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Printed for, and sold by,
G. TERRY, No. 54, Pater-nofter Row.

1. Rev. W. Huntington's Works, 11 vols. 8vo. in boards,

sheep, or calf, gilt. 2. An Hieroglyphical Print, describing the State of the mili

tant and triumphant Church of Christ; with a Defcrip. tion of all the false Religions in the World, and the Employment of the Outer Court Worshippers ; book and

print 1os. 6d. by Ditto. 3. God's Operations of Grace on Sinners, third edition, re

vised and corrected.--). Hussey, 5s. 4. The Sufficiency of the Spirit’s Teaching, without Human

Learning-Cobler How's Sermon, is. 5. A Relation of the fearful Estate of Francis Spira, together

with an Account of John Child, George Edwards, and

other Apoftates, 25. 6. Wonder of Wonders, or the Rock, Dove, and Jay, 3d. 7. Free Grace, or the Flowings of Christ's Blood freely to

Sinners, by J. Saltmarsh ; recommended by the Rev. W.

Huntington ; 25. 8. Observations on certain Prophecies of Daniel and St. John

which relate to the second Appearing of our Lord; by

R. Moody, 6d. 9. Grace, Mercy, and Peace; fhewing God's Reconciliation

to Man, and Man's Reconciliation to God. By H.

Denne. 10. A concise Hebrew Grammar, for learning the Sacred Lan

guage; also an engraved Alphabet, on a scale of equal

parts, with the Radicals and Serviles at one view, 11. The Rev. George Whitfield'sWarning Letter to J. Wesley,



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N. B. Bibles, Hymn-Books, Catechisms, &c. -- Libraries bought, and Books bound.

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