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PAUL KNAPTON, at the Crown in Lud-

HE Reasonableness of Conformity to the Church of
England. With the Defense of it, and the Persuasive

to Lay-Conformity. To which is added, the brief Defense of Episcopal Ordination. By Benjamin Hoadly, M. A. Rector of St. Peter's Poor, now Lord Bishop of Winchester. The 4th Edition, svo.

Eighteen Discourses concerning the Terms of Acceptance with God: In which, I. The Terms themselves are distinctly laid down as they are proposed to Christians in the New Tei. tament. And, II. Several false Notions o! the Conditions of Salvation are considered ; particularly, Of being saved by Faith ; Of trusting to external Performances ; Of the Power of Charity to cover Sin ; Of relying upon the Merits of Chrift; Of Man's Weakness, and God's Grace; Of Repen. tance ; Of the Example of the Thief on the Cross; Of trusting to a Death-bed Sorrow ; Of the Parable of the Labourers in the Vineyard ; Of depending upon Amendment in Time to come. By Benjamin Hoadly, M. A. Rector of St. Peter's Poor, now Lord Bishop of Winchester. The 4th Edition.

A Paraphrafe on the Four Evangelists: Wherein, for the clearer Understanding the Sacred History, the whole Text and Paraphrase are printed in separate Columns, over-against each other. Together with critical Notes on the more difficult Pallages : Very useful for Families. In two Vols. By Samuel Clarke, D. D. late Rector of St. James's Weftminfier. The 4th Edition.

Eighteen Sermons on several Occasions: Particularly, of the great Duty of Universal Love and Charity. Of the Government of Paflion. Discourses upon Occasion of the Plague. Of St. Peter's being the Rock on which Christ built his Church. Of the Faith of Abraham. Of Christ being the Bread of Life. Of the Original of Sin and Misery. Of Election and Reprobation ; being a Paraphrase on Rom. ix. The Present Life a State of Probation, in order to a future Life. That Chrift's Admonitions to his Apostles belong universally to all Chriftians. By Samuel Clarke, D. D. The 3d Edition.

Sermons on several Subjects. In Ten Volumes. By Samuel Clarke, D. D. Published from the Author's MS. by John Clarke, D. D. Dean of Sarum. With a Preface, giving some Account of the Life, Writings, and Character of the Author. By Benjamin, Lord Bishop of Winchester. The ad Edition.

An Éxposition of the Church Catechism. By Samuel Clarke, D. D. Published from the Author's MS. by John Clarke, D. D. Dean of Sarum. The 3d Edition.


Three Practical Efrays on Baptism, Confirmation, and Re: pentance : Containing full Instructions for a Holy Life; with earnest Exhortations, especially to young Persons. Drawn from the Consideration of the Severity of the Discipline of the Primitive Church. By Samuel Clarke, D. D. The 5th Edition.

An Enquiry into the Cause and Origin of Natural and Moral Evil: Being the Substance of Sixteen Sermons, preached in the Years 1719 and 1720, at the Lecture founded by the Honourable Robert Boyle, Esq; By John Clarke, D. D. Dean of Sarum. In two Vols. 8vo.

The Truth of the Christian Religion. In Six Books. By Hugo Grotius. Corrected and illustrated with Notes by Mr. Le Clcrc. To which is added, a Seventh Book, concerning this Question: What Christian Church we ought to join our felves to? Translated by John Clarke, D. D. The ad Edition, 12mo'

. Fifteen Sermons, preached at the Rolls Chapel upon the following Subječts ; 'Upon human Nature. Upon the Government of the Tongue. Upon Compassion. Upon the Character of Balaam. Upon Resentment. Upon Forgiveness of Injuries. Upon Self-Deceit. Upon the Love of our Neighbour. Upon the Love of God. Upon the Ignorance of Man. By Joseph Butler, L. L. D. Preacher at the Rolls, and Rector of Stanhope, in the Bishoprick of Durham. 8vo.

A Treatise concerning Eternal and Immutable Morality. By Ralph Cudworth, D. D. formerly Master of Christ's-Cola lege in Cambridge. With a Preface by the Right Reverend Father in God Edward Lord Pishop of Durham.

A Brief Exposition of the Apostles Creed, according to Bifhop Pearson, in a new Method, by way of Paraphrase and Annotation. By B. Kennet, D. D. late President of Corpus Christi College, Oxon. The ad Edition.

A true Representation of Popery, as it appears in Foreign Parts: Particularly recommended to British Protestants during their Residence in Popish Countries. Being ten Sermons preached before the Briti;h Factory at Oporto in Portugal. By Henry Stephens, M. A. Vicar of Malden in Surry. 8vo.

Two Letters: One from a Lady to a Friend, who had married a Roman Catholick Gentleman. The other from the fame Author, to the said Gentleman ; by which he was converted from the Popith Religion to the Protestant. First published in 1727, upon the recommendation of the late Dr. Samuel Clarke. The 3d Edition. pr. 4 d. or 25 for 6s. to those who give Twelve Sermons preached at the Cathedral-Church of Sa

To which are added two Sermons : The one concerning the Incapacity of a Popish Prince to govern a Protestant Kingdom : The other, concerning the inhuman Barbarities of the Church of Rome to all whom they call Hereticks and Schif, maticks. By Daniel Whitby, D. D.

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