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This Periodical is edited by Prof. E. A. Park and Mr. S. H. Taylor, of Andover, Mass.; aided by Professors Robinson, Day, Allen, Stowe, Barrows, Phelps, Shedd, Brown, Putnam, and Drs. Davidson of England and Alexander of Scotland.

It will be the constant aim of the Editors and of the gentlemen who assist them, to furnish essays and discussions of sterling and permanent value, so that complete sets of the work will be regarded as an important accession to any library.

Articles of abiding interest will be sought, rather than those of a local, temporary, or merely popular character. Thus will the work be as valuable twenty or fifty years hence, as now. It will aim to meet the demands and to increase the power of the pulpit, by examining a wide range of topics, and furnishing illustrations of Christian truth from the various departments of scicnce.

The publication will embrace Theology in its widest acceptation, as comprehending the Literature of the Scriptures, Biblical Criticism, Natural and Revealed Theology, Church History with the History of the Christian Doctrines and Sacred Rhetoric. Special prominence will be given to Sacred Literature. It will be the aim to procure for every Number two or three Articles at least, explanatory or illustrative of the Scriptures, direct expositions of the text, or discussions in the rich field of Biblical Criticism. Particular facilities in some parts of this department are supplied by American Missionaries resident in Syria and Western Asia, and by travellers in the East. We shall endeavor to enliven the discussions of a more abstract nature by the insertion, in each Number, if possible, of one piece of biography.

To a limited extent, questions in Mental and Moral Philosophy will be discussed, partly on account of their immediate and important



bearing upon Theology, and partly for the sake of the intrinsic value of the questions themselves.

Some attention will also be paid to Classical Literature. Many of our subscribers, and some of our most valued contributors are Presidents and Professors in the colleges. No publication in this country is specifically devoted to the classical languages. They furnish many topics of special interest to the Biblical student and which have important relations to Sacred Literature.

In short, the great object of the conductors of this publication will be to furnish a Biblical and Theological Journal of an elevated character, which will be welcome to clergymen and enlightened laymen, which will be viewed abroad as doing honor to the scholarship of the United States, and which will directly advance the interests of sound learning and pure religion.

The union of the Bibliotheca Sacra with the Biblical Repository has excited a general interest both in this country and in England and Scotland. There is not only a large circulation of the American edition, but arrangements have been made to publish the work in Great Britain. The assistance of Drs. Davidson of England and Alexander of Scotland has also been secured in the editorial department. The circulation in this country has been largely increased, and the work is placed on a permanent basis ; still its usefulness and value depend much on maintaining and extending its American circulation. It is hoped that the friends of the work will not allow it to suffer in this regard.

TERMS.-$4.00 per annum. The work is offered at $3.00 to those who pay strictly in advance, and receive the Numbers directly from the office of publication, postage unpaid.

POSTAGE. - The Postage on the Bibliotheca Sacra is 5 cents per Number, or 20 cents per year, to any part of the United States. Subscribers, therefore, in any part of the Union, who pay in advance, may receive the work directly from the office of publication for the moderate sum of $3.20 per annum, including the Postage.

W. F. DRAPER, Publisher.

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