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of my satellites, in order to justify my bad behaviour. As for retracting, I believe there is not one word contrary to the scriptures in all my letter, therefore I cannot retract, nor act so base a part as to betray the Lord's flock into the hands of a wolf, or into the grin or gin of a lie.

You tell me, in your former epistle, that the contents of my letter are absurd and illiterate; which I cannot deny; especially when I have to deal with so learned, so wise, and so judicious a penman. For what

you can mean by making the rent worse, where there never was either union, harmony, or friendship, I cannot understand. But that which puzzles my best judgment, confounds all my senses, and at once destroys all my vain notions of human learning, is to know what you mean by my employing my choicest satellites in order to justify my bad behaviour. I have heard that there are four little diminutive stars, called satellites, which always attend the planet Jupiter in his wonderful revolutions; and that there are five satellites, which revolve in consort round the plánet Saturn in the same manner. But then this knowledge is too high and too wonderful for me. I have no life guards, no stars, nor the brilliant attendants of planets, in my service, nor to be employed by me. God has made every thing beautiful in its season; and every thing shines brightest when it moves in its own sphere, and in its own order. God made the sun to rule the day, the moon and stars to rule the night; and he makes

choice of the foolish among men to confound the wise; and I believe the foolish of this world, and not a star, sufficient, under God, to entangle the the wise in his own craftiness, and to bring to nothing the understanding of the prudent; especially such as Mr. Bramah, who, it is to be feared, is wise above what is written.

But you charge me with making choice of my satellites to circulate a report that you are swerved to Arian principles. God forbid that I should ever presume or attempt to command or employ the attendance either of Jupiter or Saturn in any such business. And so far am I from charging Mr. Bramah with swerving from any religious principle, that I never perceived, when in his company, nor did I ever hear by report, nor did the thought or idea ever enter my mind, that one real religious sentiment, notion, opinion, or principle, ever inhabited either the thought, head, or heart of Mr. Bramah, since he has been in this world. And on this account, sir, I charged my invaluable and ever-beloved friends, Mr. and Mrs. Baker, never to take a mite of you towards the expense of the alteration of the chapel, even should you

offer fifty pounds. Therefore let not Mr. Bramah impute this iniquity, of circulating a report that he has changed his religious principles, to me, as I never conceived that he possessed any such thing. I therefore utterly deny this charge. But this assertion of mine you frankly acknowledge, for you tell me that to this charge you know not whether to plead guilty or not guilty, being a total stranger to the word, and much more to the tenets of this sect. This honest confession, sir, I really believe; and shall never attempt to refute it. That you are an utter stranger to Arianism, Socinianism, and Sabellianism, I doubt not; and so are all who hold such tenets; and so I think you are to an application, to an unctuous experience, to a clear view, to the divine power, to the happy enjoyment, and to the actuating influence and sinsubduing energy, of every truth of the everlasting gospel.

But to comply with your request, that I should give you a particular description of the Arian system, and also my scripture authority for so strenuously rejecting that doctrine, is what divine revelation lays meunder no obligation to do. I shall leave the devil to do his own drudgery, unless you choose to assist him. If Mr. Bramah would know the depths of Satan, he must go to the minister of Satan, false doctrines are to be had of false prophets; besides, he is acquainted, I have been informed, with a certain prophet of the grove, who, it seems, has predicted a millennium that is to commence in three years, and such a millennium as never had, nor will have, any existence but in his brains. To the venerable Samuel Buck I would recommend friend Bramah; for he must be deeply skilled, or he would not be able to ridicule almost every doctrine I have advanced.




As to rescuing Mr. Bramah from error, it is a work not to be effected by me.

If God gives a man up to a strong delusion, there is no rescuing him. God shuts up a man, and there can be no opening. Nor can I indulge the least hope of that man's salvation who can trifle with any of the glorious persons of the ever adorable Trinity, or call such things, stuff. Such must be carnal men indeed, having not the Spirit; knowing nothing but what they know naturally, and therefore speak evil of the things they understand not. Natural men, and men of the world, can know nothing savingly of any one of these three per

“O righteous Father, the world hath not known thee.” And the Saviour declares that the world sees him no more, but the saints see him, and because he lives they shall live also. And of the Holy Ghost, the world cannot receive him, because it seeth him not, neither knoweth him; but the saints know him, for he dwelleth with them and shall be in them. I must beg of Mr. Bramah not to call these things, stuff, as he has in a former letter. Men of the world, who are baried in it, and who are heaping up a portion in this life, can know nothing experimentally of God. If a man loves the world, or the things of the world, how dwelleth the love of God in him? Is not the friendship of this world enmity with God? He that is a friend of the world is the enemy of God. There is no serving God and mammon. “They that will be rich fall into divers tempta

tions; into many foolish and hurtful lusts, which drown men in destruction and perdition.” Vital godliness, and an insatiable thirst for worldly riches, never can dwell together in one heart; for where a man's treasure is there will his heart be also. Can he leave his heart in heaven, and his treasure among the true riches there, who is scraping so many thousands together here? “What shall it profit a man, could he gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?” A man who is immensely rich, and still labouring after more; a man who thus loads himself with thick clay; is an Arian in every sense; for though he profess to know God, yet by his worldlymindedness he denies him. Christ has declared, and the scriptures cannot be broken, that, “It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God.” When salvation comes with power to a sinner’s heart, as it did to Zaccheus, the love of money is cast out, and he is taught to covet earnestly the best gifts, and be contented with food and raiment. But perhaps friend Bramah overlooks these scriptures now, which on a death-bed he may more perfectly consider.

You tell me you are preparing such an answer to my letter as it calls for. You are welcome, sir, to prepare and publish what

and publish what you please concerning me. I shall take no offence at it. When it is seen that Mr. Bramah is redeemed from among men; when he is chosen out of the world, and

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