earth! How does thy gesture document

Thy new and heav'nly birth!
O princess of the royal race !

Thy feet with golden shoes,
Do sparkle, while thy walk, through grace,

Becomes the gospel-news.

The steps of thy affections clean,

And conversation fair,
Display a heav'nly, royal mein,

A sweet and stately air.
The joints, that strength and motion do

To thy right seps impart,
Like orient jewels, burnish'd new,

Speak holy curious art.
Through thy fair port, in facred things,

Thy joints as gems appear;
While holy principles and springs

Thy course of duty steer. Verse 2. Tby navel is like a round goblet, wbicb

wanteth not liquor; oby belly is like an beap of

wbect, fet about with lilies.
As is thy sparkling bright array,

Form'd to thy pedigree ;
So with thy shining outward way,

Thine inward shapes agree.
A wretched infant once thou wast,

To open field cast out,
From native blood and stains unwash'd,

Nor was thy navel cut*.
But now, how neat's thy gracious form,

Fed by a glorious spring!
Since grace transform’d the loathsome worm

To quite another thing.
Thy infant brood to ripeness grows,

Which thy kind bowels feed,
Like to a bowl that overflows

With liquor for their need. My Spirit is (to fill thy cup,

And give thee rich increase)
A well of water springing up

In thee to endless bliss.
Thy fruitful womb an heap of wheat

† Assimilates in mode ;
Thy royal marriage makes thee meet
For bearing fruit to God.
* Ezek. xvi. 4, 5.

+ Resembles.

Fruit deck'd around with flow'rs-de-luce

Each grace of active vent;
A príduct rich of fruit for use,

With flow'rs for ornament.
Fair Zion's fertile womb has meat

For babes, her lily-brood ;
And yields them plenteous ftore of wheat,

When ripe for folid food.
Verse 3. Tby two breasts are like two young roes that

are twins t.
Thy breasts of love resemble roes

That seem delightful twins;
Such equal care to feed thou shows,

Thy babes in secret inns.
Thou op'nest frank a twofold breast,

Two tefl'ments and two feals;
Which to thy children yield a feast

Of milk for daily meals.
Thine equal breasts delightful feed

With milk of sweet folace,
In just proportion to the need

Of all the babes of grace.
My children dear, nurs'd at thy fide,

Thy kindly bowels Tow;
And plainly prove my beauteous bride

A fruitful mother too.
Verse 4. Thy neck b is as a tower of ivory ; thine eyes

like the fish-pools of Heshbon, by the gate of Batb. rabbim : thy nose is as the tower of Lebanon, which

lookers toward Damascus.
Thy neck of precious faith excells

The fairest iv'ry tower;
It holds the glorious Head, and dwells

Upon the rock of power.
Rais'd and conspicuous, it attracts

All eyes, and wonder breeds:
It stands renown'd for valiant acts,

For strange and mighty deeds. * The name of a flower of distinction, worn in the French king's


+ Sec. Chap. iv. 54 + See Chap. iv. 4.


No iv'ry whiter than the swan

Can match thy precious faith ;
No tow'r with equal boldness can

Defy the gates of death.
Thine eyes like Hefhbon's clear fish-pools,

Near by Beth-rabbim's gate,
Enlighten'd brightly, twit the fools,

That hug blind nature's state. More clear than any filver brook,

Thine eyes of knowledge trace Hid myft'ries in the facred book,

Unfathom'd deeps of grace.
But all conceal'd this glory lies

From haughty sons of pride,
Whofe boasted wit does blind the eyes,

And heav'nly light deride.
Tny nose of quick fagacity

Like Leb'non's tow'r doth rife,
And with bold look Damascus spy,

To face thine enemies.
Because they strong and subtile are,

Thou keep'st the frontier tow'r;
To smell their policy afar,

And watch against their pow'r.

Verse 5. Tbine head upon tbee is like Carmel,

and ibe hair of thine bead like purple; Thy heav'nly mind intelligent

Excells the wife on earth,
While strangers to thy higla descent,

And to thy heav'nly birth.
Thy lofty head and stately brow,

Looks to the heav’os above;
And scornful smiles on all below,

As worthless of thy love.
Thy helmet and thy head-piece is

H pe built on precious blood;
High is thy head extoll'd by this

Bove ev'ry foe and flood.

† Or, crimfon.

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