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Certain principles have guided the Editors in the preparation of this Hymn Book, which seem to make for it a place of its own.

It is believed that the best results can be secured if the same hymn-book is used in all the services of the Church. Thus the music of the Church is unified, and the standard is the same, as it ought to be, throughout the Church life. This book is intended alike for the Sunday services, the daily services, and the Sunday School.

In the selection of hymns, regard has been paid especially to those hymns which voice the deeper sentiments of historic Christian experience, and large space has been accorded to hymns which center about the different aspects of the life of Christ. These must remain, as they have been from the beginning, the hymns which both voice and tend to produce the essential elements of the Christian faith. It is believed that the faith which seeks to express itself in service will find in this collection many hymns that will serve to give it utterance. Hymns which awaken the deepest sentiment of Christian gratitude will do more to quicken and to satisfy this demand, than those which seek to suggest the concrete acts of Christian endeavor.

In the arrangement of the hymns, the order of the Christian year has been included. This is in accord with the ancient custom of the Church and the habit of an increasing number of Churches which find great spiritual helpfulness in the observance of the different seasons of the Church year. This is based alike upon Holy Scripture and the deepest instincts of the human heart, and it is a powerful educational method for a Church which desires a complete faith and a positive teaching of Christian truth.

The tunes have been chosen with care to satisfy the demand for the best Church music and to promote congregational singing. So far as possible, words have been set to tunes that have become familiar by association, and tunes of the same meter have been set on opposite pages, so as to admit of a choice. The effort has been made to respect tradition, and to restore some of the old tunes that have slipped out of use, such as Stonefield, Loudon, St. Gall, Lanesboro, and old 137th. The metronome time has been carefully compared with the best English and American authorities.

This book bears throughout the imprint of the spirit of one of the editors, the late William Vail Wilson Davis, who died just as the book was nearing completion, to whom, therefore, it is in the nature of a memorial. The breadth of his culture and his deeply evangelical spirit ennobled a ministry which it is one of the aims of this book to preserve and to perpetuate.

To a few persons, the editors are so deeply indebted that the ordinary acknowledgments of aid seem wholly inadequate. Julia Wallace Redfield of Pittsfield, Massachusetts, has given invaluable aid in the selection and arnotation of the music and its adaptation to the spiritual impression of the hymns, and Fannie Stearns Davis and Emily Lathrop Calkins have not so much assisted as collaborated to make the book what it is. To Harold Stearns Davis, acknowledgments are due for constant aid in the preparation of the volume, and to William Churchill Hammond of Holyoke and Mt. Holyoke College, who has kindly reviewed the music of the book and offered many valuable suggestions.


For permission to use certain hymns and tunes, acknowledgments and thanks are due:

To Charles Scribner's Sons, for the hymn "Rest in the Lord,” by Maltbie D. Babcock; to the Rt. Rev. William C. Doane, for the hymn, “Ancient of Days" ; to the Rev. Washington Gladden, for the hymn "O Master, Let Me Walk with Thee"; to E. P. Dutton & Co., for the hymns of Phillips Brooks; to the Houghton & Mifflin Co. and Miss Alice Longfellow, for the hymns of Samuel Longfellow; to the Houghton & Mifflin Co., for the hymns of Oliver Wendell Holmes, Richard Watson Gilder and John Greenleaf Whittier; to the Rev. Edwin P. Parker, for the hymn, “Lord As We Thy Name Profess" and for the words and tune of "Master, No Offering”; to Miss Katherine Wiley, for the hymn, “He Leads Us On," by Hiram 0. Wiley; to The Oliver Ditson Company for the Christmas carol by John B. Marsh and Alida G. Radcliffe; to the Rev. Henry Van Dyke, D. D., for the hymn, "Joyful, Joyful, We Adore Thee"; to the Rev. Frank Mason North, D. D., for the hymn, “Where cross the crowded Ways of Life"; to the Rev. William George Tarrant, for the hymn, “Draw Nigh to God"; to the Rev. John Henry Hopkins for the words and tune of "We Three Kings of Orient are"; to Novello & Co., for the words and tune of “Draw Nigh to God"; and to Miss Marion M. Scott for the hymn "Divine Majestic Maker"; to the Rev. J. S. B. Hodges, for the tune “Eucharistic Hymn"; to the Rev. Charles L. Hutchins, for the tunes “Materna,” “Pro Patria" and "Penitence," and for J. C. D. Parker's "Christmas Carol”; to the Oliver Ditson Co. for the tunes “Diligence" and "Last Hope”; to the Curtis Publishing Co. and to Mrs. Hermann Kotzschmar, for the tune "Kotzschmar"; to Mrs. John K. Paine for the tune "Harvard Hymn"; to the Chautauqua Press, for the tunes "Bread of Life" and "Chautauqua"; to Thomas Nelson & Sons, for the tune “Marion”; to Harvard University, for the tune "Bethlehem”; to Novello & Co., for the tunes “Oxford," “Blessed Rest” and “Crossing the Bar"; to G. W. Chadwick and to Charles Scribner's Sons, for the tune “Peace"; to the Bigelow and Main Co., for the tunes “Pittsfield," "He Leadeth Me,” “Miriam” and “Lambherd”; to Horatio Parker, for the tunes “Stella,” “Courage," and “Mount Zion"; to George C. Stebbins, for the tune "Evening Prayer"; to the H. W. Gray Co., for the tunes “Love Divine” (Le Jeune), and “Urbs Beata"; to Sir Francis H. Champneys, for the tune “St. Veronica"; to John H. Gower, for "Gower's Litany” and the tune “Meditation"; to the Adam Geibel Music Co. for the tune "Stand Up, Stand Up for Jesus”; to Andrew Freeman, Mus. B., for the tune “St. Martha's-on-theHill” (originally composed for “Peace, perfect Peace"); to the Rev. George P. Merrick, for the tune "Aldersgate"; to J. Albert Jeffery, Mus. Doc., for the tune "Ancient of Days"; to Mrs. R. H. McCartney, for the tune "Westwood"; to William H. Harris, Mus. Doc. (Oxon.), for the tune "Ewell," and to the Rev. Iloward A. Crosbie, for the tune "St. Cephas."

All diligence has been exercised to avoid the use without permission of any copyrighted hymns and tunes. If there has been any oversight, the editors regret it and will make any possible amends.

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