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Ai»1 u. 7,1. Et fatlum eft pulium in Ccelo ". Michael isr Angeli ejus prœ* lidti funt cum Dracone, t<r Draco fugnabat & Angeli ejus: Sedhinottfr^valuerUnt^eaue loctt* eorum amphfa inVenttts eft in Cœlo.

Sfptfmb. if. M^iAm $ the Christian Religion is hot a Religion of Atf '5?? Ifi^^v^^ gel*; for we doe not adore them wit divine ho

nour, colofians the second chapter and the eighteehtn verse; ahd thotigh we osfrr to worship tdetn, yet they will riot admit of it, Apotaljps the twen'y second chapter and the ninth verse; foot* the other side-, it is not a Religion of Saduccs,/A*f hvla there sr no Angels nor stirit, Atts the twenty third chap:er and the eighth verse; bur irdoth acknowledge that filch blessed spirits there be, and that God hath erected a ladder that rCacheth up to Heaven, by which (he Angeisof Goagoc op and doWh tocernvey Gods blessings k>men, Ot tests the twenty eighth chapter : And therefore by all means it opposethi- self agsirtst the opinion of those'that see* to ftfmetfe this ladder, as fthere were no duty to be performed by therrt tbWardS tii: Tor, in thankfulticsle to God sot this benefit, that the Angels Havea rare of us, the Church have thought U good. Weighing both the one extremity of superstitidri, which UHttfes cOrripatetb for cfrtinkermcsfe, and the ori tt extremity of propbanenesse, which he DMritf si to thirst, toutttononSie the twenty ninth chapretand the nine* t'e-erith yersej to keep this Feast.

And indeed if We consider, that those glOriousspitits Whd have the ebbtifluil fruition of Grid* presence, JHitthew he eighteenth chapter and the tenth *erse,in wboskpresentetithe fulneffe of^dUjbj, Psalm the sixteenth, cih be content to abandoh that puce of this felicity, to Crime dbwttf ahrl perform dQ-ies1 to the sdflnes ofmCrt, namely, to take chargeofusattdhepttsfr-efodMger, Psalm the riin^ie first a^dtheele* venth verse, tdbetstmriistttng (j>irits, tbf their safces that Jhall be heirs tffalvdtion, Hebrews the first chapter : This cShnot but be reckoned a special favour. • • ..I .. .

Secondly ^Especially if We goe a degree further, ahd fcbW sider that they leave their assistance in Gods presence, where is allplorieand happinesse, to Minister to us that dwel1 in houses of clay, Job the fourth chapter, and that for our nc bility, must derive our selves into corruption and worms, Job the seventeenth chapter and the fourteenth verse, that such holy spirits should come down upon such lihfull spirits, such glorioussfMrits should Minister rc such vile bodies, thi<! give^us further cause to remember this benefit.

Third y. The manner of this Ministry may be a special motive to stir us uptothanksulnesse: This ministry and service done to us is as farre as any can reach, that is, usque ndconfiliumsdeli & attxilium.

For Foxeouoseiand *isdome, we see Jacetk fiPR&sscth, an Apgel of Godgave him direction what to doe, Gentfis the thirty first chapter a/id the t^evoiui verse ; Sp an Angel camefarth to teach Daniel,to give him lino v ledge and understanding, D ante I tit ninth cha pter and the twenty ieconu vci le. Ana this very book contains nothing else but that whisk Christ revealed to his firvjtat tyhnby an Angel,Apocalyps the firlt chapter aiiil the hilt verier: that Is tor matter ut counlci. And lor maiter ofhelp there is between Angels and Men btllurofociale, a holy league indeed; whereby they binde themselves, that for our defence they may wage wane, not only with men, but with wicked Angels. That they doc continually defend us the Prophet teacheth, Psalm the thirty f urth, The Angtlsafthe, Ltrd fitch their tents round about them that fear him; whercot we have a piain example, in the second of the Js.ftjgthe fur, chapter and the leventeenth verse. Forthe offensive pdn ox'help, which, they perform to nun, it is plain, that as they detend us from danger, lo they (hew themselves enemies not only to Bora that seek out hurt, but to evil Angels. That rhe Angels ate enemies to men, that are an enemie to the fclect and Church of God, we lcc jt pi Jinl\ affirmed^ Bfalm rhe thirty fift iodthc fiat verse, 7ha Angtl of'the Lord persecutes a tt em; whereof an example in the Hgyptians ch it w ra enemies to Gods people, smon« whom God sent an A gcltod fir01 the firfiborn in every Ltufe, Exodus the twelfth chapur; anu ifauhtbc t. my ieventh chapter, whore an Angel is sent in the behalf 01 E&kiah to destroy the ho(l ofSenacherib, who was at) enemie to G. K.s people. Anu in this place we lcc offensive wan e in the behalf of Ang Is, against the wicked Angels, whereunto Davidhtd. relation in those words, Psalm the nimv firlt and the thirteenth verse* 7 baa shalt nulk us on the Lyon and <^4dder; the young Lyto and the Drago» t ou, a ut tread under ft*. Wherefore tnat spirits ot such excelkocic, (hail detenj us gainst both wicked men and Aneels, this is a bonesirtoberemembred with ail thank: ullnesse to God and likewise we are to congratulate them that ave made by God of such power; as Mclchiztdeck did gratulae Abraham after he had conquered the five Ki:-g^Genesis the f mueento.chap er, and ble'fed God that delivered histnemies -no hish mdsj,and as the servinrs of Hadadeztr did cong'.atulae David, when he saw that the Army fivd before /frael,the second b .ok oi Samuel foe eighth chapter and the marh ver ie.

