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nia or Chaldea, situated on town was first called Laish, the Euphrates. It was one afterward Dan. It was of the most renowned cities situated on the north boron the globe. Its walls were der of the land of Israel, as 60 miles in circuit, and Beer-sheba was

on the were reckoned one of the south. Hence the phrase, seven wonders of the world.

to express the limits of the The ruins of this city are country, “From Dan to now seen about 60 miles S. Beer-sheba.” of Bagdad.

Cal va-ry, a hill on the NW. Be-ræ'a now Veria, t. Mac.; side of Jerusalem ; where 48 W. Thessalonica.

our Lord was crucified. Beth-ab'a-ra, t. Pal., on the Ca'na, t. Pal. in Galilee; a

east side of the Jordan. few miles N. of Nazareth. Beth'a-ny, t. Jud.; 2 E. J. Ca-per' na-um, t. Pal. in GaBe thes'da, pool, north of the lilee; on the north end of temple at erusalem.

the lake of G.; 60 N. J. In Beth'le-hem, t. Jud.; 6 S. J. the vicinity is the mount on

It is memorable on account which our Saviour deliverof being the birth-place of ed his memorable sermon. our Saviour,

It was styled Cap-pa-do'ci-a, country, in Bethlehem of Judal,or Beth- the east part of A. M. lehem Eph'ra-ta, to distin. Ce dron, or Kid ron, rivulet, guish it from another Beth- Jud. passing by J., and lehem in Zebulun, near flowing into the Dead sea. Nazareth. The country to Cen'chre-a,s-p. Gr.,a little disthe south of Bethlehem is tance from Corinth, becalled in the New Testa- ing the castern port of that ment, the Hill-country of city. Judea,

Char' ran, Ha'ran or Char'. Beth'pha-ge, v. Jud.; on the r'æ, now Heren, t. Mesopomount of Olives; 2 E. J.

tamia, 70 miles from the Beth-sa'i-da, t. Galilee, on Euphrates, 150 ENE. An

NW, side of the lake of G. tioch.

SW. of Capernaum. Chi os, now Scio, island in Bi-thyn i-a, country, A. M., the Ægæan sea.

in the NW. part, border- Cho-ra zin, t. Pal. in Galilee, ing on the Euxine sea and at the north end of the lake the Propontis.

of G; a little to the east of C.

Capernaum. Ca-sa-re'a, city and s-p. Pal., Ci-li'ci-a, country in the SE. in Samaria; 25 N. Joppa.

part of Asia Minor. This was the seat of the Clau'da, a little island on the

Roman governors of Pal. S. W. side of Crete. C:es-a-re'a Phi-lip'pi; now Cuidus, now Crio, t. A. M.;

Paneas, t. Pal., in Galilee; in SW. corner; 70 S. EpheGEOGRAPHICAL VOCABULARY. 427 Co-los'se, t. Asia Minor, in er specific gravity than


Phrygia, on the Meander, that of any other lake that near Laodicea.

is known. Coos, or Cos, now Stanchio, De-cap'o-lis, a district of

island in the Ægæan sea. country in Pal. comprising Cor’inth, city, Greece, in the ten cities, lying chiefly to

north part of the Pelopon- the east of the Jordan and nesus, on the isthmus of the Lake of Gennesareth. Corinth; 46 WNW. Athens. Der'bc, t. A. M., in LycaoItwas celebrated for wealth, nia ; 40 S. Iconium. commerce, arts, and mag

E. nificence.

E'gypt, country, in NE. part Crete, now Candia, the largest of Africa, watered by the

of the Grecian islands, sit- Nile, and celebrated as the uated to the south of the cradle of the sciences, Ægæan sea.

E' lam, an ancient name of Cy'prus, a large and fertile Persia. island' in the eastern part Em'ma-us, t. Jud., 7 miles

of the Mediterranean.7 from J. Here our Saviour Cy-re'ne, now Curen, city & appeared to his disciples

s-p. Africa, in Libya, on the after his resurrection, Mediterranean.

There were two other D

places of the same name; Dal ma-nu'tha, t. Pal. on SE. one 22 NW. of J.; the other

part of the lake of G. near the south end of the Dal-ma'ti-a, the southern lake of Gennesareth.

part of Illyricum, on the E' non, t. Pal., on W. side of east side of the Adriatie the Jordan, near Salim. sea.

Eph'e-sus, city, A. M., capiDa-mas'cus, city, Syria, 50 tal of the province of Asia,

miles from the Med., 120 on the Cayster; 35 S. by NNE. J. It is one of the E. Smyrna. It was one of most ancient cities in the the most splendid cities in world, famous both in sa- the world, and had a celecred and profane history, brated temple of Diana, It is now populous and which was accounted one commercial.

of the seven wonders of the Dead Sea, Sea of Sodom, Salt

world. Sea, or Lake As-phal-ti'tes, E'phra-im, t. Pal. in the salt lake, Pal. 70 miles country belonging to the long, and 10 or 15 broad. tribe of Ephraim : 8 NE.J. It occupies the spot where E-pi'rus, country in the NW. the cities of Sodom and part of Greece. Gomorrah are supposed to E-thi-o'pi-a, country, Afrihave stood. The water is ca, lying S. of Egypt, clear and limpid, but very now consisting of Nubia,


