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Page An Inquiry into the Origin of the Slave-Trade

329 Wakefield's Silva Critica

134 Radc'iffe's Journey hrough Sweden Travels of Anacharsis into Greece Le Couteur's Letters from India

146 Fifteen Days Tour to Paris

ibid - The Harp

147 The Blunders of Loyalty

ibid The Tempest

ibid A Letter to Dr. Parr

ibid Alfred's Appeal

149 The Partisan in War

150 A Letter to Horne Tooke

ibid Thomas's Tables of Exchange

ibid Man Midwifery detected Crane on Mineral Waters

ibid An Address to the Electors of Great-Britain Secret Influence

ibid General History of the Othoman Empire

161 Kirwan on the Temperature of different Latitudes

170 Chemical Experiments and Opinions

173 Symmonds’s Sermon on the 20th June

175 Brown's Letters upon the Poetry and Music of the Italian Opera 176 Archæologia, Vol. VIII (continued)

180 Higgins's Comparative View

188 Sonnets to Eliza

192 Examination of Mr Harrison's Sermon

194 Berchtold's Effay to direct the Inquiries of patriotic Travellers

195 Philosophical Transactions, Vol. LXXVII. Part II.

196 Krauter's Examination of Levi's Objections

Supplement to ditto
Walker on the Small-Pox (continued)
Chaubert; or, The Misanthrope: a Tragic Drama

209 Fane of the Druids, Book the Second

212 Travels of young Anacharsis (concluded)

214 Alfred; an Historical Tragedy

226 Botanic Garden, Part Il.

227 Matilda ; an original Poem

ibid Elegy on the Author's revisiting his former Residence

228 Sterling's Poems

229 The Contrast

230 Six Days Tour in Normandy

231 Gynomachia

ibid Trial of Mr. Brown

232 Young Lady of Fortune

ibid Tyranny annihilated

ibid Parkinson's Mechanics

ibid An Apology for the Liturgy

ibid Grifdale's Sermon

233 Hopkinson's Two Discourses

ibid A Sermon preached at Cornwall on his Majesty's Recovery 234



204 ibid

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Berkeley's Sermon
Dore's Sermon
Priettley's Lectures on History
Vince's Treatise on Astronomy
Delgado's Translati n of the Pentateuch
Philosophical Transactions, Vol. LXXVIII. Part I.
Ruih's liedical Inquiries
Arcíæologia, Vol. VIII. (concluded)
Medica! Essays
Pilkingt is present State of Derbyshire
The Farm House; a Comedy
Walker on the small-Pox (concluded)
Falle appearances; a Comedy
Hearne's Antiquities of Great Britain
Foreign Literary Intelligence
Julia ; a Novel
The young Widow
Fashionable Infidelity
The Relapse
The Mental Triumph
The Fair Hibernian
Norman Tales
Lines on a late Resignation
The Abbey of Ambreibury
Paradise Regained; imitated from Milton
Thoug ts in the Form of Maxims
Strictures on Duelling
Life of Elwes
Trotter's Review of the Medical Department
Vindication of the Liturgy, &c.
A Letter to the Rev. Dr. White
Maxims of Piety
A Letter to the Bishop of Norwich
Sunday-School Dialogues
Letter to the Farmers of Great Britain
Salvation through Grace
Gilpin's Two Sermons
The State of the Nation
Passages concerning the Lord's Prayer
Nicholson's Evangelical Discourses
Bithop of St. Afaph's Sermon
Sinclair's Letter
Smellie's Philosophy of Natural History
Bishop of St. David's Sermon:
Nicholson's Chemistry
Juita mond's Surgical Tracts
The Poor Soldier; a Tale
Philofophical Transactions, Vol. LXXVIII, Part II,
Bruce's Travels
Thomson's Treatise on Gunpowder

282 287 293 295 299 300 301 304 305 306 ibid ibid ibid 307 ibid ibid ibid 308 ibid ibid ibid 399 310 ibid 311 ibid ibid 312 ibid ibid 313 ibid ibid ibid 314 322 333 335 344 348 350 359

373 A Letter

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