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Tappan Presb. ass 6-9-1933


Many of the wisest and best of men are of opinion, that there is no sin so prevalent among professors of the gospel as the love of money, and yet there is no subject on which so little has been written well. The late Andrew Fuller

says, “ It will, in all probability, prove the eternal overthrow of more characters among professing people than any other sin, because it is almost the only crime which can be indulged, and a profession of religion at the same time supported." One hundred guineas, besides the profits of its publication, will be presented to the author of the best Essay on this subject. Preference will be given to the most scriptural, poignant, and affectionate appeal to the judgment and conscience of those who professedly recognise the authority of revelation on avaricious hoarding, and on unchristian-like expenditure to gratify the lust of the eye and the pride of life, whilst they avow their obligations to redeeming mercy, and profess that themselves and all they have is not their own, but belongs and must be accounted for to Him who has said, Occupy till I come ;" then “ give an account of thy stewardship, for


It is re

thou mayest be no longer steward.” The work wanted is one that will bear on selfishness, as it leads us to live to ourselves, and not for God and our fellow-men. quested that reference may be made to the different estimates of man who blesseth, and of God who abhorreth the covetous, Psalm x. 3; and to the tremendous consequences of accumulating property, as this sin is associated with the vilest of crimes, which exclude from the kingdom of heaven, Ephes. v. 5. The manuscript is to be sent to Dr. Conquest, 13, Finsbury-square, on or before the 1st of November, 1835, with a sealed letter containing the address of the writer. The Hon. and Rev. W. Baptist Noel, and the Rev. Dr. Pye Smith, have kindly engaged to be the arbitrators, and the award will be adjudged on the 1st of May, 1836.

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