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13 And he lodged there that same Night; and took of that which came to his Hand, a Present for Esau his Brother;

21 So went the Present over before him: and himself lodged that Night in the Company.

2z And he rose up that Night, and took his two Wives, and his two Women-servants, and his eleven Sons, and pasied over the Ford Jabbok.

23 And he took them, and sent them over the Brook, and sent over that he had.

24 <> And Jacob was left * #•/• *'«• J He took M» Brother nlnnp • and fhpn> wrpiTled a b7 the Heel in the Womb, and by

aione . ana mere wremea a h{, Strength he had Powwith GoD.'

Man with him, until the 4 Yea, he had Power over the An

breoking of the Day. 0Et> and Prevailed : he Wept, and

- - Alj ...u„„ \,L /•„... ♦!,-» made Supplication unto him: he

25 And when he saw that sound him in Beth.e]> Md theie he

he prevailed not against him, Spake with us.

he touched the Hollow of his $ Even the Lord God of Hosts,

/-!-... , ■ 1 „, Tj ,. r the Lord is his Memorial.

I high: and the Hollow Of <; Therefore turn thou to thy God:

Jacob's Thigh was OUt of keep Mercy and Judgment, and Wait

Joynt, as he wrestled with on thy God continually.

•i .' Jamti v. IS The Effectuai FF.R

"'"1. Vent Prayer of a righteous Man a

26 And he said, Let me vaileth much.

go, for the Day breaketh: and he said, I will not let thee go, except thou bless me.

27 And he said unto him, What is thy Name? And he laid, Jacob.

28 And he said, Thy Name shall be called no more Jacob, but* Israel: for as a Prince hast thou Power with God and with Men, and hast prevailed.

29 And Jacob asked him, and said, Tell me, I pray thee, thy Name: And he said, Wherefore is it, that thou dost ask after my Name? and he blessed him there.

30 And Jacob called the Name of that Place Peniel: for I have seen God Face to Face, and my Life is preserved.

31 And as he palled over Penuel, the Sun rose upon him, and he halted upon his Thigh.

32 Therefore the Children of Israel eat not of the Sinew which shrank, which is upon the Hollow of the Thigh, unto this Day: because he touched the Hollow of Jacob's Thigh, in the Sinew that shrank.

* Israel, thti it, mt that hath trmttlj PtvMr ■with God.


I The Kindness of Jacob and Esau at their meeting. 17 Jacob cometh to Succoth; 18 at Salem he buyeth a Field, and buildeth an Altar, called Eloi-Ifrael.


1 Dinah is ravijhed by Shechem; 4 he sueth to marry her. 13 The Sons of Jacob offer the Conditions of Circumcision ti the Shechemites. 20 Hamor and Shechem persuade them to accept it. 25 The Sons of Jacob, upon that Advantage, flay them, 27 and spoil their City. 30 Jacob reproveth Simeon and Levi.


t God sendeth Jacob to Beth-el: 2 He purgeth his House of Idols: 6 He buildeth an Altar at Beth-el. 8 Deborah dieth at Allon-bacchuth. 9 God blejseth Jacob at Beth-el. 16 Rachel travaileth of Benjamin, and dieth in the Way to Edar. 23 The Sons of Jacob. 27 Jacob cometh to Isaac at Hebron, The Age, Death, and Burial of Isaac.


1 Esau's three Wives: 6 His removing to Mount Seir: 9 His Sons: 15 The Dukes which descended of his Sons. 20 The Sons and Dukes of Seir. 24 Anah findeth Mules. 40 The Dukes that descended of Esau.


2 Joseph is hated of his Brethren: 5 His two Dreams: 18 His Brethren conspire his Death: 36 He is fold to Pe~ tiphar in Egypt.

Ver. 1 AND Jacob dwelt in the Land wherein-his Father A was a Stranger, in the Land of Canaan, a These are the Generations of Jacob; Joseph being seventeen Years old, was feeding the Flock with his Brethrenj and the Lad was with the Sons of Bilhah, and with the


Sons of Zilpah, his Father's Wive's: and Joseph brought unto his Father their evil Report.

3 Now Israel loved Joseph more than all his Children, because he was the Son of his old Age: and he made him a Coat of many Colours.

4 And when his Brethren saw that their Father loved him more than all his Brethren, they hated him, and could not speak peaceably unto him.

5 And Joseph dreamed a Dream, and he told it his Brethren: and they hated him yet the more.

6 And he said unto them, Hear, I pray you, this Dream which I have dreamed.

7 For behold, we were binding Sheaves in the Field, and lo, my Sheaf arose, and also stood upright; and behold, your Sheaves stood round about, and made Obeisance to my Sheave.

8 And his Brethren said unto him, Shalt thou indeed reign over us? or {halt thou indeed have Dominion over us? and they hated him yet the more for his Dreams, and for his Words.

