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Τι θέλελε και λογικών ψυχάς έχειν, ή αλόγων και λογικών.

τίνων λογικών και υγιών ή φαύλων και υγιών. τί εν και
ζήλετε και

M. Anton. lib. 11.

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Printed by R. HETT;
And Sold by J. BUCKLAND, in Pater - Noler - Row;

G. Keith, in Gracechurch-street; W. HARRIS, in
St. Paul's Church-yard ; W. Brown, the Corner of
Esex-street, Strand; R. Bishop, near Leicester-fields.


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My dear Friends,
HE intimate relation which

hath now for many years subsisted between you and me, will not allow me to doubt to whom the following discourses should be inscribed. And, though I mean not by this address to make you accountable for their many defects, yet I am happy in thus venturing them into public view through your hands, as it gives me an opportunity of expressing the sense I have of your candor and affection towards me, and the concern I feel your

beft interests.

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The subject, you are sensible, is infinitely momentous; though alas ! strangely misunderstood by some, despised by others, and neglected by most. I cannot doubt therefore

I but this attempt, in a dependance upon the divine blessing, to explain the nature and establish the authority of real religion, to awaken the attention and conciliate the regards of men to it, and to assist the Christian

in the experience and practice of it, will meet with a favourable reception, my Friends, from you.

For the connection of the difcourses I refer you to the contents, or rather to the close of the second volume, where you will find a brief recapitulation of the whole.

I have only to add, that as I trust you have already received some benefit from the delivery of these sermons in public (a reflection which gives me no small pleasure) ; I am not without hopes that they


some farther profit and entertainment in your families and closets. To which ends I alsure myself of the chearful concur

may afford


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