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4 And Moses wrote all the Words of the LORD, and rose up early in the Morning, and builded an Altar under the Hill, and twelve Pillars according to the twelve Tribes of Israel.

5 And he sent young Men of the Children of Israel, which offered Burnt-offerings, and facrificed Peace-offerings of Oxen unto the LORD.

6 And Moses took half of the Blood, and put it in Basons; and half of the Blood he sprinkled on the Altar.

7 And he took the Book of the Covenant, and read in the Audience of the People : and they said, All that the LORD hath said, will we do, and be obedient.

8 And Moses took the Blood and sprinkled it on the People, and said, Behold, the Blood of the Covenant, which the LORD hath made with you concerning all these Words.

9 Then went up Mores and Aaron, Nadab and Abihu, and seventy of the Elders of Israel.

loc And they saw the c Ezek. i. 28 As the Appearance of God of Israel: and there the Bow that is in the Cloud in the was under his Feet, as it Day of Rain, so was the Appearance

of the BRIGHTNESS round about. This were a paved Work of a was the Appearance of the Likeness SAPPHIRE-STONE, and as it of the GLORY of the LORD : ‘and were the Body of HEAVEN

when I saw it, I fell upon my Face,

and heard a Voice of one that spake. in his CLEARNESS.

11 And upon the NOBLES of the Children of Israel he LAID NOT his Hand : also they saw God, and did EAT and DRINK.

12 And the Lord said unto Moses, Come up to me into the Mount, and be there : and I will give thee Tables of Stone, and a Law, and Commandments, which I have written ; that thou mayest teach them.

13 And Moses rose up, and his Minister Joshua : and Moses went up into the Mount of God.

14 And he said unto the Elders, Tarry ye here for us, until we come again unto you : and behold, Aaron and Hur are with you : if any Man have any Matters to do, let him come unto them.

15 And Moses went up into the Mount, and a Cloud coyered the Mount.

16 And the Glory of the LORD ABODE upon MOUNT Sinai : and the CLOUD covered it fix Days : and the feventh Day he called unto Moses out of the midst of the Cloud.


17 And

17 & And the Light of "Rev. iv 3 He that sat was to the GLORY of the LORD was

look upon like a Jasper, and a Sar

dine stone : and there was a RAINlike DEVOURING FIRE on Bow round about the Throne, in the Top of the Mount, in Sight like unto an Emerald.

4 And round about the THRONE the Eyes of the Children of

were four and twenty Seats, and upIfrael.

on the Seats I saw four and twenty 18 And Moses went into

ELDERS fitting, clothed in white Rai

ment; and they had on their Heads the midst of the Cloud, and

CROWNS of Gold. gat him up into the Mount: s And out of the THRONE proceedand Moses was in the Mounted LIGHTNINGS, and THUNDRINGS,

and Voices : and there were SEVEN forty Days and forty Nights. Lamps of Fire burning before the THRONE, which are the seven SPIRITS of God.

6 And before the THRONE there was a Sea of Glass like unto Cryftal: and in the midst of the THRONE, and round about the THRONE, were four Beafts, full of Eyes before and behind

. And when those BEASTS give GLORY, and HONOUR, and THANKS to him that sat on the THRONE, who LIVETH for EVER and EVER,

10 The four and twenty Elders fall down before him that sat on the THRONE, and WORSHIP him that LIVETH for ever and ever, and caft their CROWNS before the THRONE, saying,

II Thou art worthy, O LORD, to receive GLORY, and HONOUR, and PowER : for thou hast CREATED all Things, and for thy PLEASURE they ARE, and WERE CREATED.

Dan, vii. 9 I beheld, till the THRONES weię cast down, and the ANCIENT of Days did fit, whose Garment was white as Snow, and the Hair of his Head was like the pure Wooll : his THRONE was like the FIERY FLAME, and his Wheels as burning FIRE.

10 A FIERY STREAM issued, and came forth from before him ; thousand THOUSANDS ministred unto him, and ten thousand Times (en THOUSAND ftood before him : the JUDGMENT was set, and the Books were OPENED.

Ija. xl. 17 All Nations before him are as NOTHING, and they are counted to him Less than NOTHING, and VANITY.

22 It is he that fitteth upon the CIRCLE of the EARTH, and the Inhabitants thereof are as Grashoppers,

Ila. vi. 1 I saw the LORD SITTING upon a THRONE, HIGH and lified upo and his TRAIN filled the Temple.