9 And he dreamed yet another Dream, and told it his Brethren, and said, Behold, I have dreamed a Dream more, and behold, the Sun and the Moon, and the eleven Stars made Obeisance to me.

io And he told it to his Father: and his Father rebuked him, and said unto him, What is this Dream that thou hast dreamed? Shall I and thy Mother and thy Brethren indeed come to bow down our selves to thee to the Earth?

11 And his Brethren envied him: but his Father observed the saying,

12 And his Brethren went to feed their Father's Flock in Shechem.

13 And Israel said unto Joseph, Do not thy Brethren feed the Flock in Shechem? Come, and I will send thee unto them. And he said unto him, Here am I.

14 And he said to him, Go, I pray thee, see whether it be well with thy Brethren, and well with the Flocks; and bring me word again. So he sent him out of the Vale of Hebron, and he came to Shechem.

1 5 And a certain Man found him, and behold, he was wandring in the Field: and the Man asked him, saying, What seekst thou i

J 16 And

16 And he said, I seek my Brethren: tell me, I prSf thee, where they feed their Flocks.

17 And the Man said, They are departed hence: for I heard them say, Let us go to Dothan. And Joseph went after his Brethren, and found them in Dothan.

18 And when they saw him afar off, even before he came near unto tnem, they conspired against him, to slay him.

19 And they said one to another, Behold, this Dreamer cometh.

20 Come now therefore, and let us slay him, and cast him into some Pit; and we will fay, Some evil Beast hath devoured him: and we shall see what will become of his Dreams.

21 And Reuben heard it, and he delivered him out of their Hands; and said, Let us not kill him.

22 And Reuben said unto them, Shed no Blood, but cast him into this Pit that is in the Wilderness, and lay no Hand upon him; that he might rid him out of their Hands, to deliver him to hi» Father again.

23 And it came to pass when Joseph was come unto his Brethren, that they stript Joseph out of his Coat, his Coat of many Colours that was on him.

24 And they took him, and cast him into a Pit: and the Pit was empty, there was no Water in it.

25 And they fat down to eat Bread: and they lift up their Eyes and looked, and behold, a Company of Islimeelites came from Gilead, with their Camels bearing Spicery, and Balm, and Myrrh, going to carry it down to Egypt.

26 And Judah said unto his Brethren, What Profit is it if we slay our Brother, and conceal his Blood?

27 Come, and let us fell him to the Islimeelites, and let not our Hand be upon him; for he is our Brother, and our Flesh: and his Brethren were content.

28 « Then there palled by . k/ia, v. 7 And the Tatliatch*. Midianites, Merchant-men; moved with Ekw, sold Joseph into and lift up Joseph out of the E8yPc: but GoD w" with HIMPit, and fold Joseph to the Islimeelites for twenty Pieces of Silver: and they brought Joseph into Egypt.

29 And Reuben returned unto the Pit j and behold, Joseph was not in the Pit.

30 And he returned unto his Brethren, and said, The Child is not; and I, whither shall I go?

31 And they took Joseph's Coat, and killed a Kid of the Goats, and dipped the Coat in the Blood. 3 2 And

31 And they sent the Coat of many Colours, and they brought it to their Father; and said, This have we found: know now whether it be thy Son's Coat or no.

33 And he knew it, and said, It is my Son's Coat; an evil Beast: hath devoured him: Joseph is without doubt rent in Pieces.

34 And Jacob rent his Clothes, and put Sackcloth upon his Loyns, and mourned for his Son many Days.

35 And all his Sons, and all his Daughters rose up to comfort him; but he refused to be comforted; and he said, For I will go down into the Grave unto my Son, mourning: Thus his Father wept for him.

36 And the Midianites fold him into Egypt unto Potiphar, an Officer of Pharaoh's, and Captain of the Guard.


1 Judab begetteth Er, Onan, and Sbelah. 6 Er marrietb Ta

mar. 8 Thi Trespass of Onan. 11 Tamar Jiayeth for

Sbelah: 13 She deceiveth Judab: 27 She bear et h Twins, Pbarez and Zarab.


f Joseph advanced in Potiphar's House: 7 Resijleth his Mi' Jiress's Temptation-: 13 He is salfly accused; 19 He is caff into Prison: 21 God is with him there.

Ver. 1 AND Joseph was brought down to Egypt: and xx Potiphar an Officer of Pharaoh, Captain of the Guard, an Egyptian, bought him of the Hands of the Islimeelites, which had brought him down thither.

2 And the Lord was with Joseph, and he was a profpc» rous Man: and he was in the House of his Master the Egyptian.

3 And his Master saw that the Lord was with him, and that the Lord made all that he did to prosper in his Hand.

4 And Joseph found Grace in his Sight, and he served him: and he made him Overseer over his House, and all that he had he put into his Hand.

5 And it came to pass from the Time that he had made him Overseer in his House, and over all that he had, that the Lord blessed the Egyptian'* House for Joseph's Sake t

I 1 'an4

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