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more. She thought of a plan for her ; but, as it depended on others besides herself, she deemed it more prudent not to excite any expectations, and she merely said, “You and I belong to one family. We are both orphans, and orphans are God's peculiar family. Come, now, I will walk down to Mrs. O'Neill's with you, and next Sunday afternoon we will try to meet at Judy's grave again."

Anny once more kissed the sods, and shed a fresh food of tears ; she then wiped her eyes, and, taking Emma's offered band, returned to the shanty with a far less lonely feeling than she had come from it.




You ask me why the poet wastes,

In lonely thought, his hours,
When neither wealth nor fame rewards

The labour of his powers.

First tell me, fair one, why the stars,

Which gem the brow of night,
Upon a dull and sleeping world

Send down their heavenly light?

And why the nightingale pours forth

Her thrilling melody,
In night's deep silence, when no ear

Is listening to her lay?
And why the fairest flowers of spring,

Cease not their sweets to shed,
Though human eye may never gaze

Upon their lowly bed?
*Tis God commands the stars to shine,

The bird to pour his lay,
The unseen flowers of spring to bloom,

And all must needs obey.

Thus, when, by his creative power,

The Almighty doth impart The heavenly gift of poesy

To any human heart;

He orders that in joy or woe,

In sunshine or in shade,
In praise, or blame, or cold neglect,

That gift shall be displayed.

What then, though humble bards should ne'er

To fame or splendour rise ;
Though worldly pride and worldly pomp,

Their noble toil despise ;

Yet know they, that they well fulfil

The Almighty's high behest,
By pouring forth their heaven-taught lays,

With truth and love impressed.

'Tis not for human praise, the stars

Light up their lamps of gold ; 'Tis not for praise the wild bird sings

The flowers their leaves unfold :

Ah no! the stars, the birds, the flowers,

The bard's impassioned song, With all things good, and true, and fair,

To God alone belong.

He rules the world of stars and flowers,

He rules our spirits too ;
And thanks for every human joy,

To him alone are due.

Then ask not why the poet wastes,

In thankless toil, his hours ; He but obeys His high behest,

From whom are all his powers.


BY A UNITARIAN MINISTER. (From the Second Series of American Tracts.) BRETHREN, my prayer to God for you is, that you may be saved,-saved from delusion, error, sin and misery; that you may be wise to see and shun your dangers ; strong to resist your temptations; ready to every good and pious work; and ready to give an answer to every one that shall ask a reason of the hope that is in you. It will be my greatest joy to know, that you are walking in the truth as it is in Jesus, as heirs of the grace of life; and that your souls are in health and prosperity.

As your pastor, I write unto you; sending you Chris. tian salutations, and wishing you joy in the Lord Jesus, and praying that grace, mercy, and peace may be in all your families, and in all


hearts. Though I hope, by leave of Providence, often to enter your dwellings and converse with you, and also to meet you in the temple of our God, and break to you the bread of life; yet wishing to give you another tes. timony of my concern for your spiritual welfare ; and that you may know how earnestly I desire your edification and steadfastness in the Lord, I send to each one of my flock, my views of religion, together with some reexions, counsels, and exhortations.

Beloved, see that you walk circumspectly, redeeming the time, for the days are evil. You have need of patience, prudence, and wisdom. I have told you often and openly, and you knew it before, that our faith is spoken against.

It is partly known to you, how earnest those, who are self-styled Orthodox, are to prevent the spread of our views of religion,—what various ways they take to oppose us, and to alarm and draw away our hearers. Since

you have chosen me to be your pastor, who am a professed Unitarian Christian, you will undoubtedly be subjected to many trials of your faith and constancy. Others may try to shake your confidence in me, and persuade you to listen to and follow them. Though they may never have heard me preach, yet they may endeavour to excite your suspicions and doubts, and to destroy the influence of my instructions on your hearts. It may be, that many of you have already heard such reproofs, counsels, and warmings. If you have not, the time may come, when you will, not merely from your neighbours, friends, and relatives, but from others, whom you may often meet. My prayer is, that you may not be overcome—that you may not yield to those temptations and enticements, and to prove the sincerity of my prayer, I join to it my earnest endeavour to guard you against such arts, censures, and insinuations. I write you down many of my articles of faith, so that you may have them by you, and so that you may know when others make wrong statements, and bring false accusations.

I believe the Bible, i. e. the Scriptures of the Old and New Testament, to be a record of the will, purposes, and dispensations of God to man. I take this precious volume to be my guide in faith and duty. I believe in God, the Father Almighty, Maker of heaven and earth the moral Governor of the universe. I believe that he possesses all those natural and moral attributes and perfections, which render him worthy of all that homage, love, and obedience, which he requires of his creatures. I believe in his power wisdom and goodness in his truth, holiness and righteousness in his providence, bounty and grace; and in the influences of his holy spirit. I believe that there is but one God, who is the first cause, the author and source of all things.

I believe that Jesus of Nazareth is the Christ, that should come into the world, that glorious person fore-, told by Moses and the prophets. I believe that Jesus Christ is the son of God--the Saviour--the Mediator between God and man. I believe that he did no siu that never man spake like him--that God gave not the spirit by measure unto him—that the Father sanctified and sent him into the world that he anointed him with the holy spirit and with power, and that Jesus Christ went about doing good. I believe that God was with him in all his labours, instructions, and sufferings. I believe that Christ was holy, harmless, and undefiled--that the doctrines he taught are true--that his precepts are pure and just that his miracles are proof of his divine mission--that his prophecies have been and will be fulfilled—that he always did those things which pleased the Father--that he had such a knowledge of the Father, such communications from him, and such communion with him, that he might say, “I and

my Father are one, and · he that hath seen me hath seen the Father. I believe that Jesus Christ is, except the Father, the most

glorious being of whom we have knowledge-worthy to: be honoured, loved, trusted, and obeyed--that he is the way and the truth and the life, the resurrection and the life, the light of the world—that he has the words of eternal life and that all who truly believe in, love, and follow him, shall have everlasting life. I believe that Jesus Christ was betrayed, condemned, scourged, crucified, dead and buried that the third day he arose from the dead that he ascended into heaven, and sitteth on the right hand of God. I believe that all our prayers should be offered to the Father in the name of Christ that we should possess his mind and spirit, and imitate his example. I believe that Christ came into the world to redeem, to save sinners-to reconcile us to God, and that through him we are to look to God for pardon, eternal life, and joy:

I believe in the agency, operation, and influences of God's holy spiritin regeneration--conversion--change of heart and experimental religion ; that we must be born of the spirit--from above-of God-and of the word of God.

I believe that we are born innocent and free, but into a world full of temptations and trials; and that, in order to a holy and virtuous life, we need the light of God's. word, and the influences of his spirit, which are to be sought by prayer to the Father in the name of his Son.

believe that we are saved by grace, through faith, and that it is the gift of God. I believe that goodness consists in being good, and doing good that religion consists in loving God with all the heart, soul, strength, and mind, and our neighbour as ourselves ; and that every one is our neighbour. I believe that faith without works is dead and that faith, if it work not by love, is. of no avail to our salvation. I believe that he, who hath a good hope, purifieth himself--and that charity is greater than either faith or hope. I believe that virtue and piety are included in living a sober, righteous, and godly life that the children of God should be imitators of him in all his imitable perfections--that the friends and followers of Christ should possess his temper and dispositions, and should testify their love to him by their resemblance to his character, and their obedience to his commands. I believe that one part of the old man, which we are to put off, is lying that they, who are created anew in Christ Jesus, are created anew unto good works.

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