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BOOKS printed for J. SEWELL, No. 32, Cornhill.


YOLLECTION of Papers on Naval Architecture, Three Parts,

I vol. boards, 8 s. 6 d. There are some scarce and valuable Tracts in Naval Architecture reprinted in this Collection, as also a scientific Catalogue and Review of Books on the fame Subject.

Each PART may be had separate.

The first part of the second Volume is this Day published, price 35. 6 d. Falconer's Universal Dictionary of Marine, 4to, 11. 55. Watson's Translation of Euler's Theory on the Construction and

Properties of Veffels, evo, 75. The Ship-Builder's Repository, containing the principal Dimensions

of the Ships in the Royal Navy, 4to, il. 55. An Abstract of the Motion of floating Bodies, from the French of

M. De la Croix, by Admiral Sir Charles Knowles, 2s. 6 d. A View of the Naval Force of Britain compared with other European

Powers, 8vo, boaras, 5s. Seamanship in Theory and Practice, with Engravings, 75. 60. Sutherland's Ship-Builder's Afiiftant, or, Some Effays towards corn

pleting the Art of Marine Architecture, 5s. Sauseuil's Art of War at Sea, or, Naval Tactics reduced to new

Principles, with a new Order of Battle, illustrated with Copper

Plates, 5s. Clarke's Essays on Naval Tactics, with Plates, 4to, Two Parts,

! The Sail-Maker's Affiftant, 9s. Stalkart's Naval Architecture, folio, with Drafts, 61. 6s. The Maneuverer, or, Skilful -Seaman in Theory and Practice, from

the French of M. Bourde de Villehuet, 4to, 18s. The Ship-Master's Assistant and Owner's Manual, 6s. Watson's Plans of the Docks intended to be built in Bengal, 5s. The Elements and Practice of Rigging, Seamanship, and Naval Tac

tics, 2 vol. 4to, boards, 41. 45.

Leaving wholly untouched the Subject of Ship-building, it has been the studied Object of the Authors of this work that it fall be a Cy.! CLOPÆDIA OF NAVAL ART AND SCIENCE, useful alike to the Naval tirtist and British Seaman. Gordon's Principles of Naval Architecture, with Proposals for im

proving the Form of Ships, with fome Observations on the Struc• ture of Carriages for the Purpose of inland Commerce, Agriculture,

&c. 8vo, Plates, boards, ss. Nichols's Methods for decreasing the Consumption of Timber in the

Navy, Is. 6d. Nichols on the Propagation and Management of Oak Trees, Is. 6d. Evelyn's Silva, or, a Discourse on Forett-Trees and the Propagation

of Timber, improved by Dr. Hunter, 4to, boards, 21. 1os. Forbes, on the Improvement of Waste Land, 8vo, bound, 6 s. Forbes's Husbandry, 8vo, bound, 6 s.

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