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Issued in the Interest of

The Church of God

“If any man will do his will, he shall know of the dodrine."

St. John 7:17.



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Copyright, 1922, by

Cleveland, Tennessee

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THE CHURCH OF GOD takes the New Testament as its

only rule of faith and practice, consistently maintain-

ing that the New Testament is sufficient in its instructions to cover every problem that may come up, not only in the rules of the church, but life itself. The subjects that are treated in this book are the prominent New Testament doctrines, discussed from the viewpoint of giving Scriptural proof of them. Now if a minister of the Church of God preaches a sermon on these important themes, it does not mean that he expresses a “Creed” for the Church. Neither does this book promulgate a creed. This book has fulfilled its purpose nobly if it places in the hands of a new convert a simple statement of Bible doctrine, which he himself can verify in the Scriptures. It also places in the hands of all members a ready reference for Scriptural proof of the doctrines. These convenient discussions he himself can use in teaching others of the plan of salvation.

Much more can be said on each of the different subjects in this book; in fact, it would be difficult to make a book that would be large enough to contain all the blessed things that could be said about Justification alone. But this book will no doubt be of great assistance to many, especially the newcomers in our midst, and yet not be so large and complex as to be inconvenient in treatment, or in price.


The Bible Is Truth

"Ye Shall know the Truth and the Truth Shall Make You


One of the co-authors of this book was sitting in the Lobby of the Prince George Hotel, New York City, in May, 1921, talking with two other men about the Bible. One of these was a $5000 a year minister of a very popular New York suburban church. His father had been a minister before him.

"You know," he said, "my opinions concerning the Bible are quite different from my father's. If he were orthodox, I am not. We have learned that the Bible is not as infallible as he thought-it has been garbled by translators and the thousands of years that it has been in existence has changed it until we can have no confidence in it, except in certain broad outlines. We cannot take it word for word."

Ecclesiastical Skeptic. It is unpardonable mockery for any man to become the pastor of a church who doesn't believe the Bible FOR THE CHURCH HAD ITS BEGINNINGS IN FAITH IN THE SCRIPTURES. "For Shame" men would cry, and people would resent it by main force, if the preacher ascended his pulpit some Sunday morning and in plain view of his congregation began ripping out pages from the Scriptures. Is it not even more than sacrilege to deny the truth written there?

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