Eu-phra'tes, one of the larg- were destroyed by fire

est and most celebrated ri. from heaven.
vers of Asia. It rises in the Greece, a country comprising
mountains of Armenia, the S. E. part of Europe,
and after a course of 1500 and celebrated for arts and
miles flows into the Persian sciences. The Romans di-

vided Gr. into two parts, F

Mac., in the north, comFair Ha'vens, s-p. on the east prehending Mac., Epirus, end of Crete.

and Thessaly; and Achai G.

in the south, comprising Gad'a-ra, t. Pal., to the east Greece Proper, and the Pe

of the lake of Gennesareth. loponnesus. The Greeks Ga-la ti-a, country, A. M.,

established various coloN. of Phrygia.

nies in A. M. the inhabiGal' i-lee, the northern divi- tants of which spoke the

sion of Pal., divided into Greek language, and were Upper and Lower. Upper

also called Greeks. Galilee, the northern part,

H was called Galilee of the Hi-e-rap'o-lis, t. A. M., in Gentiles.

Phrygia, on the Mæander, Ga'za, t. Pal., in the country near Colosse. of the Philistines ; 44 S

W. Jerusalem.

I-co'ni-um, city, A. M., capiGennesareth, Lake of, or Sca tol of Lycaonia ; 150 WN

of Galilee, or Sea of Tibe- W. Tarsus. rias, Lake, Pal. ; 50 N. J. I-du-mie (li, country, lying in It is 17 miles long, and 6 the north of Arabia, and broad. It is a beautiful south of Judea. lake, surrounded by fine Il-lyr i.cum, country, lying scenery,and was much fre- on the east side of the Adquented by our Saviour riatic sea, north of Epirus. and his disciples.

It'a-ly, country, Europe, Ger-ge-senes', a people so comprising a peninsula, in

called from Gergesa, a a form resembling that of town situated to the east a boot. of the lake of Gennesareth.

J Geth-sem'a-ne, v. and garden Jer'i-cho, city, Jud. ; 5 miles

on the east side of J. be- w. of the river Jordan, tween mt. Olivet and the 17 ENE. J. It was noted brook Cedron.

for palm trees, and was Golgo-tha, a part of Calvary once a large city, but now where our Saviour was

a mean village. crucified.

Je-ru'sa-lem, celebrated city Go-morrah, one of the five of Asia, capital of ancient

cities which were situated Jud. and of modern Pal.; ou the plain of Sodom, and 34 ESE. Joppa. It is mee



of our Saviour for about of St. John, is pointed out 30 years. It contains 2,000 as the spot where that or 3,000 inhabitants, and apostle wrote the book of is frequently visited by Revelation. pilgrims, who are conduct- Per ga, now Karahissan, cied to many places that are ty, A, M., capital of Pamreputed holy.

phylia : 90 S. W. Iconium. Ne-ap'o lis, now Cavala, t. Per ga-mus, now Pergamo,

Mac., SE. of Philippi. city, A. M., in Mysia, on Neph tha-li, or Ncph tha lim, the Caicus ; 50 N. Smyrna.

Lanl of; district, in the It was once a large city, north part of Galilee. the capital of a kingdom, Ni-cap'o-lis, now Prevesa. and had a famous library.

t. Epirus; NW. of Ac- It now contains a bout 5,000 tium.

inhabitants. Nin'e-veh, city and capital Per'si-a, great empire, Asia, of Assyria, on the Tigris. east of the Tigris. In ancient times it was one Phoe ni'ce, or

Phoe-ni'cia, of the largest cities in the

country in the north of world. Some remains of

Pal., on the Med., containit are now seen on the Ti

ing the cities of Tyre and gris, opposite to Mosul.

Sidon. 0.

Phoenix, or Phe'ni-ce, t. in Olives, Mount of, or Olivet, SW. part of Crete.

mt. Jud., to the east of J., Phil-u-delphi-n, now Alfrom which it was sepa- lah-shehr, city, A, M., in rated by the brook Ce- Lydia, on the Hermus; 65 dron.

E. Smyrna. It was once P.

a large city ; but now conPam-phyl'i-a, country, A. tains only about 3,000 inM., bordering on the Med.

habitants. Paph-la-go'ni a, country, A. Phi-lip'pi, now Datos, city M., bordering on the Eux- Mac. ; 70 ENE. Thessalo

nica. It was once a large Pa'phos, t. Cyprus at the city ; now a mean village. west end,

Phryg'i-a, country, in the Par'thi-a, country, Asia. E. central part of A. M. of Media.

Pi-sid i-a, country,

Asia Pat'a-ra, s-p. A. M., in Ly- Minor, S. of Phrygia.

cia ; 160 SE. Ephesus. Pon'tus, country, comprePatmos, now Patino or Pal- hending the NE. part of

mosa, small rocky island A. M., and bordering on in the Ægaan sea; 16 SW.

the Euxine sea. Samos. A grotto in a rock, Ptol-e-ma'is, now Acre, s.p. now converted into a mo Pal. 24 S. Tyre. It is fanastery, called the Monas- mous for its siege by the

ine sea.

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