So that these congratulations of these ble sled spirits, above a! I our thanks ulncfTc to God that hath a ppoin ed us such helps, is the ground and cause of this solemnly.

The words divide themselves into two parts, First, the bats ail P Secondly, the Victory or Conquest.

Concerning the former, we arc first to consider the parties Com* baten^aud then the fight. In the Conquest we are also to observe two degrees : For it is said not only That he had «ot the Mastery j for then he had been of an even hand, and might have begun ag-wn j but that the Dragon and his Angels were so farrefrom pic vailing and gettjng the Victory of Michael and his Angels, jtfwt they

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to<.k the foyl so that their place was not found any mere in Heavert

Touching the persons that waged this battail, they are on the one side Michael and his Angels : On the other side the Dragon and his Angels

Wherein the first thing is, what we must conceive concerning Michael. Ic is sure the Church of God, upon many and weighty reasons, doth not favour the opinion of those that make Christ ro be cJW/t had.Michael, Darnel the tenth chapter and the thirteenth verse, is said to be one of the jirfi Princes or Rulers, whicu ssto beuudcrstoodoflomc principal Angel, and not ot Onlt, who is set up above all Princes, *nd is n )c to be reckoned among them, being the Prince of Princes, and LordofLords: And the Annotari not thole that hold this opinion slieweththar there is an A^gel under Christ, which rakes charge sot the defense of the Church on carib, which is Michael your Prince, Dan. 10. ll.

Secondly, Out r.f Judes epistle verse the ninth, the ancient Fathers prove, that by Michael >e ate not to understand Christ? for that which he affirmeth, that Michael durst not check the Devill with cursed peaking, cannot be ascribed to Christ, which not only dare, but hath trodden down Satan under his feet; much more dare he check him: which unlcsse he could doe, it wete a plain signe that he is not Omnipotent. Therefore by cMichacl here we are to understand some other and not Christ.

Thirdly, Out of this place, Apocalypi the twelfth ch:prerandthe fiftverfe, Inasmuch as the Child that was born was is roc like that this Childe should suddenly be translated into an Archangel and fight with the Dragon. And therefore both Theodoret and others lay, that LMichael is a chief spirit among the created spiritsthat then took care of the Church in Jury, and still is tarefull of Christs Church unto the end of the world. And to this we may add the judgement of the Church, which on this holy-day doth thank God for the service of the Angels, but makes no mention of Christ, that it is he that in this place warreth with the Dragon and his Angels. For the Dragon there is a farre more eafie passage} io as we m.jy soon guesse what is meant by him j for in this chapter he is called the Devil and Satan, whereof their name signifierh a slanderer; and he is justly io called, for that he both flandcrtth God to man, asir God did envy mans prosperity, Genesis the third chapter, and (landers man to God, as he did Jcb, whom albeit he were a blessed Saint, yet he accufeth before God as an Hypocrite, Job the first chapter. The other name Satan signisiethagreat enemie, not only to the good, whom he hath most cause to hate, a$ being contrary to him, but also to the bad. That he is an enemy to the good, it appears by this, That he perfected not only the child that was new born, but the woman also, and because he Cannot shew his malice upon him, he makes wane with her feed, Jpocaljps the twelfth chapter, the thirteenth & seventeenth verses. That he isalfoancnem'e to the bad, appears verse the ninths where he is called, The seducer of

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the whole world, and the accuser of the brethren, io\x\\^t he firstbrings them to commit grievous tinnes, and then pleads against them, that the plague of God may come upon them. , . f . .

These are theLeadcrs The Bands and Souldiers under their conduct are Angels On both side S. i

The Angels that serve under Michaelare theythat ekceSin^strength and<he the command of God in obeying the voice of kit word, psalm the hundred and third and the twentieth verle, they that the Apostle calls eltff Angels, the first epistle to Timothy the fist chapter and the twenty first verse.

The Angels that warre on the Drags ns side, are the evil Angels, Psalm the seventy eighth and the fourry ninth verse, The Angels that finned, the slcond epistle of Peter the second chapter, And they that kept not their original, as $*de faith these figi t for the Dragon, and he is their Captain; as Christ faith, The Prince of the Devils is Bel^ehub, Matthew the twelfth chapter. For as among the good Angeis there is principatm, & primus principatm j so it is among the wicked Angels, foT there mu't be order in ai compani s..

