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To be said on the Sundays immediately preceding

those on which the Lord's Supper is to be administered.


COLLECT FOR PURITY. People. Lord, have

mercy upon us, and inALMIGHTY God, un cline our hearts to keep to whom all hearts are this law. open, all desires known, Min. Thou shalt not and from whom no make to thyself any gravcrets are hid ; cleanse the en image, nor the likeness thoughts of our hearts by of any thing that is in the inspiration of thy holy heaven above,

heaven above, or in the Spirit, that we may per- earth beneath,

earth beneath, or in the fectly love thee, and wor water under the earth. thily magnify thy holy Thou shalt not bow down name, through Christ our to them nor worship Lord. Amen.

them; for I the Lord thy

God am a jealous God, Minister.

and visit the sins of the

fathers upon the children, GOD spake these words unto the third and fourth and said, I am the Lord generation of those who thy God; thou shalt have hate me, and show mercy no other gods but me. unto thousands of those

who love me and keep upon us,

and incline our my commandments. hearts to keep this law.

Peo. Lord have mer Min. Honor thy facy upon us, and incline ther and thy mother; that our hearts to keep this thy days may be long in law.

the land which the Lord Min. Thou shalt not thy God giveth thee. take the name of the Peo. Lord, have mercy Lord thy God in vain; upon us, and incline our for the Lord will not hold hearts to keep this law. him guiltless who taketh Min. Thou shalt do his name in vain.

no murder. Peo. Lord have mercy

Peo. Lord, have mercy upon us, and incline our

upon us, and incline our hearts to keep this law. hearts to keep this law.

Min. Remember that Min. Thou shalt not thou keep holy the Sab- commit adultery. bath day. Six days shalt Peo. Lord, have mercy thou labor, and do all that upon us, and incline our thou hast to do; but the hearts to keep this law. seventh is the Sabbath of Min. Thou shalt not the Lord thy God. In it steal. thou shalt do no manner Peo. Lord, have mercy of work, thou, and thy upon us, and incline our son, and thy daughter, hearts to keep this law. thy man-servant, and thy Min. Thou shalt not maid-servant, thy cattle, bear false witness against and the stranger that is thy neighbor. within thy gates. For in Peo. Lord, have mercy six days the Lord made upon us, and incline our heaven and earth, the sea, hearts to keep this law. and all that in them is, Min. Thou shalt not and rested the seventh covet thy neighbor's day; wherefore the Lord house, thou shalt not blessed the seventh day, covet thy neighbor's wife, and hallowed it.

nor his servant, nor his Peo. Lord have mercy maid, nor his ox, nor his

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ass, nor any thing that is The Minister shall then his.

announce the CommuPeo. Lord, have mercy nion in the following upon us, and write


words; these thy laws in hearts we beseech thee.

On Sunday next will

be administered unto all Then shall the Minister

who are religiously and say;

devoutly disposed, and

who love the Lord Jesus HEAR what our Sa- Christ in sincerity, the viour Christ saith :

holy ordinance of the The first of all the

Lord's Supper.
commandments is, Hear,
O Israel, the Lord our
God is one Lord. And

Other notices may also thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy

be given at this time, and heart, and with all thy then the Hymn and Sersoul, and with all thy

mon shall follow as usu

al. mind, and with all thy strength.

This is the first com The foregoing Office mandment. And the sec may be performed after ond is like, namely this; the Morning or Evening

Thou shalt love thy Prayer, or introduced in neighbor as thyself, the course of either, at

There is none other such place as shall seem commandment greater most proper and convethan these.






While the Minister is reading the following Sen

tences, or such a portion of them as may be convenient, the Wardens shall collect the usual Alms for the Poor.

Matt. v.

LET your light so you, even so do unto them; shine before men, that for this is the law and the they may see your good prophets. Matt. vii. 12. works, and glorify your Not every one

who Father who is in heaven. saith unto

me, Lord, 16.

Lord, shall enter into the Lay not up for your- kingdom of heaven; but selves treasures upon he who doeth the will of earth, where moth and my Father

my Father who is in rust do corrupt, and where heaven. Matt. vii. 21. thieves break through and He who soweth little steal ; but lay up for your- shall reap little ; and he selves treasures in heaven, who soweth plenteously, where neither moth nor shall

reap plenteously. rust doth corrupt, and Let every man do accordwhere thieves do not ing as he is disposed in break through nor steal. his heart; not grudgingMatt. vi. 19, 20.

ly, or of necessity; for Whatsoever ye would God loveth a cheerful that men should do unto giver. 2 Cor. ix. 6, 7.

While we have time let good, and seeth his brothus do good unto all men, er have need, and shutand especially unto those teth up his compassion who are of the household from him, how dwelleth of faith. Gal. vi. 10. the love of God in him?

Godliness is great rich- 1 John, iii. 17. es, if a man be content Give alms of thy goods, with that he hath; for and never turn thy face we brought nothing into from any poor man; and the world, neither may then the face of the Lord we carry any thing out. shall not be turned away 1 Tim. vi. 6, 7.

from thee. Tob. iv. 7. Charge those who are Be merciful after thy rich in this world, that power; if thou hast much, they be ready to give, and give plenteously; if thou glad to distribute ; lay- hast little, do thy diliing up in store for them- gence gladly to give of selves a good foundation that little ; for so gatheragainst the time to come, est thou thyself a good that they may attain eter- reward in the day of nenal life. 1 Tim. vi. 17, cessity. Tob. iv. 8, 9. 18, 19.

He who hath pity upon God is not unrighteous, the poor lendeth unto the that he will forget your Lord ; and look, what he works and labor that pro- layeth out, it shall be paid ceedeth of love, which him again. Prov. xix, ye have showed for his 17. name's sake, who have Blessed is the man who ministered unto the saints, provideth for the sick and and yet do minister. Heb. needy; the Lord shall vi. 10.

deliver him in the time To do good, and to dis- of trouble. Psal. xli. 1. tribute, forget not; for I have shown you how with such sacrifices God that ye ought to support is well pleased.

Heb. the weak, and to rememxiii. 16.

ber the words of the Lord Whoso hath this world's 'Jesus how he said, It is

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