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1 Cor. i. 23.

But we preach Christ crucified.

p. 573

[blocks in formation]



MOST humbly present to Your Majesty a work, the author whereof, my son, was much the more dear to me for his constant and exemplary loyalty. Not only the general obligation of a subject always engaged him to Your Majesty's service, but the particular favours wherewith you were pleased to honour and encourage ‘his studies, might probably have induced him to a Dedication of this kind, if his modesty would have let him think any thing of his worthy Your Majesty's patronage. This, which I here offer, is, by those who are better able to judge of it than myself, valued as the most confiderable of his productions: but it chiefly presumes to entitle itself to your royal protection, because it is an Explication and Vindication of that Christian Faith, whereof Your Majesty is the great Defender.

And, Sir, I beg leave to take this opportunity to make as public an acknowledgment as I can, of that great goodness Your Majesty has shewn in the acceptance and recompense of the fidelity I have through a course of many years borne to the cause of Your Majesty and your Royal Father.

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