2 Above it ftood the SERAPHIMS : each one had fix Wings ; with twain he covered his Face, and with twain he covered his Feet, and with twain he did fly.

3 And one CRIFD unto another, and SAID, HOLY, HOLY, HOLY is the LORD of Hosts, the whole EARTH is full of his GLORY.

s Then said I, Wo is me, for I am undone, becau'e I am a Man of UNCLEAN Lips, and I dwell in the midst of a People of unclean Lips..; for mine Eyes have seen the KING, the LORD of Hosts.

6 Then Alew one of the SERAPHIMS unto me, having a live Coal in his Haad, which he had taken with the Tongs from off the Altar.

7 And he and it upon my Mouth, and laid Lo, this hach TOUCHED thy Lips, and thine INIQUITY is taken away, and thy SIN PURGED.

John xii. 41 Thele Things taid Elaias, when he saw his Glory, and Tpake of him.

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CHA P. XXV. i The Offering for the Tabernacle. 10 The Form of the Ark.

17 The Mercy-feat. 23 The Tables, 31 and the Candlefick,

Ver. 1 AND the LORD spake unto Moses, saying,

0 8 e Let them © Heb. ix. I Then verily the first make me a SANCTUARY; COVENANT had also ORDINANCES of that I may dwell amongst divine Service, and a WORLDLY SANC

TUARY. them.

Ź For there was a TABERNACLE o According to all that I made, the first wherein was the CanThew thee, after the Pat- dlestick and the Table, and the

Shew-bread ; which was called the TERN of the TABERNACLE, SANCTUAR and the Pattern of all the And after the second VanLthe Instruments thereof, even so Taber iments thereof even fo Tabernacle, which is called the Ho

LIEST OF ALL. Thall they make it.

4. Which had the golden CENSER, 10 And they shall make and the Ark of the COVENANT Overan ARK of Shittim-wood :

laid round about with Gold, wherein

was the GOLDEN Pot that had MANNA, two Cubits and a half lhall and Aaron's Rod that budded, and be the Length thereof, and a the Tables of the COVENANT. Cubit and a half the Breadths And over it the CHERUBIMS of

GLORY shadowing the MERCY-SĘAT. thereof, and a Cubit and a 6 Now when there Things were half the Height thereof. thus ordained, the PRIESTS went al

ways into the first TABERNACLE, ac11 And thou shalt overlay

very complishing the Service of God: it with pure Gold, and shalt 7 But into the second went the make upon it a Crown of High Priest alone once every year,

not without Blood, which he offered Gold.

for himself, and for the Errors of 16 And thou shalt put in- the People. to the Ark the TESTIMONY

8 The Holy Ghost this fignifying,

that the Way into the HOLIEST of all, which I shall give thee.

was not yet made manifeft, while as • 17 And thou shalt make a the fift TABERNÇALE was yet standMERCY-SEAT of pure Gold: ing:

3 which was a FIGURE for the Time two Cubits and a half íhal! then present, in which were offered be the Length thereof, and a both Gifts and Sacrifices, that could Cubit and a half the Breadth not make him that did the Service

PERFECT, as pertaining to the Conthereof.

SCIENCE, : 18 And thou shalt make 10 Which stood only in Meats, two CHERUBIMS of Gold :

and Drinks, and in divers Washings,

and CARNAL ORDINANCES IMPOSED of beaten Work shalt thou on them until the Time of REFORmake them, in the two Ends MATION.

11 But CHRIST being come an of the MERCY-SEAT,


19 And make one CHERUB HIGH PRIEST OF GOOD THINGS TO COME, on the one End, and the o

by a greater and more PERFECT TA

BERNACLE, not made with Hands, ther CHERUB on the other that is to say, not of this Building; End : even of the Mercy 12 Neither by the Blood of Goats

and Calves, but by his own BLOOD SEAT shall ye make the Che

he ENTRED in once into the HOLY rubims on the two Ends there- PLACE, having obtained ETERNAL REof.

DEMPTION for us.

13 For if the Blood of Bulls and 20 And the CHERUBIMS of Goats, and the Alhes of an Heifer shall stretch forth their Wings sprinkling the Unclean, SANCTIFIETH on high, covering the Mer- to the purifying of the Flesh :

14 How much MORE shall the BLOOD CY-SEAT with their Wings of CHRIST, who through the ETERNAL and their Faces shall look one SPIRIT OFFERED himself without Spot to another ; toward the MER- to GOD, PURGE your CONSCIENCE from

DEAD WORKS to SERVE the LIVING CY-SEAT shall the Faces of

Gou! the Cherubims be.