Touching the Battail it self, we are first to remove some things of offence, not to think it strange that the- Angels are here said to move battail. For albeit they be called Angeli pacts, Jfatah the thirty third chapter and the seventh verse, becaute they bring peace j yet in many places they are called Gods Hosts; as J-acob feting the Angels of God, called the place where they were Nabanaim, Genesis the thirty second chapter and the second verse; and they magnihe God by that title, Isaiah the sixt chapter, LordGodof Hosts : Luke the second chapter, the Angels are called Heavenly Souldiers : And where Christ faith j. If I pray to the Father, he wiSgiveme more than twelve Legions of Angels, Mattnew the twenty sixt chapter. He compared! them to Troops and Bands of Souldiers, for that they are not only Angels to Gods friends and servants, but souldiers fighting against them that oppose themselves against God. Further, where their state is in a continual motion, that must not offend us , for the Angels themselves are not yet M the perfection of their felicity 5 for a e lie they are unployed in doing service for us; they continually ascend and descend from Heaven to Earth, and from Earth to Heaven, for the good of the godly •» for God saw it good, that as well they, as the Saints departed out ofthis Mfe^fhould not be madeperfetf without tu, Hebrews the eleventh chapter and the fourtieth verse; which is illustrated ^Matthew the thirteenth Chapter, where the Angels are called Reapers,giving us to understand thereby, that as the Husbandman is not at rest till the Harvest be all in; so it is with the Angels, they must continually be imployed in doing service for them th.:t shall inherit Salvation, till the number of the Elect be accomplished:

So neither needs that to Offend any, that the Dr. gon is faH to have fought in Heaverl; fbrsoheis said to have appeared before God among ihe fonntsofGod : And when Ahab was ro be deceived, a lying (pint

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Jlmdbefore Cad, she first bp,ukofffcp Ki?$s the twsasy second chapter, AH tlu* Yf" only by Gods perrtuifiop, atowdath opt foe Devil blessed, no more than w^bleslgd b#ing ifl Pa/adise; fpf bavinfismstc^s'ind ^'ing thereby out of Qod$ favour, he m mwv enjoyed that comfort ot Paradise which he tflPk before hisfalj,but pHHr ]^4«\dc hid hirnseltlrom the prince pi Qp,d tor tear* Cft»f/fa the thirdcMpWr.. TH« Wfcig^ «IW JW>f« blesses toj foewg ifl HMMMti or appearing before, J, than aptjfrwr, fora rime is brought out ot prison into t! < CWUQ i?e arraigned; so? he, rak«* npdebghj: of the p jmpandgioneofthe Courr, knowing it is npt for hira, bjjihe iruft refwu to ttje Pu geon, from whence he was taken : $«itis

TMseQffiwces being removed, we come now rathe Fight if self, tyhich was. not W any bodily wanner, for thy Are ftnW(t_pf4toiks hundred au4 fourth; and ll icw fpre theirfight u aJfrwmisigh*, Efto* fians the sijtf chapter; 4*4 their w*fwnHt;4rp4l,k¥t'fainiH4LlittK seconiepistle to the CorimhAm the ww& enapter. f bit as thg Angels fight by temptations on the ppe side and by resistances, pji the Other they figit by agonies and inward conflicts, which isrjjpretruly sailed conflicts than any combat. T"* othpr fight with b »dily cne, mies j for, as some note, Abraham wou'drather fight wish fiv? King* than abide that conflict be ween faiM and natural ssseftjojf, which hp felt wJhea bewwcomfnanded to offer up his \wQ$isa4ch and those; ggonies which David fell in hi* owflbvaii,/y5tf»;ht faurty sec&ai Why art thou so heavy 0 my foul, p[4m the seventy Gpventh. *i>4 she eighty nipth yerle. T ie.le Comb*\k4t4 spiritual Ratals w«-e rpctre grievous tP David, than thpfe which he fought with the PhjUftkus, with £a*ly or any other PttrwaMl tncinie 1 whatfoever.

Tiiq Battails fotfght between these two ppr;ief are in Striptttfe four,

The first is that which in rhe beginning W4f fought bptw^Bjlieflii that whep the one said, ffaiab. the fourteenth chapter andtb?ih)rr teenth verse, ascendant, the oti er w-Pt down 5 whig thepne ft&I will sit, they said hefliould stand, Daniel the seventh chapter 5 wfce^ the Dragon said / will be liltethe most high, the other said Michael wkp is like God,

The second is that which jfudf speaker h of, thajt there was a conflict between Michael the Arcb,apgeJ and the Devil, abpulthe a^4 k%&f oi'Masts, verse 9.

The third i% mentioned in Daniel the tenth chapter she t hirte fifltk verse, where when the Church was in thraldom and captivity ufj.der the Persians and Chaldean?, the Dragon would have kep: them still in bondage, but CMichael fought for their dehyecspifft ...

The fourth Battail is that which is here fought by CMichad fora full deliverance of the Church ; for we fee the Dragon (Ioo4 before the woman that was ready to be delivered, that he might devour f/4 (Mid, verse the seventh .• A^d because he was taken up unto God, the Dragon ferfietifed the woman 5 And for that he could mt prevail againjl i.(r, he


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