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visiting the Iniquity of the KINDNESS : according unto the MULFathers upon the Children. TITUDE of thy TENDER MERCIES blot

out my Tranigreffions. and upon the Childrens Chil- 2 Wash me throughly from mine dren, unto the third and to INIQUITY, and cleanse me from my the fourth Generation.

Jobon i. s If we say that we have 8 And Moses made halte, no Sin, we deceive ourselves, and and bowed his Head toward the Truth is bot in us.

If we CONFESS our Sins, he is the Earth, and worshipped.

10 worthipped. FAITHFUL and just to forgive us our 9 And he said, If now I Sins, and to cleanso us from all Unhave found Grace in thy Sight, righte

10 jf we fay that we have not finO LORD, let my LORD, I ned, we make him a Liar, and his pray thee, go amongst us (for Word is not in us. it is a stiff-necked People and I fohm ii. 1 If any Man fin, we

have an ADVOCATE with the FATHER, pardon our Iniquity and our Jesus Cwrist the RIGHTEOUS : Sin, and take us for thine In- 2 And he is the PROPITIATION for heritance.

our Sins.

Psal. cxlv. 8 The LORD is GRACIÓ 10 And he said, Behold, ous, and full of COMPASSION; SLOW I make a Covenant : before to ANGER, and of GREAT MERCY.


The LORD is GOOD to all : and all thy People I will do Mar

"his TENDER MERCIES are over all his vels, such as have not been works. done in all the Earth, nor in Píal. ciii. 7 He made known his any Nation : and all the Peo- Children of Ifrael.

Ways unto Mofes, his Ads unto the ple amonzit which thou art, 8 The LORD IS MERCIFUL and Grajhall see the Work of the CIOUS, slow to ANGER, and PLENTE

OUs in MERCY. LORD: for it is a terrible . He will not always CHIDE: neiThing that I will do with ther will he keep his ANGER for ethee.

Jo He hath not dealt w'th us astes 11 Observe thou that which our SINS : nor rewarded us according I command thee this Day : to our Iniquities. Behold, I drive out beforeh

1 For as the Heaven is high a

Door bove the Earth : fo great is his MERthee the Amorite, and the cy toward them that fear him. Canaanite, and the Hittite, Rom ii. 2 But we ar: ture that the and the Perizzite, and the

JUDGMENT of God is accord ng to les and the Truth, againft them which commit Hivite, and the Jebufite. fuch Things

12 Take heed to thyself. 3 And thinkeft thou this. O Man, Jest thou make a Covenant Things, and doit the same, that thou

thar judgest them which do suchi with the Inhabitants of the fait escape the JUDGMENT Of God? Land wbither thou goest, left 4 Or despisest thou the RICHES of it be for a Snare in the midst Long

his GOODNESS, aod FORBEARANCE, and tai" mult LONG SUFFERING, not knowing that of thee.

the GOODNESS of God leadeth thee 13. But ye shall destroy to REPENTANCE.

< But after thy HARDNESS and INtheir Altars, break their I. Po

PENITE THEART, treasureft up unto mages, and cut down their thyself Waath agaip the Day of Groves.

13 For


14 For thou shalt worship Wrath, and Revelation of the righno other cod. for the Loon teous Judgmenr of God. no other cod : for the LORD, 6 Who will render to every Man

e Name is JEALOUS, is according to his Deeds: a jealous God.

7 To them, who by PATIENT CON


e a Co- GLORY, and HONOUR, and IMMORTA• venant with the Inhabitants LITY ; ETERNAL LIFE: of the Land and they go of the Land, and they go a .:

8 But unto them that are conten

i tious and do not obey the TRUTH, whoring after their Gods, and bur obey Vnrighteousness ; INDIGNAdo Sacrifice unto their Gods, Ion, and WRATH;. and one call thee, and thou 9 TRIBULATION and ANGUISH upon

every Soul of Man that doth Evil, eat of his Sacrifice,

of the Jew first, and also of the Gen16 And thou take of their rile. Daughters unto thy Sons, and 10 But GLORY, Honour, and PEACE

* to every Man that worketh Good, to their Daughters go a whoring the Jew first, and also to the Genafter their Gods, and make tile. thy Sons go a whoring after fons with God.

fter 11 For there is no RESPECT of Pertheir Gods.

17 Thou shalt make thee no molten Gods.

22 And thou shalt observe the Feast of the Weeks, of the First-fruits of Wheat-harvest, and the Feast of In-gathering at the Year's End.

23 Thrice in the Year shall all your Men-children appear before the LORD God, the God of Israel.

24 For I will cast out the Nations before thee, and enlarge thy Borders : neither shall any Man desire thy Land, when thou shalt go up to appear before the LORD thy God, thrice in the Year.

25 Thou shalt not offer the Blood of my Sacrifice with Leaven, neither shall the Sacrifice of the Feast of Paflover be left unto the Morning.

26 The first of the First-fruits of thy Land, thou shalt bring unto the House of the Lord thy God.

27 And the LORD said unto Moses, Write thou these Words : for after the Tenour of these Words I have made a Covenant with thee, and with Ifrael.

28 And he was there with the LORD forty Days and forty Nights ; he did neither eat Bread, nor drink Water : and he wrote upon the Tables the Words of the COVENANT, the Ten COMMANDMENTS.