Is And for this Cause he is the Mg21 And thou shalt put the And thou falt put the DIATOR of the New TESTAMENT, that

by means of Death for the REDEMPMERCY-SEAT above upon Tion of the Transgreftions that were the Ark, and in the Ark'thou under the FIRST TESTAMENT, they

which are called might receive the fhalt put the Tes TIMONY

PROMISE Of ETERNAL INHERITANCE. that I shall give thee.

16 For where a TESTAMENT is, 22 And there I will meet there must also of neceflity be the

Death of the Teftator.. with thee, and I will com

com- 17 For a Teftament is of Force mune with thee, from above after Men are dead : otherwise it is the Mercy-SEAT, from be- of no Strength at all whilft the Te

ftator liveih. tween the two CHERUBIMS

18 Whereupon neither the fift Tewhich are upon the Ark of ftamen! was dedicated without Blood. the TESTIMONY, of all 19 For when Moles had spoken Things which I will give thee cording to the Law, he took the

every Precept to all the People acin Commandment unto the Blood of Calves and of Goars, withi Children of Israel.

Water, and scarlet Wool, and Hyrsop, and sprinkled both the Book,

and all the People. 20 Saying, This is the Blood of the Testament which God hath enjoined unto you.

21 Moreover he sprinkled likewise with Blood both the TABERNACLF, and all the Vesels of the Ministry.

22 And almost all Things are by the Law PURGED with Blood; and without SHEDDING of Blood is no REMISSION.

23 It was therefore necessary that the PATTERNS of Things in the HeaVENS should be purified with these ; but the HEAVENLY Things themselves with BETTER SACRIFICES than these.

24 For CHRIST is not entred into the holy Places made with Hands, which are the FIGURES of the TRUE; but inco HEAVEN itself, now to appear in the PRESENCE of God for us.

25 Nor yet that he should OFFER himself often, as the HIGH PRIEST entreth into the Holy Place every year with BLOOD of others :

26 (For then must he often have suffered since the FOUNDATION of the WORLD) but now once in the End of the World hath he appcared to pue AWAY Siz by the SACRIFICE of himself.

27 And

, 27 And as it is appointed unto Men once to die, but after this the JUDGMENT:

28 SO CHRIST was once OFFERED to bear the Sins of many ; and unto them that look for him shall he appear the second Time without SIN unto SALVATION.

40 € Look that thou make Heb. viii. s Who SERVE unto the them after their PATTERN

Example and SHADOW of HEAVENLY

THINGS, as Moses was admonished Ş HEWED to thee in the of God, when he was about to build MOUNT.

the Tabernacle. For fee (faith he)

that thou make all Things according to the PATTERN SHEWED to thee in the MOUNT,

CH A P. XXVI. i The ten Curtains of the Tabernacle. 31 The Vail for the


CH A P. XXVII. i The Altar of Burnt-offering, with the Vesels. 9 The Court

of the Tabernacle. 20 The Oyl for the Lamp.

CHA P. XXVIII. Į Aaron and his sons are set apart for the Priest's Office.

6 The Ephod. 30 The Urim and Thunmim. 37. The Mitre.

Ver. 1 AND s take thou un & Heb. viii. Now of the Things n to thee AÁRON thy

which we have fpoken, this is the

SUM: We have such an High PRIEST Brother, and his Sons with who is set on the Right Hand of the him, from among the Chil- THRONE of the MAJESTY in the Hea

VENS; dren of Israel, that he may

may 2 A MINISTER of the San&uary, MINISTER unto me in the and of the TRUE TABERNACLE which PRIEST's Office, even the LORD PITCHED, and not Man.

3 For every HIGH PRIEST is orAaron, Nadab and Abinu, L- dained to offer Gifts and Sacrifices : Aaron, Nadab and Abihu, E- dain leazar and Ithamar, Aaron's wherefore it is of Necessity that Sons.

this Man have somewhat also to of2 And thou shalt make 4 For if he were on Earth, he holy Garments for Aaron thy should not be a Priest, seeing that Brother, for Glory and for a Glory and for there are Priests that offer Gifts ac.

cording to the Law. Beauty.

3 And thou shalt speak unto all that are wise-hearted, whom I have filled with the Spirit of Wisdom, that they


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