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Professor Borzelius, of Stockholm, has made several near approaches to an analysis of Silica, one of those earths whose metallic base has never been ob tained but in an alloy with other metals; his experiments make it contain 51.5 of base to 49.5 of oxygen.

Mr. E. Davy has investigated the properties and composition of some combinations of Platina, which have never before been made the subjects of analysis.

Mr. Thomas Reid, of Edinburgh, has discovered a cause of irregularity in well-constructed clocks never before observed, viz. that the attraction of gravitation takes place between the pendulum and the weight where the latter is considerable, as in month clocks.

Mr. Hasenfrautz has published in the Annales de Chymie, an explanation, on optical principles, of the reason of the radiated appearance of stars, and other luminous bodies seen at a distance.

Mr. James Allan, instrument maker in London, has improved the reflecting circle of La Borda, so as to make it equally convenient, for purposes of nautical observation, with the common sextant, than which it is much more accu


Mr. William Hamilton, of the Island of Nevis, has published some remarks on the medical properties of the Jamaica Dogwood, (Piscidia Erythryna of Linnæus,) which promises to be a valuable addition to the Materia Medica, as a safe anodyne, producing none of the disagreeable sensations which follow the use of opiates.

A beautiful and commodious boat has just been finished, constructed to go by wind, power, and steam, for carrying passengers on the Clyde, between Glasgow, Port Glasgow, Greenock, and Gourock. It lately arrived at the Broomielaw, in three hours and a half from Port Glasgow.


[Selected chiefly from British publications of December and January last.]

The sixth and last volume of Mr. Beloe's Anecdotes of Literature will appear in the course of a few days.

I. F. M. Dovaston, Esq. has in the press, Fitzgwarine, a metrical romance, and other ballads of the Welsh Border, with poems, legendary, incidental,

and humorous.

Mr. R. Southey will shortly publish, in a quarto volume, Roderick, the last of the Goths; also the second volume of his History of the Brasils.

The translation of Chateaubriand's Beauties of Christianity, with illustrative notes, by the Rev. Henry Kett, will appear in a few days.

The Rev. Mr. Eustace's Classical Tour, in 2 vols. 4to. will appear in February. The work is the result, we understand, of much research and observation, exhibiting a comprehensive view of modern Italy, with its varied beauties of natural scenery, and its numerous works of art.

The Life and Administration of the Right Hon. Spencer Perceval, by Mr. Charles Verulam Williams, will appear in June next.

Omniana, or Hora Otiosiores; by Robert Southey, Esq. 2 vols. 12mo. just published.

Recueil de Nouvelles; par Madame de Montolieu, auteur de Caroline de Litchtfield, La Princesse de Wolfenbuttle, &c. 3 vols. 12mo. just published.



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