29 ? And it came to pass 12 Coriii. 6 Who hath made us when M when Moses came down from al orecame down from able MINISTERS of the New TESTA

MENT, not of the Letter. but of the Mount SINAI (with the two Spirit: for the Letrer killeth, but Tables of TESTIMON Y in the Spirit giveth LIFE.

X 2

Moses's Moses's Hand, when he came 7 But if the MinISTRATION of down from the Mount) that

DEATH written and engraven in,

Stones, was GLORIOUS, so thar the Moses wist not that the Skin Children of Israel could not fedof his Face SHONE, while fastly behold the FACE of Moses, for

the GLORY of hisCountenance, which he talked with him.

Glory was to be done away. 30 And when Aaron and 8 How shall nor the MINISTRATION all the Children of Israel law of the Spirit be rather GLORIOUS! Moses, behold, the Skin of demnation be GLORY, much more

For it the Miniftration of Conhis Face SHONE, and they doth the MINISTRATION of RIGHTEwere afraid to come nigh OD'S NESS exceed in GLORY.

1o For even that which was made him.

glorious, had no Glory in this Rer 31 And Moses called unto peat, by reason of the GLORY that them; and Aaron and all the EXCELLETH.

II For if that which is done away Rulers of the Congregation was glorious, much more that which returned unto him: and Mo- remaineth is GLOR TOUŚ. ses talked with them.

12 Seeing then that we have such

HOPE, we ule great Plainnels of 32 And afterward all the Speech. Children of Israel came nigh: 13 And not as Moses, which put and he gave them in Com- dren of Israel could not ftedfastly

a Vall over his Face, that the Chilmandment all that the LORD look to the End of that which is had spoken with him in Mount abolished. Sinai.

14. But their Minds were blinded:

for until this Day remaineth the 33. And till Moses had fame Vail UNTAKEN AWAY in the done speaking with them, he reading of the Old Testament; which

Vall is done away in CHRIST. put a Vail on his Face.

19 But even unto this Day, when 34 But when Mofes went Moses is read, the Vail is upon their in before the LORD to speak HEART. with him, he took the Vail to the LORD, the Vall shall be cakea

Is Nevertheless, when it shall turn off, until he came out. And away. he came out and spake unto 17 Now the LORD is that SPIRIT:

and where the SPIRIT of the LORD is, the Children of Israel, that there is LIBERTY. which he was commanded. 18 But we all with open Face, bt

35. And the Children of HOLDING as in a Glass the GLORY OF Israel saw the Face of Moses, Image, from GLORY to GLORY, even

the LORD, are changed into the fame that the Skin of Moses's Face as by the SPIRIT of the LORD. shone : and Mofes put the Vail upon his Face again, until he went in to fpeak with him.

CH A P. XXXIX. i The Cloaths of Service, and holy Garments. 2 The Ephid.

8 The Breaji-plate. 22 The Robe of the Ephod.

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CHA P. XL. 1 The Tabernacle is commanded to be. reared, 9 and anointed;

13 Aaron and his Sons to be fanctified. 34 The Gloud.

Ver, 16 THUS did Moses : according to all that the

I LORD commanded him, so did he. 14 And it came to pass, in the first Month, in the second Year, on the first Day of the Month, that the Tabernacle was reared up.

21 And he brought the Ark into the Tabernacle, as the LORD commanded Moses.

22 And he put the Table in the Tent of the Congregation, upon the side of the Tabernacle North-ward, without the Veil.

25 And he lighted the Lamps before the Lord, as the LORD commanded Mofes.

26 And he put the GOLDEN ALTAR in the Tent of the Congregation, before the Veil. 27 s And he burnt sweet Rev. viii. 3 An ANGEL came and

Atood at the Altar, having a golINCENSE thereon, as the den Ceofer; and there was given LORD commanded Moses. unto him much INCENSE, that he 33. And he reared up the should offer it with the Prayers of

all Saints upon the golden Altar, Court round about the Ta

which was before the THRONE. bernacle and the Altar, and 4 And the Smoke of the INCENSE set up the Hanging of the which came with the Prayers of the Court-gate : so Moses finish- of the ANGEL'S HAND.

SAINTS, ascended up before God, out ed the Work.

34 " Then a CLOUD CO- 'Rev. xv. s I looked, and behold, yered the Tent of the Con


the Testimony in Heaven was opengregation, and the GLORY ed. of the LORD FILLED the 8 And the TEMPLE was filled with TABERNACLE.

Smoke from the GLORY of God, and,

from his POWER ; and no Man was 15 And Moses was not able to enter into the TEMPLE. ABLE to ENTER into the


INCEN SE there burne, Sweet

Tent of the Congregation, because the CLOUD abode thereon, and the GLORY of the LORD FILLED the TABERNACLE.

36 And when the CLOUD was taken up from over the Tabernacle, the Children of Israel went onward in all their Journeys.

37 But if the CLOUD were not taken up, then they journeyed not, till the Day that it was taken up.

38 For the Cloud of the LORD was upon the TABERNACLE by Day, and Fire was on it by Night, in the Sight of all the House of Israel, throughout all their Journeys.

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